Dragon, Ie wo Kau (2021)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



Em um mundo onde dragões são vistos como uma das mais poderosas criaturas mitológicas, sendo seus corpos o material perfeito para a criação de equipamentos, Letty, com a ajuda de um elfo arquiteto, precisa encontrar um lugar seguro para viver depois de ter sido expulso de casa pelo próprio pai, já que ele, como um dragão, não tem qualquer capacidade para agir como tal.


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1A Hoard of Homes

Letty, a mild-mannered dragon, sets off on an adventure to find a new home he can call his own. Unfortunately for him, however, the world is a big, scary place, full of hunters and Heroes who all want a piece of him!

2A Home with Falls

Letty teams up with architect, realtor, and demon lord Dearia to find his perfect home. First on their house-hunting list: a dungeon full of anti-Hero traps and an absolutely haunted mansion!

3My First Home

Dearia takes Letty to a showroom filled with fantastic furniture. When the elf suggests they build a custom abode for the dragon, he readily agrees, only to find out that homeownership isn't as easy as he thought.

4A Cold Home

The next stop on their house-hunting journey: a frozen, desolate tundra, where Letty's igloo-building skills and survival skills are put to the test! How will Letty fare in the ice and snow?

5A Community of Homes

Letty and Dearia head to an apartment complex in search of a home--not for Letty, but for a new addition to their party. Communal living has its drawbacks, however...

6A Dragon in Trouble

When Letty realizes he's out of cash, he and Dearia set out on a job hunt. Unfortunately, finding a job for a big, shy dragon is tougher than he thought--especially when some people are out to get him!

7A Home for Fighting

Letty's been captured! Just when the thinks he's doomed to be turned into cool gear, he finds out just how cushy the gladiatorial life can be. With a bunch of new friends all around him, will he ever want to leave the prison?

8Pip Goes on an Adventure

When a pair of leprechauns lose their home, it's up to Pip to save the day. Dearia shares a tale from his childhood: his apprenticeship to a wise serpent, and the moment his passion for real estate was ignited.

9A Home for a Black Dragon

Dearia tells the story of his last draconian charge, their many misadventures, and the journey that led him to becoming a bonafide real estate agent.

10Hunter Goes Dragon-Hunting

A monster hunter and his trusty companion are hot on the red dragon's trail. Letty and Dearia stumble upon a demanding princess who ALSO needs a new home.

11A Home for a Kingdom

Letty gets a surprise visit from the Non-Human Revenue Service, who says he hasn't paid his taxes! Later, the party tours a fantasy dungeon staffed by civil servants.

12A Well-Defended Home

Trapped within the King's castle, Letty, Dearia, and Nell are forced to endure the terrible siege. Whether they escape or not, it's a great opportunity to learn about castle fortifications!