50 States of Fright (2020)

6mDrama, Crime



As lendas urbanas mais famosas e assustadoras de cada um dos cinquenta estados norte-americanos.


  • Backdrops 7
  • Posters 2


1The Golden Arm (Michigan) (1)

Two lovebirds. One awful accident. Heather offers Dave a helping hand. Too bad she may never see that hand again.

1Almost There (Iowa) (1)

Hannah has a past life. A past trauma. And a terrible fear of heights. Now, one late-night call brings her back to where it all began.

2The Golden Arm (Michigan) (2)

Upset. Disfigured. Obsessed with her beauty. Heather insists on an arm replacement made of gold. But it comes at a cost.

2Almost There (Iowa) (2)

Hannah and Blake start their climb up the turbine. She just has to remember to go one step at a time. And never look down.

3Almost There (Iowa) (3)

It’s a race to the top as the lights go out. Can Hannah climb to the engine in time? Or will her past catch up with her?

4Ball of Twine (Kansas) (1)

A mother and daughter stop to see the world’s largest ball of twine. It may sound boring, but it really draws the daughter in.

413 Steps to Hell (Washington) (1)

When Mallory and her brothers go to the town cemetery to bury their pet, they dig up something much darker than dirt.

5Ball of Twine (Kansas) (2)

Susan turns to the cops to help find Amelia. Turns out, the town is wound up in something much darker than suspected.

513 Steps to Hell (Washington) (2)

Mallory moves down the underground staircase to rescue Aiden’s toy. But what she discovers down there is far more frightening than the dark.

6Ball of Twine (Kansas) (3)

It’s time to get to the center of the conspiracy. Susan digs in deep in an attempt to pull Amelia out of danger.

6Red Rum (Colorado) (1)

A group of ghost-debunking friends visit the haunted Stanley Hotel. When Kyle sneaks down to explore the basement tunnels, the results are life-shattering.

7Scared Stiff (Oregon) (1)

Sebastian Klempner was a taxidermy legend. But after accepting a job for a strange animal, his greatest masterpiece may just be his greatest mistake.

7Red Rum (Colorado) (2)

The phone-obsessed friends grab a drink at the hotel bar. But when Logan heads up to her room, she realizes another guest has checked in.

8Scared Stiff (Oregon) (2)

A knock at the door brings an unexpected visitor. And they are very unhappy with Sebastian’s work. So much so, it just might cost him his life.

8Red Rum (Colorado) (3)

Now all alone, Simon wanders the hotel halls looking for his friends. But what he finds instead is far from friendly.

9Grey Cloud Island (Minnesota) (1)

Four pledges are ready to find out if they’re Kappa material. But this initiation ritual is about to get way darker than they expected.

9Dogwood-Azalea (Missouri) (1)

Azalea and her parents arrive at their new home. All seems well, until she discovers a doll in the cemetery next door.

10Grey Cloud Island (Minnesota) (2)

The pledges free a chained victim and attempt to find help in the woods. Can they trust that whoever they find will be on their side?

10Dogwood-Azalea (Missouri) (2)

Azalea is excited about her new friend, Lucy. But when Lucy says she wants to be friends forever...she really means forever.

14Destino (Florida) (3)

The officers interrupt an ancient ritual. Vasquez fights to keep her partners alive but evil’s grasp is a hard one to break.