Faz-me Rir (2022)

45mComédia, Drama



Para fazer o mundo rir e arrasar no stand-up, estes quatro amigos estão dispostos a tudo, custe o que custar!


  • Backdrops 4
  • Posters 1


1Give Us a Laugh!

While struggling comic Nezir weighs a tricky job offer, his friend Aïssa tries out racy new material, and club owner Bling has a wild night onstage.

2A Successful Touch

As Aïssa's fame grows, so do the tensions at home. Nezir and Bling start on their secret project. Apolline signs up for a beginner's set at the club.

3Black Goes with Everything

Bling gets a shot at writing for TV, Aïssa draws inspiration from a run-in with the police, and Apolline asks Nezir to help her polish her act.

4Go, Pistachio!

More good news leaves Aïssa torn between two worlds. Nezir juggles a new job and a neighborhood comedy show. Apolline gets a confidence boost.

5A Streetcar Named Nezir

A mishap brings Nezir and Bling closer. Aïssa grapples with unexpected news and an uncomfortable on-air moment. Apolline's deceptions begin to unravel.

6Good Evening, Olympia...

As Aïssa prepares for her biggest show yet, Nezir plots revenge on Tifflot, Apolline deals with a family crisis, and Bling starts to get his mojo back.