Chihayafuru (2011)

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Chihaya é uma bela garota que diferente das outras de sua idade não possui um sonho em especial. Ou melhor, não possui um sonho próprio. Seu desejo é ver sua irmã sendo uma modelo de sucesso, e não parece se incomodar com a idéia de apenas desejar o sonho dela sem se preocupar consigo mesma. Até que um dia um novo estudante chamado Arata diz que a menina precisa de um sonho próprio para estar bem consigo mesma. O sonho de Arata é se tornar um profissional de um jogo de cartas japonês, o que deixa Chihaya maravilhada e disposta a compartilhar esse sonho com Arata e mais um amigo, Taichi. Porém eles acabam se separando e se encontrando somente 4 anos depois, mas com muitas mudanças rodeando Arata. O que será que aconteceu? Quais foram os resultados de seus sonhos? O que o tempo proporcionou aos 3 amigos?


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1May It Be That I Find

Mizusawa High School's karuta club claimed victory in the team competition for the first time at the Nationals in July. However, before they could even take time to relax, Chihaya and Taichi agreed to take part in the Fujisaki High School karuta club's training camp. Awaiting them was Coach Sakurazawa's brutal training regime of stretching, jogging, and playing seven matches each day!

1So The Flower Has Wilted

As a new school year begins, a freshman named Sumire Hanano, who got dumped by her boyfriend on the first day of school, takes an interest in Taichi as the Karuta Club appeals for new members. To Chihaya's delight, several freshmen, Sumire included, come to join the club, although they are all beginners and are put off a little by the complex nature of the game. Chihaya and the others are soon at odds with each other as they all have different ideas about what priorities the club should focus on, though Chihaya defuses the situation by saying she wants to do as much as possible. As Chihaya starts teaching the freshmen the basics, Taichi goes off to train at the karuta academy so he can reach Class A. Sumire decides to follow him on the train, where he tells her that he wants to choose the girl he dedicates himself to.

1Poem 1: This Flower Has Bloomed At Last

Chihaya tries to start a karuta club, but no one is taking her seriously. She remembers the first time she played the game.

2The Hazed Early Dawn Light Comes Not from the Moon

Seeking to play against Chihaya's team, Arata addresses his school during an assembly in an attempt to join a karuta club, getting some interest from the students. In Chihaya's class, the students are given a future plans questionnaire, which Chihaya doesn't know how to fill out. Horikawa, another student, tells her she went to Kyoto with her family to scout out the best places, as their class field trip will take place there. During club practice, the Karuta team members talk about their wishes to become better karuta players, everyone having become more competitive.

2As My First Love Came

Sumire follows Taichi to the karuta society, where she becomes curious as to why he enjoys karuta. Meanwhile, Chihaya is saddened after nearly all of the first year members leave the club, leaving just a boy named Akihiro Tsukuba. When Kana calls Sumire out on her personal prettifying, she reveals that she is only sticking with karuta to pursue Taichi. During practise, Chihaya takes keen interest in Akihiro, who is experienced in Second Verse Karuta, whilst also noting how Sumire felt when obtaining her first card. When Chihaya asks Sumire to trim her nails, she ends up blurting about her crush on Taichi and runs off. When the others question Chihaya on why she is serious about the first years, she reveals that she wanted more members in order to avoid another incident like when they lost the team tournament due to her collapsing. As Yusei starts teaching Akihiro competitive karuta, Kana catches up to Sumire, managing to calm her down and convince her to return to the clubroom.

2Poem 2: Painted Red

Chihaya remembers the annual elementary school karuta tournament. In the tournament, Taichi steals Arata’s glasses and ends up going against Chihaya.

3But from the Crystal White Snow of Yoshino

One of the competitors, Inokuma Haruka, is drawing massive attention. She held the title of queen for four consecutive years (defeating Sakurazawa four consecutive times) until giving it up on maternity leave and has just returned. Ayase wins her first two matches, stopping for lunch and sleep. Nishimura notices she isn't as bold in taking cards as she was before. During the break, Arata asks Taichi for advice in starting a karuta club, but Taichi is bothered, as teams are something he has in common with Chihaya Arata does not, and walks away coldly.

3From Tsukaba's Peak

Arata places second in a tournament, stating that is true goal is to face Chihaya in the high school championship. Meanwhile, Chihaya and the others prepare to participate in the regional team championship. Following an incident where Akihiro attempts to include himself in the team in order to impress his brothers, Tsutomu suggests they switch up the play order to include Sumire and Akihiro, wanting to give them the second chance the others gave him the previous year. After clearing the first round, Akihiro finds himself up against a Class A opponent in the second round. Although nervous to begin with, Akihiro receives some encouragement from Chihaya and uses the tips he learnt from Tsutomu and Yusei to take a few cards from his opponent. Chihaya's team wins the round and, despite losing his own match, Akihiro gains some praise from his brothers. Meanwhile, Shinobu learns that Arata will be participating in the individual tournament.

3Poem 3: Bright, But With Snow

The gang ends up going to see a Shiranami Karuta Society practice session where they end up doing a tournament.

4Nobody Wishes to See

Takashi is paired against Sudo. With four of the last eight from the Nagumo Society and the other four from the Shiranami Society, it feels a little like a team match between the societies. Chihaya takes an early lead, leading the audience to think they will be watching the rise of a new star instead of the return of a former Queen, but Inokuma rebounds and takes the lead.

4To Tell the People in the Capital That I Make For the Islands

Misuzawa find themselves in a pinch when their semi-final match is against Homei, whose advisor was the east representative in last year's Master's match. As Taichi remains concerned, Harada gives him some cryptic advice. Taichi struggles against his opponent, causing him to question his own talent. However, after everyone shows their support in providing him a towel, Taichi manages to make a comeback and win his match, helping Misuzawa reach the finals against Hokuo.

4Poem 4: The Cherry Blossoms Scatter and Blow Away in the Wind

Her elementary memories still in her heart, Chihaya makes a bet with Taichi: if she wins, he has to join her karuta team.

5Mount Amanokagu

Inokuma intends to disrupt Chihaya and prevent her from having fun but after seeing her son mirroring striking cards from the sidelines, decides to play true to herself, which was to have fun, and she smiles. Chihaya returns the smile. Arata loses to Hiroshi, much to the onlookers' shock, leaving him infuriated with himself. Harada-sensei then loses to Murao, leaving each society with one win.

5More Than Even the Clinging Vines Hanging Beneath Ancient Eaves

Having scouted Hokuo during the semi-finals, Sumire reports that they plan to target Taichi, Tsutomu and Kana to secure three wins without much effort, which pushes them to become more serious about their match. To everyone's surprise, Hokuo's Hiro Kinashi decides to arrange the order to have a fair match up using their full strength. As Sudo is chosen as the speaker for the final match, motivating Hokuo not to slack off, Taeko brings Misuzawa some tasuki to help them cool down. Whilst Kana manages to perform well against her opponent thanks in part to Sudo's reading rhythm, Chihaya struggles against her opponent as she focuses too much on emulating Shinobu's technique. However, after Yusei ends up losing his match, Chihaya starts to make her comeback.

5Poem 5: This Beautiful Silver Moon

Chihaya calls Arata to tell him she made Class A. Meanwhile, Arata has changed and wants nothing to do with karuta.

6Tatsuta River Ablaze

Arata decides to stay and watch the match with Murao and his society's president, even though it means he won't get home until morning by train. Chiahya and Taichi sit for their match and Sumire marvels at how this feels different from their matches at school. Chihaya is at the advantage since she got to rest during the last match, but Taichi uses a new placement, placing fourteen cards in the top row and rearranging how he places the rest. Designed to fight Chihaya, it puts one-syllable cards together and long cards separate as he knows she's scared of committing faults.

6To Set the Tatsuta River Ablaze

Chihaya uses what she learned from watching the Master's match to hear sounds before they are made, putting pressure on Nayuta. The match soon approaches his climax with Chihaya, Taichi, Kana and Tsutomu all down to a luck-of-the-draw scenario, with Hokuo splitting the cards to their advantage, meaning Misuzawa will need to take cards from their opponent's side in order to win. Chihaya manages to encourage Taichi to try to aim for the opponent card, pushing his opponent to make an error and secure a win for Misuzawa and evening the scores. However, Chihaya ends up touching the final card the same time as Nayuta, which results in Hokuo's win, though both teams qualify for the nationals. After the tournament, Sumire, Akihiro and his brothers all decide join the karuta society. Meanwhile, Chihaya receives a text from Arata about what she thought of the finals, her reply being that it was both the most fun match she's had and the most frustrating loss.

6Poem 6: But Many Times Brighter Still, They Light the Courts of Kyoto

Chihaya is able to convince the school to give her a room for her karuta club. Meanwhile, Kanade helps Chihaya understand karuta a little bit better.

7As Storms Sweep

Chihaya wins the Yoshino Tournament's Class A by two cards and falls asleep. Taichi remains silent, frustrated. The Queen qualifiers are mentioned and Miyauchi tells Chihaya she can request an authorized absence from the field trip to attend. Chihaya's mother arrives, lamenting that she missed the match. Chihaya tells her she wants to be Queen, but she also wants to be a high school teacher and attend the class trip. What kind of teacher and adviser would she be if she missed her own class trip?

7They All Exchange Hellos and Goodbyes at the Famous Gates of Afusaka

As Chihaya laments her loss in the regional finals, she allows the concert band to use the room above the karuta clubroom as storage. Noticing Chihaya's depression, her mother takes her to Kana's family shop to buy her her own hakama in order to encourage her to keep playing karuta. As Chihaya gets her motivation back, the concert band plays performs for the karuta club as thanks for letting them use the second floor. Whilst staying at a hotel in preparation for the nationals, Chihaya calls up Arata, promising to meet him in the individual tournament.

7Poem 7: Would Anyone Sojourn There? As Autumn Comes, They Do Too

Set on growing the karuta club’s membership, Chihaya sets out to scout the second-ranked first year student, Tsutomu Komano.

8As friends and strangers

Omi Jingu. Sudo intends to withdraw from the Master tournament due to the bet he made earlier with Taichi. Taichi tells him to play and withdraw only if he matches against him, which Sudo agrees to. Arata is suffering from food poisoning but sees Taichi's name on the list, shocking him. Suō gives Shinobu a ride to the tournament on his motorcycle, and everyone is surprised to see the Queen and Master at the West qualifiers.

8Which Shines Over Mount Mikasa

As the day of the national comes, Akihiro is chosen as a starter for the first round against Chiba International High School, whose team supposedly consists entirely of foreigners. Meanwhile, Sumire is tasked by Tsutomu to observe a player named Megumu Osaka, whilst he observes last year's champions. Taichi manages to calm down the pressure on his team by exposing their opponents lack of English skills. As the match goes on, the players start to learn about their opponents' freeform styles and soon Misuzawa manage to show the efforts of their training and win their match. Although lamenting their loss, the Chiba students find they had much enjoyment from the match, vowing to become stronger for next year's tournament. Meanwhile, as Arata arrives in Omi Jingu to give Chihaya his support, he is approached by Shinobu.

8Poem 8: But Their Frame Still Lives, It Echoes Through History

One member away from official school recognition, Chihaya sets her eyes on Nishida. Reluctant to join, Taichi tells him to challenge Chihaya.

9I recall how my own efforts were in vain

Suō and Shinobu speak before Suō leaves. Suō says nothing keeps him going, which angers Shinbou, as if "nothing" makes him that good. Chihaya is depressed on the school trip, even when her friend Michiru takes their group to a museum on the Hundred Poets. Chihaya is checking her phone for updates on Taichi and Arata's progress in the tournament. Annoyed, Michiru takes the battery. She said she wanted to come on the class trip but she's not here at all. Chihaya apologizes and focuses on having fun with her classmates. Taichi meanwhile, struggles against Shusaku Koshikawa, a rising Karuta player.

9My Only Thought

As Arata has a brief run in with Shinobu, who believes team tournaments are for those who don't love karuta, Taichi becomes worried when he learns the team Tsutomu scouted consists of five Class A players. As Arata tries to find the right timing to approach Chihaya, Fukui West, whose three-man team is short a member due to traffic delays, drag Arata in as a stand-in, made more difficult when he is forced to take his glasses off so he won't be found out. Although one of Fukui's team members lose, which automatically results in an overall loss, Arata, remembering his time with Chihaya and Taichi, decides to put on his glasses so he can play seriously til the end, bringing the score to a more modest 3-2 defeat. However, following the match, Arata's old teacher who was supervising the match catches him, saying he may be barred from participating in the individuals for breaking the rules.

9Poem 9: I Tried to Hide It

The karuta club is finally official! Chihaya organizes a camp at Taichi’s house and sets a rigorous training schedule.

10Trailing Vine

The final match West Master qualifier Murao against Arata begins. Arata thinks about Taichi and this prevents him from concentrating on the match. Murao reckons that this is his chance to win at first, but then brings Arata to his senses. During the match Arata gets stomach-ache, so he needs to take a break. During this time four cards from the field and several dead cards were read. Arata lags behind with eleven cards difference, but still does not give up.

10The Drops From a Light Shower

Whilst Misuzawa begin their match against Yamaguchi Mioka, a distinguished school, the judging committee discusses what to do concerning Arata's violation, with Arata feeling he should accept what punishment they decide. As Chihaya struggles against Mioka due to their random card placement and knowledge that they gained from doing quiz shows, she spots Shinobu watching from outside and gets her drive back. As Shinobu learns of Arata's situation, she pleads with the judges to let him participate in the individuals. After focusing on their strengths and weaknesses, Misuzawa manage to win their round and advance to the playoffs. Chihaya hears about Arata from Sumire, but Taichi insists she focus on the matches ahead. As the group consider including Tsutomu for the next match, Yusei suggests they use the same playing order.

10Poem 10: Those Who Comes, Those Who Go, And Those Who Part Again

The team enters their first competition, but they run into trouble. Taichi tries to solve the conflict within the team.

11Leaving a hovering mist above the trees and grass

Arata wonders why he feels so relieved to learn that Taichi lost his match, even as dark memories of a similar feeling at the Yoshino Tournament come back to him, leaving him unable to concentrate fully on his match in the finals. His opponent, Murao, realizes that Arata isn't himself and sees an opportunity, but then..

11The Love I Feel Burns Like Ibuki's Mugwort

Yusei becomes upset when Tsutomu settles for his suggestion way too easily, as he only mentioned it because he felt Tsutomu was drifting into a supporting role. After reading up on her opponents, Chihaya agrees to use the same order as the previous match, as she feels Tsutomu needs a rest from his scouting. Mizusawa soon begin their match against Shoyo High School, in which one loss means they lose. Whilst initially overwhelmed by Shoyo's speed, Misuzawa manage to make a comeback and win, thanks to the notes Tsutomu gathered from a team who lost to Shoyo. Meanwhile, Arata is allowed to participate in the individuals on the condition that he write an essay of apology and not be allowed to cheer on Chihaya and Taichi in exchange. As Misuzawa prepare for their semi-final match against Akashi Girls School, which features former Queen representative Megumu Ousaka, Tsutomu manages to deduce information about the other players based on Sumire's seemingly obscure notes.

11Poem 11: Oh Heavenly Wind

The Mizusawa karuta club advances to the finals. The teams find it hard to stay on the offensive and Chihaya is distracted by her opponent’s taunts.

12So the flower petals are scattered like the snow by the passing storm

It's the day of the Master and Queen challenger finals. Dr. Harada and Arata are competing for the chance to challenge the master, while Inokuma and Megumu battle it out to challenge the Queen. Harada confides in Arata that he once played against his grandfather, Eternal Master Wataya Hajime, and expresses his joy at being able to play karuta with Arata. A passionate battle spanning multiple generations begins at last!

12The Only Sign of Summer

The semi-final match soon begins with Misuzawa fighting against Akashi whilst Hokuo go up against Fujisaki High School. Chihaya finds playing against Megumu difficult, as she has improved since her representative match the previous year due to her teammates encouraging her. As Chihaya resolves to be more on the offensive, Kana mentions something to her, reminding her of the feelings behind on the 100 poems and encouraging her to fight back against Megumu.

12Poem 12: Flowers Lap at Your Ankles, Running Through Locked Fields

The nationals are up next, and Chihaya feels a little left out as her parents dote on her sister’s accomplishments. Meanwhile, Miyauchi learns more about karuta.

13Yet it is I who withers and wilts

The veteran players Dr. Harada and Inokuma were the winners in the first round, but Dr. Harada chose to yield the second round to preserve his strength for the third. Arata starts to feel sucked into Dr. Harada's pace, but after receiving some advice from Chihaya, he remembers how his grandpa, the Eternal Master, used to play. Both of them enter the third round with one win and one loss as the battle to determine who will challenge the Master begins!

13In My Dreams, I Creep Closer to You

Chihaya's comeback is short lived as she once again loses focus whilst Megumu retains hers. Chihaya soon fights back using the techniques she learnt from her friends, pushing Megumu, who has no interest in becoming the Queen, to want to beat her. Heeding Harada's advice on not focusing on her speed, Chihaya starts to close the gap between her and Megumu. However, Megumu's teammates give her their support, pushing Megumu to become more determined.

13Poem 13: For You I Go Out

Chihaya ends up sick and passes out. Meanwhile, Arata arrives to support Chihaya and remembers his grandfather’s illness.

14The emotions experienced

Arata's playing becomes reminiscent of Eternal Master Wataya Hajime's, allowing him to take control of the match's pace. Harada recalls the one match he played against Hajime when he was young and becomes painfully aware of how much his game sense has faded since then. But he sticks with the offensive play style that he teaches in the Shiranami Society, turning the match around in a way that leaves everyone in the hall holding their breath.

14So Much That He Asks If Something Is Bothering Me

After Arata hears about Mizusawa's progress from the rest of Fukui's team, Shinobu challenges him to a game, but he declines, stating it is a day for team matches. Meanwhile, everyone is so focused on Misuzawa's match that they hardly notice Hokuo getting defeated by Fujisaki. Yusei ends up losing his match but Kana manages to win hers, easing the pressure. Taichi then wins his match, though Chihaya is put under pressure when Megumu takes her 'Chihayafuru' card. Chihaya narrowly loses her match against Megumu, bringing the game to 2-2, with Tsutomu and his opponent with one card each left. After a rough series of dead cards, Tsutomu manages to take the win with a gamble, taking Misuzawa to the finals against Fujisaki. As Chihaya becomes frustrated as to how she could've done better, Taichi shows her her own nail marks in her hand, showing how much strength she had been using, whilst Kana asks Akihiro to play in her stead due to her accumulated tiredness.

14Poem 14: For You Are My Sole Comfort In These Lonely Mountains Cold

The individual tournament is up next, and Chihaya must go up against the youngest karuta queen, Shinobu Wakamiya.

15By Maple Leaves, Powerless to Flow Away

Chihaya is still lost in the clouds after Arata confessed his feelings to her, making her unable to concentrate on studying for her exams. Kanade and Sumire, who happened to overhear Arata's confession, are debating whether they should tell Taichi or not. In the midst of all this, Chihaya gets a phone call from Sudo, who says someone in his college karuta club wants to play a match with her.

15When I Take the Path

Kana reveals her finger had become swollen during the last match, but assures Chihaya that luck is on their side as she concedes her position to Akihiro. Meanwhile, there is a lot of tension on the Fujisaki team as one of their third year players is taken out in favor of a girl named Rion Yamashiro, who had been spectating Misuzawa's match and is paired against Chihaya for the final match. Before the finals and third-play playoffs begin, Hiro visits Arata, informing him of Chihaya reaching the finals, though he remains firm in keeping to his agreed punishment. Irritated by Arata's words, Shinobu goes to spectate the finals as they begin.

15Poem 15: Pearls Fleeing From A Bracelet

Chihaya ends up being no match for the queen. Meanwhile, Taichi continue on to the Class B final. Will he obtain victory?

16Takes me away in haste

"You can't be Queen." Chihaya didn't lose heart even after being soundly defeated in her practice match with the Master, but she can't help feeling stunned by his comment. And Taichi, after seeing the Master's play style up close, begins to think about the style of karuta he wants to play. Christmas is also around the corner, and the Mizusawa Karuta Club has a plan in mind..

16Wait for the Emperor's Return

Recap episode with omake segments.

16Poem 16: Mount Ogura (Complete Collection)

A recap on past events with short omake scenes representing different storylines from the point of view of the show’s side characters.

17My Sleeves Are Wet, Not Just From the Dew

The Master and Queen matches have begun. Harada faces Suo fully prepared, thanks to the Shiranami Society's support. The Queen match is between the current Queen and a former Queen: Shinobu versus Inokuma. Master Suo, having declared that he'll retire after his fifth consecutive win, appears as relaxed as ever, and Shinobu enters in a heavy, long-sleeved kimono provided by her grandmother.

17It Drives the Grass

As the grand final begins, Fujisaki proves to be tough opponents, partly due to their intense stamina training by their coach, Sakurazawa, whilst Rion has an advantage over Chihaya due to being the granddaughter of the reader. Recalling Kana's advice on listening to the poems, Chihaya starts to understand some of the 'colors' each card possesses. She attempts to gain momentum, but seems to be plagued by an injury on her finger occured when Rion prevented her from taking a card. However, she focuses on her good finger and starts fighting back, intriguing the attention of Shinobu. Noticing Chihaya fight through her pain, Taichi and the others become more determined.

17Poem 17: This World I Forsook

The team works hard to achieve their individual goals. Taichi tries to move up to Class A and learns many of his rivals are thinking the same thing.

18As Soon I Will Cease to Be

Both the Master and Queen matches come down to luck of the draw in an intense first round, ending in wins for Shinobu and Harada. Shinobu is shaken after learning that her grandmother, a politician, sees her as no more than a walking advertisement, as well as the fact that Chihaya chose her class trip over a chance to play in the Queen match, and she begins to break down in the second round.

18My Fear is That You Will Forget

With a newfound passion, Misuzawa begin to work on their flaws and fight back against Fujisaki, although Tsutomu loses his match. Meanwhile, as Chihaya tries to endure the pain of her injury, she spots Shinobu in the crowd and gives her teammates some encouragement to focus on winning. With the playoff match also showing intense dedication, Shinobu recalls how she was forced to be alone in order to become a strong individual player. Despite how she had always been focused on individual matches, she finds herself strangely drawn to the passion flowing the from the teams. Back in the match, Misuzawa is under pressure as Taichi falls behind and Akihiro loses his match, but Taichi encourages the others to aim for three wins.

18Poem 18: The Plum Trees of My Home Will Always Keep Their Old Scent

Each member competes in an individual tournament. Chihaya goes back to her reliance on speed and ends up losing. What will she do now?

19Must I Forever Long for Him

Harada leads Suo with two wins and one loss as the Master match enters its fourth round. Harada has studied everything about Suo, including the weakness that Chihaya told him about, and he dominates the match with his trademark offensive karuta. Suo remains calm despite Harada's strong momentum, recalling what his aunt, who raised him, said to him when he was a child. Her words are the reason Suo continues to play karuta.

19I Do Not Know Where This Love Will Take Me

Taichi manages to take into account Haruda's advice and cause his opponent to perform a double fault, bringing them level again. Meanwhile, Chihaya wins her match against Rion, encouraging Taichi and Yusei to work harder, pushing both of their games to a luck-of-the-draw scenario. The two synchronize the placement of their remaining card and, defying Taichi's general bad luck, their card is read and they win the tournament for Misuzawa. As Chihaya steps outside the hall, she sees Arata waiting for her and states that she has fulfilled her promise to become one of the best players in Japan.

19Poem 19: If I Were to Keep on Going

Komano and Kana are in fierce competition, and Chihaya learns more about her style play. Taichi and Nishida try to make it to Class A.

20If You Are True to Your Name

Suo had been controlling the number of cards taken in the Master match, but with one win and two losses in the fourth round, Harada's momentum stops his plan in its tracks by coming down to luck of the draw. Harada shows his tenacity as someone who has loved karuta and worked to become the Master more than anyone else, but Suo still manages to keep his cool. The Master match finally nears its conclusion.

20The Fall Paddy Shacks

After Misuzawa receive their award for winning the tournament, Taeko takes Chihaya to a clinic to see to the injuries to her hand. Meanwhile, Arata walks Taichi and the others to the station, where he reveals that he plans to go to a college in Tokyo if he wins the individual tournament, much to Taichi's dismay. Chihaya is informed by the doctor that she has a chip fracture and should not do any intense karuta. After receiving from shirts from Yusei's sister though, Chihaya remains determined to play in the individuals, deciding she will play with her left hand instead. As Chihaya is drawn to go against Fukui's Keiko Yuube, she becomes more determined after seeing both Arata and Shinobu are competing. As the Class A tournament begins, Chihaya finds using her left hand is a lot harder than using her normal hand.

20Poem 20: Clouds Just Beyond the Blue Ocean, Foam-White Waves in Their Wild Dance

Taichi enters a tournament, which marks his last chance to make Class A. Meanwhile, Komano tutors Chihaya and Nishida for exams.

21For Men, Some I Grieve

Suo and Shinobu win the Master and Queen matches, both defending their titles. Afterward, Taichi declines to return to Tokyo, staying behind alone for the Takamatsu Memorial Cup... and ends up playing against Arata. Meanwhile, Chihaya is shocked by Taichi getting the jump on her a second time, and she begins to wonder why he always makes his decisions without saying anything to her.

21Yet, in Name It Ever Flows, And in Fame May Yet Be Heard

Chihaya tries to grow accustomed to playing with her left hand whilst Arata and Shinobu effortlessly win their first matches. After eventually realising her card placement was designed for right-handed players, Chihaya flips her card positions, helping her to play more naturally and win her match. In the next round, Yusei finds himself up against Arata and, despite showing a strong start, is inevitably overwhelmed by Arata's pure speed, but makes sure to play his hardest til the end. After Chihaya makes it through the second round, she finds her opponent for the third round is none other than Shinobu and decides to put her right hand into play.

21Poem 21: This Snow That Covers All Soaks My Sleeves for Your Sake, Too

Eastern qualifiers are underway, and Chihaya has her first round. She uses all her learned experience to better strategize her matches.

22As I Watch the Long Rains Fall

Taichi has seemed down since he lost to Arata. In fact, a dark cloud is hanging over the entire karuta club because final exams are coming up. To break out of the gloom, Chihaya, Kanade, and Sumire decide to make Valentine's Day chocolates for the club as a surprise. Chihaya has no experience with making sweets, but she gives it her all in hopes of bringing a smile back to the hard-working Taichi's face.

22Meeting on the Path

Despite her injury, Chihaya requests that Shinobu play with everything she has. As Shinobu takes the lead, Chihaya decides to take the gauze and tape off her finger, as she feels it is slowing her down, managing to win Shinobu's best card. However, Shinobu soon gains a further lead as Chihaya feels more pain from her injury, and the game soon ends with Shinobu's win by 23 cards. After the match, Chihaya thanks Shinobu for not going easy on her and tells her she plans to play against her again in the Queen match. Remembering her childhood friend who she was seperated from due to her karuta training, Shinobu anticipates her next match with Chihaya. Meanwhile, in the Class B tournament, Taichi is in a winning situation against Hiro.

22Poem 22: Their Colors Dimmed in Vain

The second round is here! Chihaya must face the former queen, Yumi. As the round continues, Chihaya notices Yumi unenthusiastic behavior.

23Like a Boatman Without a Rudder

The club hosts an unofficial tournament, the Taichi Cup, to celebrate Taichi's birthday! Chihaya planned the event in hopes of cheering up Taichi, and she managed to gather 36 participants. The tournament is held in the style of a Genpei match, with competitors facing off in teams of three. Taichi is reminded of when he, Chihaya, and Arata used to play together in elementary school. Certain things have changed since then, but certain feelings haven't...

23Cherry Blossoms Bloom on the Slope Below the Peak

As both Arata and Shinobu make it to the Class A finals, Chihaya is torn between watching their match or watching Taichi and Tsutomu in their respective finals. Although Yusei suggests that Chihaya should watch Arata's match, she instead goes with Kana to support Taichi as he faces against Rion. Taichi ends up becoming focused on trying to finish his match quickly so Chihaya can see Arata's match, causing his play to become sloppy. However, he manages to get back in the game by focusing on his desire to one day beat Chihaya and wins the Class B tournament. Afterwards, Taichi attempts to bring Chihaya to Arata's match, but she instead cries with delight over Taichi making it to Class A.

23Poem 23: If You See White Frost, You Will Know the Night is Done

Depressed by her loss, Chihaya decides to hide. Meanwhile, the matches continue, and the team watches to see who will come out victorious.

24When Winds Send Waves Crashing

Taichi has told Chihaya about the feelings he had kept secret for so long. Now he's left the karuta club, and Chihaya's regret over failing to notice how he felt leaves her unable to play. But some new members have joined Mizusawa's karuta club, and among them is Tamaru Midori, a Class A player. She is a promising new member, but also a troublemaker.

24How Can I Tell Her

As Chihaya becomes hesitant about going to watch Arata, she and Taichi are snuck in by Fujisaki's coach, Midori Sakurazawa. At this point, Arata is leading against Shinobu, as he somehow managed to gain a momentum over her. Shinobu soon starts fighting back by switching up her usual graceful style for a more aggressive attack, but even her trademark speed is outmatched by Arata. Shinobu soon becomes more focused and makes a valiant attempt to fight back, but in the end, Arata manages to win the tournament.

24Poem 24: Cherry Trees Blossom on the Highest Peaks

The club members watch the queen and master matches on TV. Shinobu seems to be having difficulty but just might be able to get it together in the end.

25I Can Look up and See the Snowy Cap of Mt. Fuji

As it is revealed that Tsutomu and Akihiro had managed to win their own tournaments, Chihaya laments how she hasn't managed to live up to her own goals. As they leave, Chihaya exchanges contact details with Midori, who offers to send her a video of the Class A final. Later, a hospital examination of Chihaya's finger reveals she has enchondromatosis in her index finger, so Chihaya decides to undergo an operation. Whilst hospitalized, Chihaya expresses some of her frustrations over the phone to Arata, who tells her that whenever he plays, he thinks back to his old apartment where he used to play with Chihaya. As Chihaya spends the next week recovering from her operation, she comes to realise she is in love with Arata. Taking note of this, Kana prompts Taichi to try harder in expressing his true feelings towards Chihaya. The next day, Chihaya calls Midori, who offers to take her to a Fujisaki training camp, which Chihaya and Taichi go to.

25Poem 25: The World Shines for One Second Things are Pure, White, Resplendent

With their defeat in mind, each of the team members realize different things about karuta, but the school puts a damper on their karuta dreams.