RWBY: Ice Queendom (2022)

TV-14Animação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy 24m

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No mundo de Remnant, um lugar onde a ciência e os contos de fadas coexistem, a civilização humana é atormentada por monstros mortais conhecidos como Grimm. Por um tempo, a vitória dos Grimm parecia quase certa, se não fosse pelo heroísmo daqueles que juraram proteger a humanidade – Caçadores e Caçadoras. Esses guerreiros são treinados e reunidos em equipes em escolas como a Beacon Academy, onde Ruby conhece Weiss e Blake - formando a Equipe RWBY junto com a irmã de Ruby, Yang. Enquanto a equipe RWBY estuda para se tornar as maiores caçadoras que o mundo de Remnant já conheceu, elas enfrentam uma ameaça terrível..


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1Red, White, Black, Yellow

Ruby, a girl who admires Huntsmen enters Beacon Academy along with her elder sister Yang, which is a training school for Huntsmen. Weiss, a clan of the world’s largest Dust manufacturing company the Schnee Dust Company, and Blake, who is a Faunus and a former member of the White Fang, a terrorist organization, also become new students at Beacon. With hope and secret passion in heart, the story of the four girls now begins.

4Ice Queendom

On her snowboard, Ruby slides down the snowy field. Weiss, possessed by the Grimm “Nightmare”, created a world in her dreams, which is a reflection of her mind. With the help of Shion, a Huntsman specializing in the Grimm “Nightmare”, Ruby sneaks into Weiss’ dream and heads toward the place where the “Nightmare” had taken root. Those possessed by the “Nightmare” will be entrapped in a nightmare where Aura and life will be deprived. Weiss was already in a dangerous condition. Ruby was so eager to quickly free Weiss from the “Nightmare” but the world reflecting Weiss’ mind, block’s Ruby’s way.

5Awaken in a Dream

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6Do You Have a Plan?

Ruby’s party reaches the inner depths of the dream, but Nega-Weiss attacks trying to eliminate Blake. Blake has a difficult timing fighting Weiss’ relentless attacks and is also hurt from hearing harsh words that she and the Faunus were enemies to her. Although they were able to find the “Nightmare”, they could not defeat Weiss, who had exploded in anger by Ruby and Yang’s betrayal and hatred toward Blake. The three had no choice but to retreat to the real world. Ruby’s party had become depress, hearing that sneaking into the dream which meant defeating the “Nightmare”, had become more difficult because of this failure. Dark clouds had gathered concerning this mission of exploring Weiss’ mind and heart…

7Dreams Come Rued

Ruby’s party decide to try a new plan. Along with Jaune who had acquired immunity toward the “Nightmare”, they sneak into Weiss’s dream once again. Jaune releases the Sillies, the residents of the dream who were being locked away, succeeding in achieving a new relic. Then all the sudden, many little Weiss jump out.

8Where You Belong

The city falls along with the deformed Sillies and the robot soldiers affected by the bugs’ rampage. As the situation gets chaotic, Nega-Weiss shows up with a giant statute of Nicholas, capturing the Sillies one after another. Although Jaune bravely confronts the statue of Jacques, who is wearing armor that’s reminiscent of Grimm “Geist”, he and Pyrrha, a resident of the dream, are captured. Meanwhile, Ruby’s party manages to reach the core of the dream where the “Nightmare” had rooted, but Nega-Weiss stands in their way. Yang and Blake are swallowed into the glyphs and disappear.

9My Dream, Your Dream

In the dorm room, Weiss, smiling, hands Ruby a cup of coffee and the two talk. Weiss leaves the room saying, “There is a reason for everything.” It was Ruby’s dream, who was possessed by the “Nightmare” due to her weakening spirit. Ruby awakes just in time with Jaune’s help. Meanwhile, Yang and Blake had been sent to a mansion, which looked like it was symbolizing the history of the conflict between the White Fang and the S.D.C. Ruby, who had returned to Weiss’ dream, and Blake each propose a new plan.

10Mirror of Darkness

Blake’s plan was a much too dangerous one, making the “Nightmare” possess Blake so that they could confront Nega-Weiss. Yang objects but Blake was firmly determined. Shion and Ozpin decide to accept her plan, considering Weiss’s urgent condition. As Blake becomes covered with the “Nightmare”, an ominous herd of shadows appears. Blake gives the word of command, “Burry the Schnee Dust Company!” toward the shadows, which looked just like Adam, who she had left behind in her past. Blake attacks Nega-Weiss along with the herd, and Nega-Weiss confronts them with anger. It was indistinguishable if the herd was Grimm or the White Fang. Meanwhile, Ruby uses this chance to head toward the center core of the dream, where the “Nightmare” had rooted.

11Light in Shadows

As Yang fights the statue of Nicholas, Jaune and the Sillies fight the statue of Jacques. The robot army that had been created from Weiss’s nightmare fight the deformed White Fang which had been created from Blake’s nightmare. While battles are held in various places, Nega-Weiss clashes with Nega-Blake. Weiss is overwhelmed but tries to confront Nega-Blake, raging with Faunus’ anger who were being continuously oppressed. On the other hand, Ruby reaches the core of the dream and attacks the briar that covers the “Nightmare” but it quickly goes back to its original form and she is unable to destroy it. As she gets flustered, she remembers the words Weiss had said in Ruby’s dreams.

12Best Day Ever

Freed from the nightmare, Team RWBY resume their school life. The teammates had opened their hearts to each other more than before. Ruby decides to do her best as leader, and Yang supports her younger sister’s decision. Weiss and Blake promise to accept each other as teammates.