Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai (2015)

23mAction & Adventure, Animação

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O 35º Pelotão de Teste da Academia Antimagia, é um dos esquadrões registrados na academia especializado em criar os caçadores de bruxas, cujo trabalho é encontrar, neutralizar quaisquer ameaças mágicas! Infelizmente, eles são um grupo de fracassados com o apelido de "Pelotão dos Frangotes", um pelotão formado a partir de grupo de pessoas egocêntricas que não conseguem cooperar e têm problemas de personalidade.


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1Move Out! Small Fry Platoon!

Takeru, Usagi and Ikaruga are joined by a new squad member, Otori Ouka, an elite who'd lost her license for unusual reasons. The squad witnesses her impressive skills.

2Summon the Hero

Takeru told Ouka, "I won't give up on trying to be your comrade." But then, while visiting a certain grave site, he learns the tragic reason Ouka hates witches. The deep sorrow in Ouka's eyes when she tells Takeru, "other people are obstacles for my revenge," renders Takeru speechless.

3A Witch Joins

Sparks fly when Nikaido Mari, a Valhalla witch with amnesia, joins the Small Fry Platoon. Can they successfully guard her? Or will Haunted get to her first...

4The Necromancer Laughs

In the chairman's office, Ouka finds files documenting Mari's crimes... The next day, the Mock Battle Tournament has entered the second round: Kyoya's 15th Platoon against Takeru's 35th. But during the battle, Yoshimizu, Kyoya's childhood friend and platoon member, has strange black thorns burst out of her body! "I've come to rescue you, my sweet Mari-san!" Emerging from the black thorns is the necromancer, Haunted.

5The Witch-Hunting Festival

A cocky boy from Usagi's past shakes up things at Anti-Magic Academy by proposing the reinstatement of the witch hunt festival. Can the Small Fry Platoon earn enough points in this festival to convince Usagi's mother to keep her in school?

6Even Bunnies Have Fangs

"I'm marrying Usagi because she's a precious commodity to me," says Reima. "I won't let you have Usagi," retorts Takeru. Meanwhile, Reima's scheme to become a "king" is well underway. There is a giant magic circle encompassing the campus, made of none other than witch hunt festival decorations. A mysterious shadow lurks around student council president, Nagaru.


Sougetsu summons Ikaruga to speak with her about her family... and shows her one picture. In this picture is a dark elf cell, otherwise known as the "Lost Matrix." When Takeru asks her why she's late to their meeting, she answers, "I could tell you... but I don't think you could handle the truth

8Two Alchemists

Dark Elves are mythical creatures who can suck up magic just like breathing air. Resurrecting these Dark Elves... was Isuka's mission. Ikaruga rushes back to Isuka to stop her. She only has two wishes: stop the Dark Elf restoration, and to save her former friend and "family," Isuka! Meanwhile, Takeru finally awakens from the sedative Ikaruga fed him and meets up with Ouka and the girls, now freed. They head towards Ikaruga with over a hundred Dragoons in tow...

9The 35th Drunken Platoon

The 35th platoon investigates two cases: a mysterious love magic artifact from a night club, and a sea monster at a beach where summer won't end. Can they rack up the points they need for promotion?

10Kusanagi Kiseki

During a mission, Takeru runs into his little sister, Kusanagi Kiseki, and reveals the shocking truth to the rest of the platoon.

11Kusanagi Takeru

Takeru hits a new low after Kiseki's request. He reflects on their past and where he stands now.

12Supreme Wish

With Takeru gravely injured, Kiseki on a rampage, and Haunted wreaking havoc, Ouka decides to take matters into her own hands.