Call Your Mother (2021)


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Uma mãe de ninho vazio se pergunta como ela acabou sozinha enquanto seus filhos vivem suas melhores vidas a milhares de quilômetros de distância. Ela decide que seu lugar é com sua família e conforme ela se reinsere em suas vidas, seus filhos percebem que podem realmente precisar dela mais do que pensavam.


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Jean, an empty-nester mom, wonders how she ended up alone while her children live their best lives thousands of miles away; she decides to reinsert herself into their lives.

2Distressed Jean

Jean attempts to hang out with her kids but quickly realizes they have jobs and lives of their own.


After the secret gets out that Jean came to L.A. to check on Freddie but not Jackie during quarantine, Jean plans a girls’ night for just her and Jackie to bond but it doesn’t go as smoothly as planned.

4New Car, New Job, New Jean

Jean realizes that balancing a new job while trying to spend time with Jackie and Freddie might not be the best way to manage her time.

5Dating Jean

Jackie decides she needs to be Jean’s relationship guru and helps her land a date with a guy from the farmers market. Meanwhile, Freddie worries that he’s not interesting enough for Celia when he learns about her dating history and decides to make a change.

6Sunday Dinner

Jean brings the family together for Sunday dinner and invites Jackie's older boyfriend; Celia tries to prove to Freddie that Jean isn't her biggest fan.


Jean and Danny's relationship grows complicated emotionally and physically as they try to resist their feelings for one another until his divorce is final; Freddie is disappointed to learn that Celia plans to keep her place as a backup plan.

8California Jeanin'

As Jean's birthday approaches, Jackie and Freddie compete over who is getting her the best gift; Jean's best friend surprises her in Los Angeles, but their time spent celebrating quickly takes a turn.

9One Bad Mother

When Lane's judgmental mom comes to town, Lane tries to hide anything that she may disapprove of; Freddie attempts to hide his professional success to make Jackie feel better about her current difficulties.

10The Prime of Miss Jean Raines

Before Sharon leaves town, she and Jean decide to plan a trip to Vegas. Meanwhile, Celia and Freddie have a serious conversation about whether or not they want kids.

11Save The Date

After Danny's divorce is finalized, he asks Jean to go out on an official first date with him; Freddie and Jackie fight over who should get to keep Jean's old engagement ring.