Ollie, o Coelhinho Perdido (2022)

45mAnimação, Família, Drama

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Um brinquedo perdido sai em busca do dono nesta série para toda a família, inspirada no livro de William Joyce.


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1Ollie Is Lost

After waking up inside a thrift store, tucked into a box of old junk, stuffed rabbit Ollie plans a daring escape to find Billy, the boy who lost him.

2The Quest

While floating down the Dark River, Ollie, Zozo and Rosy search for the next spot on Ollie's map. Ollie recalls something important about Momma.

3Bali Hai

The friends' quest takes a heavy turn as a heartbreaking flashback reveals how Zozo met Nina, then lost her. But a happy memory sparks much-needed hope.


Ollie remembers what happened on the last day he saw his best friend. Will he find his way home to Billy - or is he too late?