Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (2011)

24mAnimação, Comédia

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Hasegawa Kodaka mudou de escola, e está passando por dificuldade em fazer amigos. Para piorar, seu cabelo loiro faz com que as pessoas pensem que ele é um delinqüente. Um dia, ele encontra sua colega solitária e mal-humorada, Yozora enquanto ela está falando animadamente com sua amiga imaginária Tomo. Percebendo que nenhum deles tem um amigo real, eles decidem que a melhor maneira de mudar esta situação é criar um clube e começar a recrutar.


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1Yeah, My Youth Is Seriously Wrong

As we rejoin the Neighbors, we find that, no, they still don't have any friends. Sena decides to follow Yozora's lead with a stylish new haircut! Kodaka doesn't get much studying done during his visit to the Kashiwazaki manor, but he does manage to learn some disturbing facts about Sena…

1We Can't Make Any Friends

Yozora and Kodoka are loners at school. In order to make friends with other misfits, they start the Neighbors Club. Soon, a third member joins the club: Sena, a popular girl who annoys Yozora to no end.

2Homo Game Club

Rika draws from her extensive knowledge of gay erotica to give the Neighbors a crash course on male friendship. Later, Kodaka runs into an oddly familiar-looking lavender-haired nun...

2There's No God in the Electric World

Yozora, Kodaka, and Sena try to bond over some co-op video game action. Unfortunately, the girls are way better at bashing each other than working as a team.

3My Little Sisters Are This Cute

Maria runs away from home (with her big sister's help) and winds up at Kodaka's place. Later, the Neighbors celebrate the end of finals the only way they know how: awkwardly, with lots of public humiliation!

3There Are No Flags at the Swimming Pool

There Are No Flags at the Swimming Pool TV-MA Kodaka tries to give Sena a swimming lesson, but some obnoxious guys hanging out by the pool make the situation even more uncomfortable than it already is. Luckily, Kodaka’s got Sena’s back.

4A Man is Among Them

Yozora and Sena face off in a race to conquer the Black Dragon at Yokoshima Wonderland. Who will prevail?! Later, Yukimura's shocking secret is revealed!

4Underclassmen Don't Hold Back

The Club gets a couple of new freshmen members: Yukimura, who’s been following Kodaka around to learn some lessons in manliness, and Rika, an awkward young scientist.

5That Kind of Play Is Not Allowed! My Worldview Is Disturbed When You Are Around

Yozora tries her hand at one of Rika's dating sims, and quickly learns that she doesn't like virtual people any better than real people. Then, Kodaka tests out Rika's new time machine!

5This Time, the SAGA is a Serious Battle

Rika gets the group to play a new RPG. Of course, the gang’s manic dynamic is as much a problem in the virtual world as it is in the real one. Later, Kodaka must deal with a surprising new Club member.

6Unbreakable Weird-Girl

The school festival is approaching, and the Neighbors will be taking part! Can our intrepid band of oddballs find a way to attract normal people to their booth? Can they stop Rika from scaring away customers?!

6There Aren't Many Customers at the Karaoke Box

There Aren't Many Customers at the Karaoke Box TV-MA When the Neighbors Club heads out to sing some karaoke, the whole group ends up divided between multiple rooms. Later, Yozora gets jealous when she hears that Sena’s dad wants to meet Kodaka.

7As Long as There`s Love, It Doesn`t Matter If I Get More Sisters, Right?

Kobato's birthday is coming up, and the Neighbors need to get her some presents. Kodaka and Sena find themselves shopping together! Will Sena be able to break down the wall of Kodaka's obliviousness? Do you really have to ask?!

7My Cell Phone Doesn't Get Many Calls

With summer break approaching, the gang decides to use their cell phones to keep in touch. Sena decides to get the same model as Kodaka's - a choice which drives Yozora totally insane.

8My Childhoold Friend Is Too Much of a Battleground

The Neighbors Club will be presenting a movie for the school festival, and Yozora's writing the script! What can we expect? High drama! Steamy boy-on-boy action! Meat! A samurai? Probably a lot of repressed feelings of isolation and self doubt, too!

8School Swimsuits Don't Appear

Kobato’s burning up, thanks to a busted A/C. Inspired by her favorite anime, she decides to wear more season-appropriate attire. Later, the Neighbors Club heads to the pool to cool off.

9Stray Cats Overheat

Kodaka meets Yusa Aoi, Sena's classmate and perpetual runner-up. Someone has tricked this girl into thinking that Kodaka and Sena are happy and well-balanced individuals -- in a committed relationship! Who is responsible?

9The President's Recollections are Painful

Sena takes Kodaka and Kobato to meet her father, Pegasus. They decide to spend the night - and lots and lots of awkward situations ensue.

10The Sad-Case King and the Stone-Cold Story

Sena refuses to be seen in Yozora's plagiarized movie, so the Neighbors have to do it over again. High drama! Steamy boy-on-boy action! Meat! A samurai! No, for real this time!

10No One Sleeps at Camp

The gang heads to Sena’s summer home, where they spend hours romping on the beach. Later, the group settles in for some ghost stories. Unfortunately, after the chilling tales, everyone’s too scared to go to the bathroom alone.

11Dismay of I, the Chicken

This week is full of lessons for the Neighbors: There's no such thing as a yaoi hole; little girls can't really be nuns; Kodaka really is that much of a putz.

11Girls Are Super-Cute in Yukatas

It’s festival time! Kodoka talks to Sena about hair dye, and Yozora’s hair becomes a casualty of a fireworks display!

12I Have... Friends

Kodaka's cowardly flight from the club room has left the Neighbors on the brink of collapse. Will he be lured away by the world of normal kids with real lives, or can Rika save the club with the help of her deadly new weapon?!

12We Don't Have Many Friends

The origins of the Neighbors Club – and a few gender-bending secrets – are finally revealed! What on Earth will happen next!?