Gal to Kyouryuu (2020)

24mAnimação, Comédia



A história acompanha uma Gyaru vivendo junto de um dinossauro.


  • Backdrops 6
  • Posters 3


1Nice to Meet You! & Look, Kitties!

Gal meets Dino. Dino meets ramen. Kitties meet Dino, much to Dino's dismay. Later, Mieharu enjoys a wholesome Christmas with Dino.

2My Friend's Coming Over & I Ran Into Your Ex

Yamada swings by to meet Dino and watch TV. Dino invites Kaede's ex in for a game of cards. Later, Shouta Aoi tries to prevent a recurring disaster from happening.

3Goin' Shopping & Goin' Out and About

Dino goes out on the town. Kaede asks her Senpai for help with Dino's diet. Later, Kaede and Dino teleport to the park for an outdoor adventure.

4Stop Messing With My Tail! & Merry Christmas!

Kaede gets creative with Dino's problematic tail. Kaede gets a special Christmas visit at work. Later, Dino meets comedian Hollywood Zakoshisyoh.

5Happy New Year! & It's Time to Pay Our Respects to the Gods

Kaede and Dino celebrate the New Year. Dino visits its very first shrine. Later, Dino goes camping by itself.

6Let's Rent Something & Mikan are So Yummy

Kaede and Dino rent movies to watch. Kaede's ex brings over mikan. Later, Dino and Kaede find ways to pass the time inside.