Seiken Tsukai no World Break (2015)


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A história de "Akane Gakuen" se passa em um colégio particular que reúne "Saviors", jovens com lembranças despertadas de vidas passadas. Alguns deles são Shirogane que lutam contra os inimigos com armas e técnicas adquiridas a partir dos poderes Puraana de seus próprios corpos. Outros são Kuroma que acabam com os inimigos com a magia manipulando os poderes Maana que superam a física. Um menino chamado Moroha Haimura se matricula na escola. Ele é a primeira pessoa na história com vidas passadas, tanto Shirogane quanto Kuroma.


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1The Reincarnater

Moroha begins classes at the Akane Academy because he has inherited mystical powers from a former life. While there he meets Satsuki and Shizuno, two girls who immediately find themselves drawn to him for various reasons.

2Dwell within My Sword, Magic Flame

Moroha and Shizuno join the Strikers. Satsuki is frustrated by her lack of ability, but one weekend, she faces down a Metaphysical at the shopping mall.

3The Netherworld Sorceress

Edward, one of the six Rank S Saviors, comes to Japan. Meanwhile, Shizuno refuses to talk about her past life, causing friction between her and Moroha.

4White Knight Assault

When Shizuno's brother tries to bully her into studying abroad, Moroha intervenes by revealing that he defeated the Dreadnought Class Metaphysical without any assistance. This leads to a high-stakes duel between himself and Sir Edward.

5We Are the Summer

The Strikers go to a small island for a summer training camp, and Satsuki takes it upon herself to become a faster, more capable Savior. Meanwhile, the Head Six are preparing to meet regarding Moroha's suggested promotion to rank S.

6We Are the Swords of Salvation"

A gigantic Metaphysical attacks just as the summer training camp is drawing to a close. Some members of the Head Six doubt Moroha's abilities, and they see this attack as the perfect opportunity to force him to prove himself in battle.

7The Silver-haired Stranger

A new student arrives from Russia on exchange, immediately confessing her feelings towards Moroha. Moroha is accommodating, but Shizuno has suspicions.

8The Magic Sword and the Holy Sword

Lesya's true identity is revealed: she is a maneater -- an assassin. As they take swings at each other, Moroha's holy sword awakens.

9Siberian line

Moroha challenges the Russia division to a fight on Lesya's behalf. With Edward's support, they arrive in Russia.

10Battle at Yekaterinburg

With some help from his friends, Moroha finally faces the Russian Terror on her home turf. But when her Dark Arts turn out to be as powerful as his, it's unclear who will emerge victorious in this clash of titans.

11The Nightmare from a Former Life

The emergence of a Metaphysical delays Moroha's departure from Russia. Little does anyone realize, a dark specter from his former lives is about to reappear in Japan, forcing everyone there to face it without his aid. The Metaphysical destroys everything in sight. Moraha gets informed about the Metaphysical and remembers both of his past lifes discovering that he lost both of the people he loved by the Metaphysical.

12Surpass Two Lives

The Saviors fight valiantly in what appears to be a losing battle against an unusually intelligent Metaphysical. When Moroha finally enters the fray, he finds it will take more than his powers alone to emerge victorious.