Gankutsuou (2004)

25mAnimação, Drama, Mistério, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



Durante uma viagem a Luna, Albert e Franz, dois nobres de Paris, encontram um homem envolto por mistério, sedução e carisma que fascina os dois jovens, especialmente Albert. Ninguém sabe quem ele é, de onde veio ou o que ele quer, apenas que fez fortuna rapidamente e agora vive em luxuosos hotéis, sempre cercado de belas mulheres. Pretendendo viajar à Paris, o Conde pede um favor à Albert: que o apresente à alta sociedade de Paris.


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1No Fim da Jornada, Nos Encontramos

Young aristocrat Albert visits the city of Luna on the surface of the moon. He quickly falls under the spell of an enigmatic gentleman - the Count of Monte Cristo.

2Até que o Sol Ressurja na Lua

Albert is kidnapped! Franz's frantic attempt to collect the ransom money comes up short, so he warily seeks the assistance of the Count of Monte Cristo.

322/5, Tempestade

Back in Paris, Albert's sheltered friends grow suspicious upon the arrival of the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo.

4Segredo da Mãe

The questions surrounding the Count multiply when Albert visits the man's lavish mansion in Champs Elysees, which is filled with complicated tricks and gold ornaments.

5Você ama sua noiva?

During a pleasure cruise arranged by the Count, a disagreement leads to a duel between Albert and Maximilien. Albert's raw emotions allow his host to grasp even more sway over his destiny.

6Sua Melancolia, Minha Melancolia

The Count of Monte Cristo positions himself deeper into the lives of those around Albert after meeting a banker and his frustrated wife.

7O Jardim das Flores Secretas

The lives of Albert's aristocratic friends are full of secrets - and the Count is among those prone to whispering in the ears of ladies known to be spoken for.

8Uma Noite em Boulogne

At a party thrown by the Count, the guests play a game. They search for a secret room in the villa where a curse is sealed away. Albert has already discovered one secret kept between the Count and Heloise.