Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei (2021)

TV-14Animação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy 24m

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A história acompanha Seiichi Hiiragi, um garoto que sofria bullying por conta de seu peso e aparência. Certo dia, enquanto fazia uma excursão da escola, toda sua turma foi transportada para um mundo de fantasia, recebendo classes e funções especificas.


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1Before I Knew It, I Was Living in Another World!

Hiiragi Seichi is a fat, ugly high schooler who lives a boring life of getting bullied… However, one day all that changes. A mysterious voice suddenly rings out over the school’s PA system and sends them all to another world! Various challenges swoop down on him! When nearly dying of hunger, he finds the Fruit of Evolution! Upon eating it, a miracle occurs! Now Seiichi has it made in this new world with great looks, and amazing powers! ...Or so he thought when a gorilla appears!

2Final Evolution! Naked Beauty

After Seiichi defeats a gorilla-like monster, a Kaiser Kong, she proposes to him. The gorilla named Saria starts her new life together with Seiichi. While she is kind, innocent, and forthright, he still plans his escape from her since she’s a gorilla. After wandering into a cavern he finds a skull putting off a strange aura - the dark lord Xeanos. Seiichi begins to battle Xeanos, a creature as strong as most final bosses! However, disaster befalls Seiichi and Saria leaps in before him!

3Artoria, The Calamity

It looked like Saria had lost her life in battle, but after eating the Fruit of Evolution, she revives as a beautiful woman! Seiichi leaves the forest with Saria and heads to the royal capital so he can find out where his friend from school, Kannazuki-sempai, went. At the royal capital Seiichi tries to join the adventurer’s guild, but he’s greeted by abnormal people like a dark-skinned musclehead and sadistic noble lady! There Seiichi also meets the female adventurer, Artoria “The Calamity”, who has issues of her own.

4Black Dragon God's Dungeon

Seiichi and Saria train under Artoria to become adventurers. During their training the three of them are teleported into a dungeon by a demon’s trap. The dungeon they find themselves in the stronghold of the Black Dragon God, the strongest member of the Demon Lord’s Army. Artoria gets separated from Seiichi and Saria in the dungeon and the giant Black Dragon God appears before her. Then that overwhelming threat attacks! Can Seiichi and Saria save her in time?!

5The Calamity Bride

When Seiichi rescues Artoria, she’s on the verge of death, so he faces the Black Dragon God himself! Though the frightening strength of the Black Dragon God poses a challenge, he manages to defeat it. Artoria feels depressed, blaming herself for dragging them into her calamity. She reveals she suffers from a curse that brings misfortune to those around her. After lamenting her fate, she leaves the others. Seiichi follows after her to try and cheer her up, but…

6Crying Out Love in the Center of Another World

Seiichi’s attempts to cheer up Artoria somehow come out as a proposal. While their relationship grows awkward, Seiichi and Saria pass their tests and successfully join the adventurer’s guild. Meanwhile, a plot advances in the Kaiser Empire to enslave Kannazuki and the other students from another world and send them to Barbador Magic Academy. After heading out into the royal capital Seiichi runs into all kinds of people, and taking their words to heart he finally makes up his mind to face Artoria.

7Lulune Appears!

Seiichi is finally united with Artoria, plunging him into a fantastic life with two beautiful women at his side! Afterward he’s advised that every high ranking adventurer needs a horse, so Seiichi heads to the stables. There he meets a donkey named Lulune. After taming the terrifying, wild glutton, Seiichi somehow ends up entering the Royal Cup. The outrageous death race is shocking enough, but then monsters barge in and make it even more chaotic!

8Beautiful Valkyrie

After eating the Fruit of Evolution, the donkey Lulune evolves into a beautiful woman! Seiichi’s harem just keeps growing… but shortly after a brigade of female knights, the Valkyries, takes Seiichi into the royal castle. What awaits him there is the beautiful brigade captain, Louise. She suddenly challenges Seiichi to a duel, but how does he fare...?! And what is the sad past that Louise hides?

9Black Cat Oliga

The identity of the assassin who attacked the King… is a young girl, Oliga. Seiichi stops her attack, however, the king falls into a coma thanks to a curse. Can Seiichi save the King? Meanwhile Artoria is worried about Seiichi after the beautiful Valkyries dragged him off. Saria also finds herself confused by her life’s first experience with jealousy. At the same time, the interrogation of Oliga begins in the castle away from Seiichi...

10Creeping Kaiser Empire

Seiichi fortunately manages to save Oliga, and after learning of her tragic past, Seiichi frees her from her cursed destiny and feels intense anger toward the Kaiser Empire that was behind it. Meanwhile, in the Empire a certain plot continues to advance for the Great Devil’s benefit. Because of that, countless powerful monsters appear around the Wimberg Kingdom. Something full of the darkest malice was starting to act…

11Monsters VS Crazy Guild

Barnabus, the mage known as the “Transcendent”, comes to Wimberg Kingdom. He is also the principal of the Barbador Magic Academy that Kannazuki and the others attended. Barnabus claims that a problem has arisen with the arrival of heroes from another world. Then an urgent messenger appears with news that a large horde of monsters has appeared in the woods near the kingdom. Holding them off are the Valkyries, the adventurer’s guild, Saria, and the others! A great, fast-paced battle against monsters is about to begin!


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