Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (2019)

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Yuiga é um estudante que está buscando uma bolsa de estudos pois vem de uma família pobre. Sua escola lhe dá uma condição: ele pode ter uma recomendação para uma bolsa de estudos se ele instruir suas lindas colegas para ajudá-las a entrar nas escolas de sua escolha. Ogata pode ser um gênio da ciência e Furuhashi um prodígio da literatura - mas Ogata quer entrar em uma escola de artes e Furuhashi para uma escola de ciências. E ambas são ignorantes fora de seus campos de especialização.


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1He and a Genius Each Consider a Decision Pertaining to X

Even during summer vacation, Nariyuki and the girls have to study hard at cram school. One day, Rizu gets an abysmal "E" on one of her tests. Depressed, she shares her grade with the other girls, which causes an uproar. That's because they mistakenly think she's telling them her bra size.

1Genius and X Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

There are two geniuses at Ichinose Academy: Fumino Furuhashi, a liberal arts prodigy, and Rizu Ogata, a scientific whiz. Nariyuki Yuiga is a talented student who has contempt for them, especially as he’s aiming to get a "special VIP recommendation.” But then, as a condition for receiving it, Nariyuki is ordered to tutor Fumino and Rizu so that they’re accepted at their first-choice university. Nariyuki rolls up his sleeves but is dismayed to find that Fumino wants to be a science major and Rizu a liberal arts major, the exact opposite of where their talents lie. Moreover, they seem to have no aptitude whatsoever for the subjects they’re interested in. Nariyuki advises the geniuses to change their minds, but...

2At Times, an Elder's Pride Is in Direct Opposition to X's Circumstances

The maid cafe where Asumi works is starting a housekeeping service. Nariyuki and Asumi go together to their first clients, who turn out to be people they know, like Mafuyu and Uruka.

2A Fish is to Water as a Genius is to X

Uruka Takemoto has been a friend of Nariyuki's since middle school and is a swimming prodigy who should have a brilliant future ahead of her, but her academic grades are so bad that she's in danger of losing the college scholarship she's counting on. The academy's headmaster orders Nariyuki to tutor her, too. Uruka hates studying but suddenly becomes eager when she hears that Nariyuki is going to be her tutor. Actually, she's been in love with Nariyuki since middle school which is when he started helping her. Aware of her fellow mentees, Fumino and Rizu, Uruka secretly gets fired up.

2OVA 2: Church Bells Blessings for X

The second OVA episode will feature all five main female leads in a wedding ceremony.

3With the Changing Seasons, a Genius Experiences the Sorrow of X

Thanks to her dad, Rizu accidentally cuts her bangs way too short. At first she doesn't care, but gets more embarrassed until she hides her face from Nariyuki and dons a mask.

3A Genius Resonates Emotionally with X

The results of Nariyuki’s tutoring are about to be put to the test with the midterm exams. If the girls don’t raise their grades, they’ll get a new tutor. The three of them want to keep Nariyuki, though, so they become even more resolved to study hard for the exams.

4Sometimes a Genius Struggles With a Limited X

At the library, a beautiful girl Nariyuki has never seen before sits next to him when he's studying. He's nervous that he's getting hit on, not realizing the girl is actually Rizu, who has changed her hairstyle at a salon.

4What She Wants from a Genius Is X

Fumino is determined to go on a diet after a sudden weight gain. Rizu's self-proclaimed rival, Sawako Sekijo, has the wrong idea that the reason Rizu has set her sights on humanities is because she's in love with Nariyuki, and she tries to test Rizu's "love."

5A Heartfelt Gift Sometimes Becomes a Complicated X

At Nariyuki's house, Fumino is on her way out after a study session when he gives her a birthday present. However, when Fumino opens it, she's startled to find a bra. What was Nariyuki thinking?!

5A Genius in the Forest Strays for X

Ichinose Academy’s famous three-day, two-night study training camp has begun. Nariyuki and the students study hard at the boarding house in the mountains, but Rizu can’t stop thinking about her tutor.

6Wherefore Might They Fathom the Aspirations of the Immediate X

When Mafuyu can't use the bathtub in her apartment, she goes to a neighborhood bathhouse. On the way, she encounters Asumi and Nariyuki, and ends up in the sauna with Asumi. It's so hot that the two get punchy.

6Thus, X Geniuses Never Learn

Nariyuki is summoned by Mafuyu Kirisu, the girls’ former tutor, who interrogates him about the camp incidents. A worried Fumino, waiting outside the student guidance counselor's door, hears snatches of the conversation, including the expression "illicit sexual conduct."

7A Genius Secretly Responds with X to Their Conjectures

Nariyuki, Rizu, and Sawako go to an open campus event. Nariyuki and Sawako both want the other to become closer to Rizu, so they use every excuse in the book to get away so they can leave the other with Rizu.

7A Former Tutor's Secret Spot Is X

While Nariyuki and Fumino are talking to each other behind the school, she loses her balance and falls into Nariyuki’s arms. Rizu apparently sees the "hugging" part and looks furious.

8The Flow of X Never Ends...

Nariyuki is on the verge of failing Physical Education! Uruka tries teaching him how to swim, but she's so bad at teaching that it doesn't do any good.

8Sometimes a Genius's Every Action Is at the Mercy of X

After Nariyuki wins a smartphone in a lottery, he can't wait to use it for apps like the dictionary, schedule managing, and the like. He also learns that studying in the bathtub is effective and quickly puts the method into practice.

9The Star of Ultimate Love and the Name of X, Part 1

Parent-teacher conferences are being held at Ichinose Academy. Nariyuki intends to decide his major based on what would be best for his family. Meanwhile, that math professor appears at the Academy.

9He Struggles with X in a Forbidden Zone

When Nariyuki is walking by Mafuyu's apartment one day, she invites him in because she apparently had seen a cockroach. He goes inside and finds the place just as messy as it was during his last visit.

10The Star of Ultimate Love and the Name of X, Part 2

Fumino continues to live with the Yuiga family. One day, his family needs to go out, leaving Nariyuki and Fumino alone. In gratitude for letting her stay over, Fumino attempts to cook and clean, but fails miserably at every turn!

10A Lost Lamb in New Territory Encounters X

As a reward for being a tutor, Nariyuki gets to take a short summer course at an entrance exam prep school. He's eager to take the course in order to improve his results, but he meets Asumi Kominami, an academy alumni who is still studying to get into a university.

11X Descends Like Wildfire at the Festival's Beginning

While Fumino, Rizu, and Uruka all know what their major in college is going to be, Nariyuki still can't decide what he wants to do. Meanwhile, everyone is busy getting ready for Ichinose Academy's school festival.

11An Illustrious Veteran Sometimes Serves X

Downtown at night, Ms. Kirisu finds Nariyuki as he's about to enter a suspicious café and calls him to a halt. It's the maid café where Ms. Kirisu's former student, Asumi, works part-time.

12X Treads a Thorny Path as the Festivities Continue…

The school festival is a roaring success! At the swim team's live stage show, Umihara and Kawase perform with Mafuyu in a Full Pure costume for some reason.

12Sometimes a Genius Travels Down Memory Lane With X

Nariyuki consults Fumino about how his relationship with Uruka has become awkward, but he claims he's asking "for a friend." Right after that, Uruka comes to Fumino to discuss the same issue.

13A Post-Festival Celebration of X, Both Dazzling And Lonely

The animal-costumed Nariyuki's intrusion onto the stage brings Fumino's play to an ending that has the crowd on its feet. Meanwhile, business is booming at Rizu's class's udon shop.

13The Light in a Genius's Eye is All X

When Nariyuki goes to a festival, he runs into Uruka and strolls with her past the food stalls, helps Rizu deliver food, and takes an injured Mafuyu to Asumi's father's first-aid tent. In other words, as ever, he's a busy do-gooder.