Getsuyoubi no Tawawa (2016)

5mAnimação, Comédia



O anime segue um assalariado que tem um encontro casual com uma garota chamada Ai no trem. Eles começam a se encontrar toda segunda-feira no trem, com o homem servindo como seu guarda-costas no trajeto lotado enquanto conversam


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Ai-chan is back, with a special treat to wash away those Monday-morning blues!

1Tawawa on Monday

One Monday morning, a high school girl named Ai who meets with a salaryman at a train station every Monday morning. The man somewhat acts as Ai's bodyguard, who protects her from the other passengers aboard the crowded train.


How would your high school life have been different, if you had a girl with amazing proportions who loved you?

2A Reliable Yet Clumsy Junior

One Monday morning, a Junior office woman is helping her Senior working on his deadline.


Senpai and his junior take a trip down south, but run into overstuffed trouble at the airport!

3Tawawa Sports

One Monday morning, the Salaryman is getting scolded by his Chief Manager for not able to satisfy his quota. After seeing a pamphlet of a gym named Tawawa Sports, he opted to visit. Later in Sunday, a trainer at Tawawa Sports coaches a man who seems to be tired with his works, as well as giving advice that "result isn't everything, the progress is". The office worker is revealed to be the Chief Manager, while Salaryman himself stating to Ai that he's too lazy to go to gym.


What better way to spend time with your girlfriend than when she's got a sexy swimsuit? But what if that means other men get to look at her too?

4Angel of Blue Monday

One Monday morning, Salaryman and Ai are talking about Ai's part time job and her popularity.


Take a trip to the farm with Tawawa on Monday, as Ai-chan goes to experience the joy of country living.

5Ai and the Pivotal Check-Up

One Monday morning, Ai telling Salaryman how tall she is and that she's on a diet due to a regular medical check up at her school.


Sensei's life is about to change forever as he pops the question to his well-endowed former student.

6The Not-so-invulnerable Junior

A female employee asks if Junior wants to go on a blind date. When she refuses, the female employee mentions Junior's ex-boyfriend in front of the Senior. After a drinking party, Senior carries the drunk Junior on his back afterwards. However, while Senior carries Junior to her apartment, Junior reveals that she actually has no boyfriend from her hometown at all, and that she uses this lie to avoid any possible romantic advances from other men.


A new couple has moved into the apartment complex, and when the wife's bra falls off the clothesline and onto the veranda, it's time to get know them better!

7Ai and Her Summer Memory

One Monday morning in Summer, Ai tells Salaryman that she's going to spend her summer vacation with her cool and popular best friend while Salaryman complains that unlike students, workers barely get a day off.


Senpai's junior has a secret hobby, and cameras have caught her in the act!

8Most Effective Sedative

One Monday morning, Ai notices that Salaryman has a toothache and advises him to go to the dentist.


It's off to the hot springs, where open-air baths and vibrating massage chairs await! And of course, the ping-pong balls aren't the only thing that bounce!

9Ai-chan and the Bakery Uniform

One Monday morning, Salaryman visits Ai-chan at her part-time job as a waitress at a bakery. She arranges for a meeting afterwards and decides to give him her waitress uniform with some buttons off.


After unfortunately getting him into the papers, the cheerleader has a special way of making it up to her boyfriend.

10Ai-chan and the Marathon Battle

One Monday morning, Ai is having trouble while running at the school's marathon activity, and is confused with why her friend, who also has fairly large breasts, seems to be not bothered after running for a long time.


Ai's in big trouble when her bra breaks, and she has to go shopping for a new, bigger one.

11Recalling with Regret How He Completely Missed Seeing Her in Her Adolescence

One Monday morning, an office worker attends his junior high school reunion and meets a woman whom he missed his 'chance' with back in their student days.


It's the day of the big wedding, and there are plenty of other big things on display, too!

12Ai-chan and the Stairs to Adulthood

One Monday morning, Salaryman asked what Ai did during the Christmas day, which she initially refuses to answer. Later, she revealed that she 'has taken a step into adulthood', becoming from 'I-chan' to 'J-chan'.[c]