Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? (2019)

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Na obra uma garota que adora comer besteira nota que está ganhando barriga e decide entrar em uma academia, onde conhece uma colega de turma que tem um fetiche por músculos, e vai lá para admirar os homens da academia (e treinar também…).


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1Why Don’t You Try Strength Training?

Dismayed by her recent weight gain, high school girl and food lover Hibiki Sakura joins Silverman Gym. The hordes of muscle men at the gym are intimidating, but Hibiki gives strength training a try after meeting the handsome trainer Machio Naruzo.

2Why Don't You Have Some Protein?

Machio explains why exercising causes you to gain both weight and muscle, and describes how to do a lat pulldown. Akemi lectures on the importance of dynamic stretching. Hibiki learns about Ayaka's family business.

3Sensei's on a Diet, Too?

Satomi Tachibana, one of Hibiki's teachers, comes to Silverman Gym to lose some weight. Can she hide her secret hobby from her students? Ayaka joins Hibiki and Akemi for lunch, and notices that something about Hibiki's bento feels off…

4Did You Have a Nice Summer?

The summer holidays are already well underway, Hibiki and Akemi show us different ways to do fitness sports during the summer holidays.

5What’s Your Sports Day Event?

Hibiki embarks on a special training regime in preparation for Sports Day. After the event is over, she hatches a plan to win the grand prize in the Silverman Gym raffle.

6Want a New Rival?

Determined to buy a home theater system, Hibiki enters the Silverman Gym arm wrestling tournament for the chance to win 100,000 yen. How will she fare against Zina, her Russian opponent? It turns out she has a lot to teach Hibiki and her friends...

7Want to Be an Idol?

Hibiki, Akemi, and Ayaka hold a welcome party for Zina. Tachibana-sensei deals with the consequences of Zina discovering her secret hobby. The gang enters an idol competition.

8What If We Get Lost?

Two more teachers from Hibiki's school join Silverman Gym. A field trip goes bad when Hibiki's group gets lost. How will they survive?

9Have You Seen God Before?

The daily routine at Silverman Gym is interrupted by the arrival of a man from Machio's past.

10Do You Like Christmas?

Hibiki and the gang attend the Silverman Gym Christmas party, drawn in by the prospect of finding a boyfriend among the male attendees.

11How Are You Spending New Year's?

Hibiki and her friends visit an unusual shrine for New Year's, encounter difficulties when planning their first workout of the year, and enter an amateur talent show.

12How Heavy Are the Barbells You Lift?

Hibiki and the other regulars at Silverman Gym take a trip to the tropical paradise of Nikunoshima over spring break. Who among them will claim the title of Miss Nikunoshima?