Futsal Boys!!!!! (2022)


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A história se passa em um mundo onde Futsal se tornou extremamente popular. O enredo acompanhar Haru Yamato, um jovem que desperta uma paixão pelo esporte e decide seguir seu sonho se juntando ao clube de futsal da sua escola.


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1A Dream's Kickoff

Yamato Haru dreams of becoming the best football player in the world, so he enrolls in the futsal club of the Koyo academy where he will meet new friends and rivals.

2Play-Caller Sakaki?

During futsal practice, Haru gets frustrated because Seiichiro never passes the ball. Before playing with his old teammate, captain Toi Tsukioka makes some bold changes to the team.

3First Match! Adalbert

Koyo's boys have been training hard for their game against Adalbert High, but Sakaki still has trouble passing his teammates.

4Taiga and Ryu

The match between Adalbert and Koyo continues, but in the audience there is also Taiga who is starting to have second thoughts about leaving soccer behind.

5The Unforgettable Past!

Hengyang Gakuen welcomes Tenmon as Goreiro and practices for the Summer Sky Cup. However, Yamato and Sakaki are having a hard time breathing together and cannot cooperate. Meanwhile, Yamato, who went out to watch the game of Emperor Hanayama Gakuen, meets the longed-for Tennoji Kokusei.


Yamato noticed that his father's shadow was piled up in Tennoji. I stopped coming to club activities after saying that I would quit futsal. Tsukioka, who was worried, visits Yamato. On the other hand, Sakaki cannot hide his irritation from Yamato. As expected, what is Yamato's own path ...?

7Sparkling Stars! Amanogawa Gakuen!

Hengyang Gakuen came to the sea during the summer training camp. Sakaki is worried about turning the pass as a "Game Maker", and Yamato is enthusiastic that he will become stronger in order to receive Sakaki's pass. The members of the Amanogawa Gakuen Futsal Club on vacation appear there, and for some reason they have a beach volleyball showdown.

8We are Fun☆tasista!!!

The Summer Sky Cup is almost here and the Koyo boys continue training to improve coordination. Meanwhile, we also get to know Momomi High School futsal club.

9Team Play

Koyo Gakuen has allowed one point to his opponent, Momomi High School. Sakaki decides to play cooperatively and shows growth, but at the same time, he is at the mercy of Momomi's unique play style and he is frustrated. Meanwhile, Sakaki finally tries to give a pass to Yamato.

10What I Don't Want to Lose

After beating Momomi, Koyo advances into the tournament, but Sakaki meets an old teammate from middle school who brings back bad memories.

11Indelible Memories

The Kanagawa Summer Sky Cup final match begins, between Adalbert and Koyo high schools, earning a spot in the National Championship. Unlike the previous tournament, this time the two teams are fairly even, and few goals come from the fierce battle. Amidst the tough match, Sakaki recalls moments from his past and understands why he can't pass the ball to Yamato.

12Unconcedable Dream (Goal)

Yamato never gives up on cooperation and victory with Sakaki. Sakaki finally releases a pass to Yamato ... Hengyang Academy, Adalbert Academy, and Yamato and Sakaki. With each unyielding feeling in mind, who is the one who hangs everything and grabs a dream at this moment with friends?