Blood Lad (2013)

25mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



Staz é o chefe vampiro de um território no mundo demoníaco, mas ele tem pouco interesse em sangue humano. Ele é mais interessado em cultura japonesa. Quando ele fica sabendo que Yanagi Fuyumi, uma garota japonesa, acidentalmente vai parar no mundo demoníaco, ele não perde a chance de conhecê-la. Porém, enquanto Staz lida com um intruso no seu território, a Fuyumi é devorada por um monstro e se transforma em um fantasma. Desapontado, Staz jura para ela que descobrirá um jeito de trazer Fuyumi de volta à vida.


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1She's a Skeleton Now

Staz Charlie Blood is a powerful vampire with a huge love for Japanese anime and games. When a young schoolgirl named Fuyumi wanders into his territory, Staz cannot hide his excitement at meeting a living human from his favorite culture.

2Back Home, But Not Really

Staz’s dream of visiting Japan finally comes true when he escorts Fuyumi back to the human world. But Fuyumi, now a ghost, is not too thrilled with Staz disrupting her once peaceful human life.

3You Had It All Along

Staz and Fuyumi head out to West Demon World in search of the Book of Human Resurrection, where they are greeted by Wolf, the territory boss in charge of that area.

4To Demon World Acropolis

A reluctant Staz visits Demon World Acropolis to seek his older brother, Braz D. Bloods, the author of the Book of Human Resurrection and the only one who can decipher it.

5Unindentified Demon Object

While being incarcerated in Liz’s Toy Box, Staz receives a visit from his brother Braz, who offers him a deal: in exchange for giving him the knowledge of human resurrection, Staz must destroy a monster that is rampaging across the Demon World.

6That's Friendship

Staz arrives in North Demon World where Wolf is engaged in a fierce battle with the Artificial Demon Akim Papradon. Taking over the fight for his weakened friend, Staz decides to make use of his restored magic power.

7Liz, For the First Time

Braz leaves Liz under the care of Staz and returns to Demon World Acropolis alone, having obtained the sample of Fuyumi’s magic required to resurrect her back into a human.

8Two Is a Treasure

Liz returns to Demon World Acropolis and discovers that the Acropolis Police are after Braz. Meanwhile, Staz finds the man who kidnapped Fuyumi, only to let him escape.

9Sins of the Eye Glasses

The Acropolis Police bring in Braz for questioning before Wolf-Daddy, the king of Demon World Acropolis. Meanwhile, Fuyumi is brought to the subspace world Hydra.

10The Dark Hero Rises

A man tied to Fuyumi’s past tells Staz about the events that took place at the Yanagi residence 14 years ago. The man then asks how Staz really feels about Fuyumi.