Rosario + Vampire (2008)

25mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Tsukune Aono, um garoto comum de 15 anos, não pôde entrar para o ensino médio devido às más notas na escola. Porém, seu pai, durante uma caminhada, vê um homem (por ele descrito como um sacerdote) deixar cair ao chão um documento. Ao pegá-lo, viu que se tratava de uma carta-convite ao portador para ingressar numa escola de ensino médio, a Youkai Gakuen (na versão em inglês, Youkai Academy). Sem dar ou pedir satisfações ao homem, leva o folheto para casa e o apresenta à esposa e ao filho como sendo a solução para o problema de Tsukune. Entretanto, a Youkai Gakuen é um internato para youkais (demônios), onde além dos conteúdos curriculares tradicionais os alunos são preparados para coexistir com os humanos e assim conseguirem sobreviver num mundo hoje dominado por estes últimos. Humanos não podem entrar nesta escola, e o regulamento prevê que qualquer um que ali pise seja imediatamente morto. Certo de que entrou ali por engano e temendo por sua vida, Tsukune tenta fugir da escola, mas decide ficar por se apaixonar por Moka Akashiya, uma bela vampira que também estuda ali. Ele decide permanecer, escondendo a sua natureza humana de alunos e professores. Ele também descobre que, quando o rosário em torno do pescoço de Moka é removido, a sua verdadeira natureza emerge. Ao longo do tempo vão entrando outros personagens, como a succubus Kurumu, a bruxa Yukari, a Dama das Neves Mizore, entre outros. A história se desenrola mostrando o amadurecimento dos personagens à medida que vão enfrentando uma série de desafios.


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1Reunion and a Vampire

It has been one year since Tsukune entered Youkai School. After spring break, Tsukune hurries to school to reunite with Moka-san only to collide with a mysterious girl on a bicycle who was also extremely cute. In school, Moka and friends were quickly surrounded with fuss by the new students. In addition, a large amount of fan mail was found in the shoe cabinet of Moka which came from the new students who also adores her, but there was one special letter. A dangerous threatening letter that said, "I’m taking your life."

1New Life and Vampire

Academically-challenged Tsukune suddenly finds himself enrolled at a mysterious high school with a shocking secret! His life may never be the same after an encounter with the mesmerizing Moka!

2Little Sister and a Vampire

The new girl at school shares quite a history with Moka - they’re sisters! Back in the day, Moka was able to defeat her younger sibling every time they sparred. Now it looks like Kokoa is out for vengeance!

2Succubus and a Vampire

Moka’s obvious affection for Tsukune earns him the wrath of the school’s male students. As if that weren’t bad enough, a popular succubus is determined to seduce the poor boy!

3Mother and Child and a Vampire

While it is meant to enhance the relationships within a nuclear family so that the youthful student excels academically to prosperity, this Parents' Day at Youkai Academy becomes another day for both Mizore's mother Tsurara and Kurumu's mother Ageha to prosecute their long-standing rivalry that has proven to be a stalemate on all counts. Under the mirage of Tsukune as her daughter's boyfriend, both Tsurara and Ageha endeavor to coerce matrimonial copulation of Tsukune with their respective offspring. Hopefully Tsukune will survive the barrage of love...

3Witchling and a Vampire

A mischievous young witch stirs up trouble between Moka and Tsukune, but will a ghastly confrontation with a trio of lizardmen change her outlook on love?

4Body Measurements and a Vampire

Yukari is bothered by the fact that she is still a child and with the help of someone, she has been given the chance to experience life as a grown up. Of all the possibilities of her new live, getting Tsukune's love is one of the top priorities. But while all the other boys - and girls - of the high school seem to react to her new appearance, the target of all her trouble seems to be ignorant to it. Will Yukari be able to change the tide?

4Farewell and a Vampire

The boys who make up Moka’s fan club decide it’s time to get rid of Tsukune, who is mortified that his puny stature makes him unable to protect his special lady friends!

5Curry and a Vampire

Moka, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore want to win Tsukune's affection by practicing on making a perfect curry dish. While Mizore is trying to improve her cooking by herself, Moka, Kurumu and Yukari are attending a cooking class with a very passionate teacher when it comes to Indian curry. But will all the cooking at Youkai Academy find a way to Tsukune's stomach and heart or will all attempts be in vain?

5School Swimsuits and a Vampire

Tsukune’s interest in the school swimming club is a big problem for Moka. It seems water has a strange effect on vampires, and a quick dip in the pool could sap her powers!

6School Trip and a Vampire

The group goes on a field trip to the human world. While there Moka wants to spend more time with Tsukune, but Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari make it impossible as they try to get close to him themselves. Will Moka chan finally be able to get her private time with Tsukune or will she have to share once more?

6Newspaper Club and a Vampire

There’s a rumor going around that Tsukune is the creep sneaking glances at other girls. Kurumu and Yukari get to the heart of the matter to clear his name.

7Bathroom and a Vampire

Tsukune's decision to use a portion of his time on the field trip to pay his mother Kasumi a visit at home that is meant to be a quiet heartfelt family event, begins its metamorphsis into a circus when Moka follows Tsukune home, much to Kasumi's shock. But before long, the madness that usually fills Youkai Academy finds it way to Tsukune's home.

7Snow Girl and a Vampire

Tsukune attracts yet another fangirl in Mizore. How can a girl express her feelings with troublesome teachers threatening expulsion? It’s up to Tsukune to quell the beast in Moka, or things could get messy!

8Youth and a Vampire

This episode holds multiple small comical story lines: from Ruby-san getting annoyed because of the short skirts that all girls are wearing to Nekonome-sensei trying out new clothes to wear and many more.

8Math and a Vampire

Private lessons from Tsukune’s seductive math teacher start subtracting from his personality. At odds with the situation, Moka’s got to snap him out of it before the hungry mentor really sinks her teeth in.

9Skiing and a Vampire

A ski trip turns into disaster when Kokoa goes after Moka in the snow! After a massive avalanche roars down the mountain, Tsukune becomes trapped in a cave - and he’s not alone.

9Summer Break and a Vampire

Summer vacation calls the Newspaper Club to a beach in the human world. Yukari is tempted to ditch school and join Ruby, a witch living in a coveted sunflower field nearby. Trouble brews as Tsukune attempts to break the spell.

10Pretty Boy and a Vampire

A new transfer student called Ijuuin Kotaro attends Youkai Academy. By muttering the words "Je t'aime", which is French for "I like you", he can control anyone who hears him mutter those words as he wish. Meanwhile, Kokoa is looking for her pet bat, Komori, who has disappeared. Kotaro eventually manages to hypnotize the entire female population (except Kokoa) and even Gin. Kokoa eventually deduces that Koutaro is really Komori in disguise, when he accidentally calls her "Kokoa-sama" and adds "dechu" at the end of his sentence. Tsukune eventually removes Moka's rosario and the Inner Moka defeats the student with Kokoa's help. Koumori returns to his original bat form, and one of his teeth falls off and releases some kind of dark spirit. At the end, Kokoa thanks her "Onee-sama" for saving, but Inner Moka told Kokoa to thank the other Moka for trying to save her, even if she was still under the spell. Kokoa still thinks the Outer Moka isn't her real "Onee-sama".

10Sunflowers and a Vampire

Ruby explains the plight of the sunflower fields to Yukari’s rescuers, who prove to be a curiously kind bunch. All seems to be kosher after the confusion the night before, until a forbidden spell is unleashed.

11Lilith's Mirror and a Vampire

Tsukune's sister stops by the Academy for a visit, but chaos ensues when she gets her hands on a special mirror that has the power to reveal the true nature of the student body.

11New Term and a Vampire

Summer vacation is over and the Newspaper Club is trying to get back to work. Unfortunately, they find their efforts complicated by the meddlesome Public Safety Commission.

12Holy Seal and a Vampire

Moka sacrifices her own rosary to seal the deteriorating barrier between the human world and the monster world. Will she ever be able to contain her true identity again?

12Security Committee and a Vampire

The Newspaper Club’s attempt to expose the corruption of the Public Safety Commission backfires in a big way when Tsukune is arrested and accused of being human!

13Cross and Family and a Vampire

If they ever hope to see the sweet side of Moka again, Tsukune and the girls must survive the perilous journey through the demon world to confront a monster whose powers are even greater than Moka’s!

13Tsukune and a Vampire

Tsukune’s life is on the line! Moka makes an amazing attempt to save him, and finds an unlikely ally in her mission to prevent his execution.