Pisando Fundo (2022)

Drama, Action & Adventure



Uma corrida traz consequências fatais, e os amigos Kike e Noche fogem para a Cidade do México para se esconder, recomeçar a vida e fugir do perigo – ou pelo menos tentar.


  • Backdrops 2
  • Posters 1


1Gasoline in the Blood

Friends Kike and Noche find themselves in a precarious situation after a race they're competing in ends in tragedy.

2Torque Town

As the young men get used to their new home and neighborhood, Kike is intrigued by Abi and her antics. Amparo finds a place to gamble.

3Being a Guerrero

Abi confronts her professor. While Kike auditions to enter a race called La Gorda, Noche worries about whether they should leave Mexico City.

4Divine Order

Abel's financial troubles cause him to get creative — and criminal — with his fundraising. The police look for the suspects who stole the captain's car.

5King of the Neighborhood

Kike is suspicious of Carcar's gifts, until one of his offers appears irresistible. Abel has an epiphany about where to build his church.

6Bad Trip

When Noche looks into the Karmann's steering issues, he makes a shocking discovery. An inquisitive Kike throws a party at Abi's to find answers.

7Guts and Fury

Noche connects with God, but is overwhelmed by guilt. Carcar takes Kike with him while conducting business, dispensing lessons on betrayal.

8Baptism by Fire

Frightened by Carcar's actions and how close he is getting to Kike, Amparo asks the guys to leave town with her. Noche prepares for his baptism.

9The Big One

The time has come for Kike and Abi to face off in the famous race, La Gorda, while they simultaneously attempt to pull off a heist against Carcar.

10Double Zero

Carcar tells Kike his suspicions have been aimed at the wrong target. Noche makes plans to escape with Rebeca. Abi seeks her revenge.