Bad Banks (2018)

52mCrime, Drama

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Ambitious Jana is confronted with the unscrupulous machinations of the world of finance. Her working life is determined by egotism, the pressure to succeed and machismo. She soon has to decide how far she is prepared to go for her career.


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1Brave New World

Six months after the crash and the state bailout of Deutsche Global Invest, the cards are being reshuffled. Gabriel Fenger is in custody.

2The New Adversary

No sooner has GreenWallet moved into the incubator than the start-up faces a huge problem. The team needs strengthening. An attempt to poach a top talent from competition.

3Collateral Damage

To beat the competition, GreenWallet needs to be internationally active. Adam flies to London to obtain a licence for the British financial market.

4Today's Winners

Difficulties are mounting for GreenWallet. Jana and Adam have to shelve their plan to hide their illicit earnings for the time being - they need the funds to stand up to the competition.


A dynamic new finance minister is shaking up the banking world. Regulations are to be relaxed, while at the same time the liability rules for bankers are to be tightened.

6Long Live the Queen

The power struggle in Frankfurt is coming to a head. A clever move brings all the opponents around one table. But who has ultimately forged the best alliances? Whoever loses this game loses everything.