And Just Like That... Um novo capítulo de Sex and the City (2021)

44mComédia, Drama

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O mundo e os personagens icônicos de Sex and the City são o ponto de partida para esta nova série, que encontra Carrie, Miranda e Charlotte navegando na complicada realidade da amizade, família e a vida em Nova York aos 50 anos.


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1Oi, Sou Eu

Depois de discutir como lidar com a mudança, Carrie é desafiada a ser "sexualmente" aberta no podcast de Che, Miranda tem um desastroso primeiro dia de aula e Charlotte tenta impressionar outra mãe.

2Vestidinho Preto

Miranda e Charlotte vêm em auxílio de Carrie, provando para que servem as boas amigas. Anthony e Stanford prometem abandonar as discussões mesquinhas.

3Em Roma...

Carrie fica sabendo de um acontecimento surpreendente que envolve a ex-mulher de Big. Charlotte se preocupa em como lidar com a revelação de uma de suas filhas. Miranda reflete sobre o seu casamento.

4Some of My Best Friends

Looking to move forward, Carrie meets with self-made real estate broker Seema Patel. Meanwhile, Charlotte plans a high-stakes dinner party for LTW as Miranda and Nya connect over the frank realities of motherhood.

5Tragically Hip

As Carrie recuperates from hip surgery, Charlotte learns surprising news about her daughter, and Che’s words help Miranda face some truths about her life.


Carrie's giant leap for her future self helps her embrace the past, while Miranda makes a confession to a shocked Charlotte.

7Sex and the Widow

Carrie’s publisher tasks her with injecting some hope into her new book, Miranda attempts to rekindle a spark with Steve, and Charlotte bristles when Harry imposes on her sacred space… tennis.

8Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

After coming clean to Che, Miranda is spurred toward making a life-altering decision. Carrie attempts to learn more about her mysterious 20-something neighbor. Charlotte’s efforts to be more open with her kids about sex get derailed.

9No Strings Attached

Carrie questions whether she’s ready to take another step toward letting go. Charlotte boasts that she’s finally finished menopause. Miranda’s spontaneity backfires.

10Seeing the Light

Charlotte plans the ultimate rite of passage for Rock. Che throws Miranda for a loop. Carrie finds closure.