Programa de Talentos (2011)


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Chyna Sparks e seus amigos Olive e Fletcher são os novos membros do Programa de Talentos, e vão direto para o ensino médio deixando o ensino fundamental para trás! As atividades podem ser difíceis, mas se encaixar no meio dos alunos mais velhos é bem pior. Porém, enquanto o trio estiver unido, não há nada com o que eles não consigam lidar!


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Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, Angus and Lexi audition for an exclusive school.

1creative consultANT

A teen movie sensation Sequoia Jones who is playing the role of a tween musical prodigy and follows Chyna around to study for her role. But then, Chyna learns Sequoia is trying to steal her life.


11 year old Chyna starts her first day at High School as part of the Advanced Natural Talents (ANT) Program. There she meets Olive (who is smart) and Fletcher (who is a good artist and has a crush on Chyna). Chyna's two new friends help her learn the ropes of her new school. But, Chyna of course doesn't fit in. So, she decides to sneak into a party and show the High Schoolers what shes got. But, Olive, Fletcher and Cameron (Chyna's brother) might ruin her chances.


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A baby named Sebastian, thought to be a prodigy, is left in the care of the A.N.T.s and Chyna, Olive, Violet, and Fletcher try to uncover the baby's prodigal aptitude. They try art, music, karate, etc. Skidmore entrusts them to find its talent. But actually this was a trick Skidmore played on the ANTs.


Chyna decides to get involed in some clubs and sports and joins Cheerleading. Inspired by their friend Olive and Fletcher start a lunch club.

3animal husbANTry

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3fANTasy girl

The ANTs are in charge of arrangements for the school dance. Fletcher and Chyna go together so Fletcher doesn't have to go with Violet. Meanwhile Chyna and Olive pretend Fletcher's dead to raise money for the dance by selling his paintings. Cameron looks for a date to the dance, and finds a girl who apparently likes him, too, but it turns out she was imaginary.

3The PhANTom Locker

The A.N.T.s get their own lockers and Olive's is next to Cameron's. But, Olive annoys Cameron. Meanwhile, Fletcher goes to great lengths to impress Chyna.

4secret agANT

Tensions arise when Chyna and Lexi both have crushes on the chess prodigy.

4modeling assignmANT

Chyna helps Cameron track down the model who he imagined was his girlfriend. Chyna, disguised as a model agent, gets Vanessa to date Cameron. Vanessa wants to go on a picnic in a hot air balloon. Lexi gets a new job at Hippo's new restaurant.

4SciANTs Fair

Chyna, Fletcher and Olive all participate in the science fair.

5past, presANT, and future

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Principal Skidmore shuts off the school's Internet access so the ANTs start the ANTernet. Meanwhile, Lexi begins to get jealous of Vanessa when she is selected to model for Hippo's restaurant. When Lexi is so confused about why Vanessa is Cameron's girlfriend, she wonders if Vanessa is a vampire. Cameron won't expect it saying that she babysits,"Why would anyone hire a babysitter who's a vampire?" This is referring to Vanessa's role on "My Babysitter's a Vampire.

5StudANT Council

After being denied an entrance to a school dance, Olive tricks Chyna into running for student council, Angus then tells her that to run for A.N.T. rep you need to participate in every school activity and Olive was the runner up. So Chyna tricks Olive into running too. Meanwhile, Fletcher feels ignored from China so then Angus then tells him in order to get a girl to like you you first need to relate with their dad. Fletcher then befriends Chyna's dad to see if he has a possibility with China but Cameron gets jealous. At the end, Cameron beats Chyna and Olive for student council and Chyna's dad starts hanging out with Cameron again

6angus' first movemANT

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6the ANTagonist

After creating a really sad animation, Chyna advises Fletcher to do an animation on something he's familiar with, so he creates an offensive animation about Olive, making her an ant named "Pimento". It gains major popularity, and Olive is majorly offended, so she tries to offend Fletcher back, but that doesn't work out so well. After Olive issues a lawsuit on Fletcher for offending her, they go to student court, where they learn to be friends again, and start teasing Chyna. Chyna takes it okay, so they all hug and make up. Cameron joins the beauty club to keep Vanessa away from other boys, but things go horribly wrong.

6Bad RomANTs

Fletcher tries to impress Chyna, but she is too concerned about Gibson after he tells her that he has been feeling lonely. Chyna and Fletcher find out that Sofie, Gibson's ex-girlfriend from his childhood, is in jail for a robbery. So they take Gibson to the jail to show him that Sofie is a criminal, so he can get over her and hopefully stop spending all his time with Chyna and Fletcher. Meanwhile, Lexi tries to get on the front page of the news, but must show Olive that she's done something newsworthy.

7unforseen circumstANTs

Chyna helps Kennedy plan a party for Fletcher.


The ANTs go to an Australian ANT convention. Coincedentally, Lexi and Paisley went to Australia for vacation, but were stuck at the ANT convention. At the convention, Chyna sees an Australian Nature prodigy named Neville, who has a show, where his name was Tazmanian Neville. Fletcher wants to prove that he has "manly skills", so he asked an Australian supervisor, who dropped him off in the middle of the Australian Outback. Chyna, Olive, Angus, and Neville go to save him, but then learn that Neville is actually an Acting prodigy, who knows nothing about nature. Olive suggests to throw a boomerang to hunt birds, but it doesn't work. Chyna suggests to crack "rocks" together to make fire, but the "rocks" were actually emu eggs. Later on, the 4 of them hide in an old car, when they discuss how much they miss Fletcher. Just when they thought Fletcher was not ever coming back, they saw him riding on an emu. Chyna starts to tell Fletcher that she'd might actually- Just then, the boomerang came back and hit her on the head. Meanwhile, Lexi and Paisley dress up as nerds and participate in the ANTlympics.


After Darryl gets Chyna a bag from the evidence locker at the police station and finds a new designer bag inside it, he accuses her of shoplifting and sends a police officer undercover. When Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive find out that "Charlie Brown" is a cop and that he is spying on them, they pretend that they are robbing a house.

8pANTs on fire

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8amusemANT park

The ANTS go to an Amusement Park. Lexi, Paisley, and Olive enter a doll beauty pageant. China and Cameron end up giving all of Olive's other dolls away. Meanwhile, Fletcher and Angus keep going on a ride again and again to get a good picture.


Chyna falls for a new student in the A.N.T. Program from England. He's another artistic genius who goes to school as a robot. But when Chyna tries to ask him out, he asks for advice from Fletcher. Chyna tells Fletcher there's a artistic guy that she is secretly in love with, and if she should ask him out. and Fletcher thinks she is thinking about him. But when he finds out that Chyna and the new kid from England are going out, Fletcher gets help from Angus to sabotage the date. Meanwhile, Darryl challenges Olive and Cameron at the arcade to see who can get the highest score on a game, Donkey King.

9product misplacemANT

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Both Chyna and Lexi are determined to take home the $1,000 cash prize at a local carnival's Salute to Friendship contest, and conclude that their best chance at winning is to work together. Meanwhile, Cameron and Fletcher spend the afternoon hunting down a carnival character, a giant dragon, who they think has stolen Fletcher's wallet.


Principal Skidmore gives out awards to every student for having talent except Cameron, so Chyna tries to help him find his talent.

10uncanny resemblANTs

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Chyna, Fletcher and Olive fear funding cuts will affect the art and music programs. Meanwhile, Lexi takes over morning announcement duties from Cameron.


Chyna gets the chance to have a recording contract, and she has to make a decision between being famous or losing her friends.

11mutANT farm 3.0

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The ANTs take the IQ test; Olive is devastated when Chyna scores higher. Olive retests to receive a higher score, but she doesn't do so well. Olive decides to dumb herself down and starts acting like a dumb blonde. The next day, she has transformed into a mini Paisley, acting just as clueless as her. Meanwhile, since Chyna got the highest IQ score in the entire school, Principal Skidmore chose her to represent Webster High in the Acadecathalon. Chyna is completely lost, so Olive steps in and takes her place. It is revealed that Angus hacked into the school computer and messed with Olive's IQ test results to lower her self-esteem to finally go out with her. Elsewhere, hoping to be excused from P.E., Lexi and Cameron train to compete in curling in the Olympics with Gibson and Violet.


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12feature presANTation

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12significANT other

After being asked out by Fletcher over and over, Chyna finally agrees.


Chyna and Fletcher meet Zanko (Ernie Grunwald), Fletcher's favorite artist. Zanko is having trouble with inspiration, so Chyna urges Fletcher to give Zanko one of his paintings to inspire him. But when Zanko passes the painting off as his own at his comeback party, Chyna creates an elite team to rescue the painting and gets the help of Olive, Angus, and "Wacky, the Wolf". Meanwhile, Paisley and Lexi audition to be a princess for a kid's birthday party for Chyna's mom, Roxanne.

13finANTial crisis

Chyna and the ANTs face a crisis when defects with the zPhone cause customer issues.

13mutANT farm 2

Mutant Chyna develops a forbidden crush on a boy who is human. Mutant Olive creates a duplicate of herself.

13The ReplacemANT

Olive becomes a history teacher.

14silANT Night

Grundy tries to surprise the ANTs by dressing up as Santa Claus, but things take a turn when the backup computer locks the kids in the school.

14detective agANTcy

Chyna accidentally convinces her father, Darryl, to quit his job after he tells her much he hates it. Darryl tries finding other suitable jobs, but it is no use. Chyna does not like seeing him depressed, so after she witnesses him track down the remote control very cleverly, she tells him to work as a private investigator. Plus, Chyna creates a fake crime scene at school to get his business started. Meanwhile, Lexi is horrified when she realizes that she and Paisley have the same amount of friends on Wolf Pack, a popular social network. After finding out that Cameron just signed up to Wolf Pack, they try to compete over whose friend request he should accept first in order to obtain more friends.

14MutANT Farm

It’s Halloween at Webster High School and it’s Chyna Parks’ first day in the Mutant Program, where monsters go to school with normal high school students. Chyna is Medusa so she fits right in with her new Mutant Program friends: Olive, a mad scientist, Fletcher, a vampire and Angus, a zombie. However, Lexi and the normal kids are terrified of the mutants, so Gibson pairs everybody off to help prepare for the Halloween dance.


When Dixon breaks up with Olive for another girl, Chyna tries to cheer her up.

15scavANTger hunt

Webster High is completely deserted due to the teachers getting food poisoning from the cafeteria. The ANT's are the only ones at school, and instead of attending class, Principal Skidmore sends them on an educational scavenger hunt around San Francisco. After Chyna and Lexi are chosen as team captains, they pick their teams, and head off. Now, both teams compete to see who comes out victorious.

15cANTonese Style Cuisine

Chyna is overheard singing by pop superstar Madam Goo Goo, and is totally star-struck when she is given Goo Goo’s phone number so they can work together on a song. However, when the ANTs go on a field trip to a fortune cookie factory, Chyna realizes she lost Goo Goo’s number. So Olive, Fletcher and Angus help retrace Chyna’s steps back to the factory to find the misplaced number. Meanwhile, Lexi finds out she wasn’t invited to a fellow cheerleaders birthday party.

16meANT to be?

Chyna is extremely happy to find out that Olive and Fletcher are now dating.

16chANTs of a lifetime

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16IgnorANTs is Bliss

Olive loses her memory after hearing a loud noise and is kicked out of the A.N.T. Program by Principal Skidmore.

17the new york experiANTs

Everyone accompanies Zoltan to the opening of the new flagship Z-Store in NYC. Chyna connects with a street performer named Hudson, who puts on a tough guy persona to impress her. Meanwhile, Fletcher gets the opportunity to move to NY as an artist in residence at a museum.

17early retiremANT

Chyna's grandmother visits. Skidmore retires, and she is the new principal, Chyna is happy at first but later she turns the school into a madhouse, so Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus try to get Skidmore out of her retirement.

17Slumber Party ANTics

Lexi decides to have a sleepover party and not invite the ANTs, so Chyna invites Olive to sleep over at her house.


Chyna and the ANTs are tasked with creating a special project for Black History Month. As Chyna struggles to write a song for her presentation, she decides to lock herself in a recording booth until she comes up with a great song. After accidentally falling asleep, Chyna takes a dream journey back in time where she becomes famous African American music icons from the past, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, and Janet Jackson. Using her dream as inspiration, Chyna writes a new version of the A.N.T. Farm theme song "Exceptional" with lyrics that pay tribute to the great women who came before her.

18America Needs TalANT

Chyna and Lexi both get picked as finalists for the reality show "America Needs Talent" and they end up having to pretend to be best friends.

19idANTity crisis

After noticing that her friends have become oddly respectful of Principal Skidmore, Chyna discovers that she has been manipulating the ANTs with a frozen yogurt machine. Meanwhile, Lexi is disturbed by a recurring nightmare where she has a crush on Cameron.

19SANTas Little Helpers

Chyna, Olive and Fletcher make toys for kids at an orphanage, but then learn that Principal Skidmore is actually selling the toys for profit. Meanwhile, Lexi and Paisley are hired by a mall gift-wrapping


Olive is instantly smitten with a talented young chef now working at IHOW, but when he joins the A.N.T. program, they discover Olive’s new crush is actually a bit conceited. Meanwhile, when Lexi learns that some major pop stars got their start as singing waitresses, she asks Hippo if the wait staff can sing at IHOW.

20You're the one that I wANT

Chyna lands the lead in the school musical, but jealous Lexi tries to sabotage the show. Meanwhile, Cameron learns that a teacher is living at school and offers to rent his family's living room to the man.


Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus want to go to an upcoming concert with older kids, but they know Chyna's mom will never let them go. In order to convince her, they pretend they're going to see a kid's band, which backfires when she decides to tag along. Meanwhile, Cameron tries to get backstage at the concert.

22Some EnchANTed Evening

Chyna and Fletcher go on a double date together. Meanwhile, Gibson takes over as cheerleading coach

23PatANT Pending

Olive and Fletcher exclude Chyna from their product idea. Meanwhile, Paisley gets attention from her injuries and Lexi get jealous.

24Ballet DANTser

Violet, a sports prodigy with slight anger issues, joins the A.N.T. Program. Violet is not afraid of the older kids, including Lexi, who orders Chyna to keep the girl far away from her. Meanwhile, some of the older students take a drivers-education class.

25Body of EvidANTs

Olive is shocked to discover that her pet robot, Hegel, is no longer functioning and has suspicious screwdriver scratches on his back. When a screwdriver is found in Chyna's locker, Chyna suspects that she has been framed and vows to find the real culprit. In the end, it is revealed that Chyna accidentally overfed Hegel.