Kaizoku Oujo (2021)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Fena Houtman lembra-se pouco de sua infância. Uma órfã que foi criada como serva em um bordel, sua vida muda totalmente quando ela foge para uma ilha pirata e descobre a verdade sobre sua família. Sendo Fena a única pessoa capaz de desvendar os segredos de sua família, Fena precisa assumir o posto de capitã de um bando de samurais, escapar das várias mulheres piratas na sua cola e embarcar numa grande aventura em alto mar! Quebrará as correntes de seus opressores... Seu objetivo? Criar uma nova identidade, livre da escravidão e procurar um lugar aonde ir e descobrir os verdadeiros mistérios por trás da palavra "Eden". Uma história da aventura que Fena e seu grupo de desajustados e aliados improváveis terão em busca de seus objetivos!


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The Hope is burning red atop of the dark ocean… A young Fena is rescued by Yukimaru and escapes from the ship. Ten years have passed since then. Fena has grown into a beautiful woman worthy enough to be dubbed the "White Marginal".

2An Inherited Journey

Before she knew it, Fena was on a small boat floating right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Escorted by the Otto and Salman who had aided her in her escape, she reaches a lone island surrounded by mist, Goblin Island.


Determined to inherit her father's journey, Fena and the samurai embark from Goblin Island. They stop by the free town of Bar-Baral to procure resources. Fena comes across a product identical to the stone her father had left behind.

4The Mystery of the Stone

After escaping their pursuers, Fena and the crew head towards Libar-Oberstein where the stone was manufactured. Fena, who had been frustrated from causing Yukimaru to be injured, pleads for her friends to teach her how to fight.


With the information they gained from Libar-Oberstein, the crew reaches Orleans where the mysterious stone was mined. In the maze-like mine, Fena moves towards the far depths as she seems to be guided by a certain something.

6Mutiny on the Blue Giant

Trapped in the mine, Yukimaru and the samurai plan their escape in order to go after Fena. Meanwhile, the kidnapped Fena is taken to a Royal Navy ship where Abel awaits.

7The Burning Sea

In order to save Fena, Yukimaru departs from Bonito No.2 alone. The samurai waver between saving Fena and following the rules of their island. After getting word that the ship is being attacked by the Rumble Rose, Abel leaves Fena.

8A Knight's Vow

The samurai have managed to recover Fena from the Blue Giant, but at the the cost of Yukimaru being badly wounded. In order to treat him, they set course for Chaouen.

9Vice Versa

Being the youngest in the royal family, Abel had grown up in silence from being treated coldly by everyone. One day, he meets a mysterious girl, Helena, in the garden. As they spend more time together, a deep love blossoms between them.

10The Curtain Rises on the Climax

Now that they have unraveled the mystery of the coordinates, Fena and Yukimaru have managed to locate the location of Eden. In order to face the mystery her father left behind and the mystery of herself, Fena reaches Eden.

11At Mission's End

The crew reach the place filled with hidden treasure, but the British Navy appears and attacks the samurai. Yukimaru and Fena, who had ventured into the far depths, come face to face with Abel who had chased them down.

12The Chosen Maiden

There was a mission that Frantz left behind for Fena. Hidden inside Eden was a line of painful choices made by the maidens that had been passed for many years. As she thinks of Yukimaru and her friends, Fena decides her destiny.