Araiya-san!: Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!? (2019)

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Souta Tsukishima começa a trabalhar na casa de banhos pública de sua família como "lavador de costas". Enquanto esconde sua verdadeira identidade, a colega de Souta, Aoi Yuzuki, visita a casa de banhos. Uma relação entre os dois começa a se desenvolver quando Souta um dia lava as costas de Aoi.


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1Slimming Massage

Aoi and Souta are classmates, but not the best of friends. Actually Aoi is continiusly harassing Souta. At home Souta grandfather has got a backhache, so Souta has to step in for him at the family owned bathhouse. That day the women's volleyball team has decided to try out the bath.

2Special Touch

Souta heard that Aoi actually loves him. Now the teams captain wants a massage as well.

3Absolute discretion in the showers

After Aoi found out that it was Souta that gave her the massage, and that he gave the same massage to the captain. Aoi now feels a bit jealous.

4I can't hide my love

After the massage in the shower room was over, the women's volleyball team suddenly appears. Aoi hides Souta in her shower cubicle.

5Under the duvet

Aoi is absent from school, The captain sends Souta to check up on her on behalf of the club. Club member Takatsuki is also sent on there by the captain.

6Love Triangle at 93°C

The club is on a school trip. Of course, the other boys is of the opinion that means an obligation to take a peek in the women's bathroom.

7A Burning Confession

Alone in the Sauna, it's finally time for the confession.

8Feelings That Cannot Be Washed Away

After losing consciousness in the sauna, Sauta wakes up in Aoi's room, resting on her lap.