Love Lab (2013)

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A Academia Fujisaki é conhecida por ter o corpo estudantil formado por seus estudantes. A estudante que mais se destaca é Maki, a presidente, que é admirada por seus colegas por ser calma e educada. Por outro lado, Kurahashi Riko também é muito admirada por sua personalidade masculina e por ser muito franca. Riko por acaso encontra Maki enquanto "treina beijos" em um travesseiro e descobre que ela não é o que todos pensam. Riko é forçada a guardar o segredo de Maki e se unir a ela para treinar coisas românticas, como dar as mãos e tudo mais.


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1Their Remarkable Encounter

The second-year student of the distinguished Fujisaki Girls Academy Kurahashi Riko is known by fellow students as a wonderfully wild girl and is also known as "the Wild Kid." One day, Riko witnesses the unladylike behavior of the lovely and academically successful student council president Maki "Miss Fujijo" Natsuo.

2The Shy, the Cool, and the Perverted?

Student council secretary and first-year student Tanahashi Suzune witnesses all the details of Riko and Maki's love lab. Believing she has been scorned by Suzu, who fled the scene in a hurry, Maki is shocked.

3Sayo and Eno Declare War

The ones harassing Riko and her friends were "former" student council president Enomoto Yuiko (Eno), whose work was stolen by Maki, and her friend and student council treasurer Mizushima Sayori (Sayo). Declaring war on Riko and her friends, Eno and Sayo sneak into the student council room where they discover materials related to the love lab. Meanwhile, Maki takes on all the responsibilities of the student council herself and collapses from the strain...

4Love Lab Resumes! Or So We Thought...

Eno becomes the student council vice president and Sayo becomes the treasurer once again. The five members of the student council are as eager as ever to resume their love lab. Riko breaks into a cold sweat when the other members begin treating her as their master of love after she blurts out a lie.

5This Is Fuji Girls' Love Broadcasting Station

In order to respond to the request for romantic advice left in the suggestion box, Maki and Eno take over the broadcasting room during lunch and begin a special student council broadcast. Maki and her friends have prepared a strategy for responding to the anonymous girl asking for advice at Fujijo, a school that forbids romantic relationships.

6The Terrible Legend of Riko

Riko heads to a shopping mall after school where a boy suddenly calls her by name. While pretending to remember who he is, through their conversation Riko discovers she once rejected him.

7To the Kurahashi House!

Momo and Nana from the school paper have begun investigating the love labs the student council has been conducting in secret. While the student council would be in hot water if their secret got out, Maki is determined to continue the love labs.

8To the Wild Kid...

Riko is shocked to learn the other students call her "the Wild Kid." She begins imitating Maki in an attempt to seem more ladylike, but her friends...

9That Smile...

When Nana takes photographic evidence of Sayo meeting her boyfriend, the school finds out. Sayo informs Riko and the others of her decision to quit the student council. Unable to accept the situation, Eno announced to Sayo she will fight back for her.

10The Elite Student Council (Photos)

Sayo's punishment is repealed, and the student council room returns to normal. Riko and the others make Sayo try on all kinds of disguises so she can go on dates in peace, but soon they begin criticizing the clothes she wore on her date...

11Love Lab?

A note asking for hairstyles popular among boys is found in the suggestion box. In order to fulfill the request for the opinions of boys from Southern Middle School, Riko searches her cram school for boys from Southern Middle School and comes up with Nagi.

12Be My Friend Forever

Momo and Nana suggest composing the student council's responses to requests for romantic advice found in suggestion boxes as short stories in the "Love Lab Correspondence" of the underground paper.

13One Hand on Another

Maki continues acting strangely and even suggest the student council should hold off on conducting love labs.