Endeavour (2013)

1h 30mCrime, Drama, Mistério

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Endeavour Morse acaba de abandonar a Universidade de Oxford. Se por um lado sua vida acadêmica está com os dias contatos, sua carreira acadêmica só está começando. Nesta mesma época, o jovem consegue um emprego ao lado do detetive Fred Thursday e dá seus primeiros passos como agente policial.


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A baffling suicide, an anguished father searching for his missing daughter and the robbery of medieval treasures strain the talents of DC Endeavour Morse.


A vanishing bus conductress and a raucous funfair draw DC Endeavour Morse back to duty.


The sudden death of a secretarial student and the shooting of a doctor appear unconnected despite Morse's theories. Chief Superintendent Bright, the new commanding officer of the Oxford City Police, unimpressed with Morse's zeal, protests to Thursday that the bagman's position is a Detective Sergeant's job and the young constable is too inexperienced. Following the shooting of a vicar, Morse is reduced to general duties for dismissing a beautiful, but mentally unstable girl as a suspect and must continue his investigations alone despite warnings of possible dismissal from his superiors.


Whilst Endeavour sees in 1970 at a Venetian opera, a grisly murder on an Oxford towpath speaks to Thursday's intuition. Back in Oxford, Endeavour meets a kindred spirit.


The shock death of an artist in a house fire leaves Oxford city police baffled.


A murder investigation sends Endeavour and DI Thursday to a girls' school which is haunted by memories of an atrocity committed a hundred years earlier.


There is a new kind of killer haunting the Oxford twilight. Endeavour and Thursday find the city's dreaming spires giving way to waking nightmare.


It's the lead up to 1970's general election and as racial tensions escalate in Oxford, tragedy strikes in an Indian restaurant, testing family loyalties.


A seemingly routine missing persons case takes on a troubling dimension.


As a multiple murderer haunts the city strangling married women with a silk stocking, Endeavour and DI Thursday's emotional lives are turned upside down.


When a worker at a missile factory is murdered, Bright wants the case resolved quickly, but Endeavour remains unconvinced that the crime is such an open-and-shut case.


Endeavour uncovers a potential link between a series of peculiar accidents leading him to an all-women Oxford college determined to eschew co-education.


Morse is recruited by an old college mentor to look into the safety of his estranged wife.


A hit and run accident claims the life of an eminent Classics Professor forcing Endeavour and Thursday to each face their past. Not every story has a happy ending.


An assassination attempt at an international sporting event opens a new case for Endeavour and Thursday, but their investigation is quickly brought to an unexpected end.


After the mysterious disappearance of a teacher, Endeavour finds himself investigating the dark and secret world of a public school.