Gin no Saji (2013)

23mAnimação, Comédia



O jovem Hachiken Yuugo deseja morar longe de sua família. Com isso em mente, ele aproveita uma chance e se matricula numa escola agrícola, onde os estudantes vivem em dormitórios locais. Ele acha que com seu talento nos estudos não encontrará nenhum problema, mas descobre que se enganou. Crescido na cidade grande, ele é forçado a descobrir as verdades não muito legais da vida no campo. Curta a história de Hachiken enquanto ele tenta acompanhar os amigos, herdeiros de fazendeiros e que já são acostumados à vida no interior.


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1Hachiken Becomes the Club Vice President

The seniors from the Equestrian Club appoint Hachiken as the new vice-president against his will. Troubled about it, he later witnesses Mikagi crying after having a serious conversation with Komaba and can't stop worrying about them as well, even after they tell him to forget about it.

1Welcome to Ezonoo

The vast Ooezo Agricultural High School (aka Ezonoo) is home to many animals such as cows, pigs, and horses. Yuugo is a student there who has ostensibly chosen to enter the school because it is a boarding school. During the campus orientation tour, he becomes lost in the woods after chasing a calf on the loose. Just as panic sets in, he is accosted by a mysterious figure...

2Hachiken Adopts Vice Prez

Hachiken finds an abandoned puppy during cleaning and decides to adopt it. However, taking care of his new dog is not an easy task, as not only he needs money for vaccines and registration, but have to train it.

2Hachiken Rides a Horse

Ezonoo requires its students to join a sports club. Yuugo reluctantly begins to look for a club and checks out the equestrian club, where his classmate, Aki, is also a member. Yuugo decides to join the club, thinking it'd make his life easier if he didn't have to use his own two legs.

3Hachiken Jumps High

The newbies from the Equestrian Club have their first jump class, but Hachiken is the only one who fails to have his horse jump an obstacle, bringing some unpleasant memories of his past to surface. Claiming that it needs more than words to have him figure out the reason why, Mikage takes him to a competition where he sees some jockeys and horses in real action.

3Hachiken Meets Pork-Bowl

Yuugo is assigned to raise a litter of piglets for a practicum. He sees himself in a tiny piglet that has come last in the litter's race for survival of the fittest. Despite learning that the piglet's destined to become pork, he ends up giving the piglet a name.

4Minamikujou Appears

Hachiken participates in his first official jumping competition. In the occasion he and Mikage have a short meeting with Ayame Minamikujou, Mikage's childhood friend and self-proclaimed rival, and is startled when meeting his brother again by surprise.

4Hachiken Makes Pizza

A brick oven has been found in a pile of garbage during a campus cleanup session. This discovery leads to Yuugo being tasked with a pizza making project by his classmates. Learning that many of them have no access to pizza delivery, Yuugo is unable to turn down their request, even though he has no experience.

5Hachiken Has His Hands Full

With the Ezono Festival fast approaching, the Equestrian Club begins work on Ban'ei horse racing track, despite Hachiken tasking himself with way too much work. Afterwards Hachiken takes initiative and asks Mikage out on a date and his feelings for her are revealed by her friends. However, on the morning of the festival, Hachiken suddenly collapses on the race track

5Hachiken Runs Away

"It will come tonight." A certain rumor, obtained by Haijime from a supposedly trustworthy source, circulates among the students. The target will appear at 9PM at a certain location. However, during that time, students are prohibited from leaving the dorm, and violators will be punished with bathroom cleaning duty. But that does not deter the determined men from fighting for their honor! And now, it is time to execute their escape plan...

6Mikage Gives It Her All

Hachiken wakes up at the hospital and comes face to face with his father, who wastes no time blaming the Ezono institution for Hachiken's fatigue. Meanwhile, Mikage and the Equestrian Club work their hardest to make the festival a success and praise Hachiken for all his hard work upon his return.

6Hachiken Stays With the Mikages

Yuugo learns that he cannot stay at the dorm over summer break due to renovations. As he dreads returning to his family, Aki invites him to stay with her family if he has nowhere to go. Yuugo decides to work part-time on Aki's family farm.

7Komaba Stands on the Pitcher's Mound

The time has come for the Regional Baseball Championship and the students cheer for Ezono's team, hoping for them to reach the National tournament, specially for Komaba who is one of the team's highlights.

7Hachiken Goes to Giga Farm

Yuugo and Aki decide to take a break from farm work by visiting Tamako's enormous Giga Farm. Driven along an endless road, they eventually see the Giga Farm sign. Yuugo is about to see a farm far more vast than he'd ever imagined.

8Hachiken Howls

Hachiken discovers that Komaba has lost not only the Championship, but the last chance for him to settle the debts of his farm and is forced to quit school and look for a job to help at home. Despite knowing that there is not anything he can do about it, Hachiken can't bear to accept the fact that Komaba was forced to give up on his ambitions before he could even get the chance to fight for them.

8Hachiken Makes a Huge Mistake

Yuugo has gotten the hang of farm work, and he is now pretty efficient. One day, he drinks raw milk after Aki's grandfather tells him about it. Its heavenly taste is enough to make him prostrate himself in appreciation.

9The Last Milk

Despite knowing that there is nothing he could do for Komaba's sake, Hachiken claims to Mikage that it is fine for them to rely on him and they pay a visit at Komaba's farm to pay their respects as all their cows are seized to pay for their debt. However, Mikage's farm is also in dificulties and when they are forced to sell all their horses, she comes with an important decision with Hachiken's support.

9Hackiken Hesitates Over Pork Bowl

Yuugo finishes his gig with Aki's family and returns to the dorm. He goes to visit Pork Bowl for the first time in a while, and finds him all fat and grown up into a respectable pig. But it also reminds Yuugo of Pork Bowl's imminent departure...


Determined to follow her dream of working with horses, Mikage is allowed to work under her uncle instead of inheriting her father's farm under the condition of making into college and Hachiken agrees to help her.

10Hackiken Says Goodbye to Pork Bowl

Upon being told that Pork Bowl will be sent off the following day, Yuugo proposes to buy Pork Bowl after he has been processed into meat. Ichiko accepts Yuugo's purchase offer. A few days later, Pork Bowl's meat arrives...

11Over and Over Again

Hachiken returns home to Saporro to obtain his brother's study guides for Mikage and has a frustratingly insightful encounter with his father. Afterwards Hachiken's mother visits Ezonoo to better understand the school he choose and leaves knowing that he is growing into a better person. Finally, as the winter season approaches, Hachiken and his friends begin planning their respective futures.

11Run Towards The Future, Hachiken!

The bacon Hachiken prepared with Pork-Bowl’s meat becomes a fad among the students and it does not take long for it to run out. As Komaba plays in the local Baseball team aiming for the nationals, his friends come to the stadium to cheer for him…