Deatte 5-byou de Battle (2021)

24mAnimação, Drama, Mistério, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Sem uma aparente explicação, pessoas de todo mundo começam a receber habilidades especiais depois de serem estranhamente raptadas. Em seguida, essas mesmas pessoas são colocadas em confrontos em uma espécie de experimento distorcido, onde ninguém sabe o que acontecem com aqueles que falharem. A história segue Akira Shiroyanagi, um garoto apaixonado por jogos que é colocado em batalha contra Mion, uma misteriosa garota que ele nunca viu antes.


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Game-loving high school student Akira Shiroyanagi survives an encounter with a monster, only to be fatally wounded by a girl named Mion. Soon after, he wakes to find himself part of an "ability focus group," a large group of people granted powerful abilities and forced to fight - and possibly kill - one another!

2Demon God

Another ability focus group member is Yuuri Amagake, an actions-over-words high school student. Her opponent in the first program is Kazuto Kiryu, a perverted old man. Can Yuuri get past his lecherous attitude and put her ability to good use?


The second program is revealed to be a five-on-five team battle, Akira finds himself on the same team as his first opponent, Kirisaki, as well as Yuuri, Shin Kumagiri, and Satoru Sawatari. While the other four begin revealing their abilities, Akira realizes the inherent danger of doing so.


The teams are tied in the first rounds of the second program fights, but Madoka Kirisaki's battle with Saeko Zokumyoin continues.


Akira enters the third program, where he reunites with Yuuri. After throwing off their pursuers, Katsuya leads them to the Team Green home base.


Shirosagi's unflinching nature gives Akira the confidence that he can finish the third program with Team Green. But to get there, he has to make a big decision...


Akira and Yuuri rush to assist the injured Shirasagi, but can they destroy the giant ghoul without giving away Akira's ability?


While the team spends the week preparing for the "Hunt the King" quest, Akira and Yuuri pay a visit to Team Blue.

9Iron Maiden

Akira visits Rin Kashii with a proposal, as the battle between Team Green and Team Red heats up!


Shirasagi catches the spy infiltrating Team Green, only to learn there's another traitor in their midst. As war wages all over the field, Kumagiri finds himself in desperate straits.


Akira engages in a battle of wits with Kuroiwa while Yuuri continues to face down against Oogami, who seeks an answer to a particular question through the fight.

12The Final Ability

The quest reaches its end in a battle between Yuuri and Oogami, Team Red's king. Meanwhile, Akira concludes his battle with Kuroiwa and seeks to complete the third program once and for all.