Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka? (2014)

24mAnimação, Comédia

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Um dia, Kokoa chega no café Rabbit House, louca por coelhos. Ela acaba morando no café. Ela encontra muitas garotas diferentes por lá, incluindo uma pequena garota chamada Chino, uma garota durona chamada Rize, uma garota cheia de imaginação chamada Chiya e a normal, porém honrada, Sharo.


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1Bunnisode 1: The Magician at the Cafe of Smiles

The Rabbit House staff decides to beat the heat by making summer uniforms! However, the perfect pink fabric for Cocoa proves elusive…

1I Knew at First Glance That It Was No Ordinary Fluffball

Cocoa's first day at the Rabbit House Cafe is lively as she meets and becomes friends with Chino and Lize in a heartbeat.

2Bunnisode 2: The Case of the Childhood Friend's Stolen Heart

An unexpected trek through the spooky woods puts Syaro and Chiya’s relationship to the test, but there’s more to the situation than meets the eye…

2The Girl Who Loved Wheat and the Girl Loved by Azuki Beans

While getting ready for the first day of school, Cocoa runs into a new friend at the park. Cocoa's and her friends decide to bake bread and visit Chiya's coffee house.

3Bunnisode 3: Everything in the World Serves as My Experience Points

Their futures are still undecided, so Chino, Megu and Maya attend a high school information fair! But this place seems pretty fancy… wait, where the heck did Megu go!?

3Do You Remember the Day You First Got Drunk? You Tried to Light a Campfire in Your Own Home, Didn't You?

Cocoa and company make a new friend, Sharo. Afterward, they enjoy some tea at Sharo's teahouse and spend the night at Rabbit house telling scary stories.

4Bunnisode 4: A Potential Everyday Life

The class cultural festival is underway, and it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience when Cocoa and Chiya are in charge of the class café.

4Your Lucky Items Are Vegetables, Crime, and Punishment

Cocoa practices her fortune telling technique using caffe-de-mancy, and the girls head to the library on a sunny afternoon.

5Bunnisode 5: She is a Fierce Whirlwind, She is a Carefree Breeze

A school marathon poses a daunting challenge for Chiya, but with a little of Rize’s training, she’ll race to the finish for the sake of Ama Usa An!

5Cocoa and Murderous Intent Without Malice

The girls begin practicing for the ball sports tournament at school, with unsurprising results. Father's Day is near, and Rize takes up extra jobs to get her father a gift.

6Bunnisode 6: A Fluffle of Rabbits is Also Most Welcome

Picture day is here, and new looks are in order — except for Megu, Chino and Maya, that is. They’ll band together to keep it natural. Too bad there’s a traitor in their midst…

6A Story About Telling a Story

Chino's friends help out at the Rabbit House and take a shining to Cocoa and Lize, leaving Chino the odd man out.

7Bunnisode 7: We Shall Dance With Ghosts Until Dawn on This Halloween Night!

It’s finally Halloween, and things are about to get sPoOoOoOoKy at all the local cafés. From candy to costumes, it’s bound to be a scary-fun time for all!

7Call Me Sister

Chino and Cocoa get into small, cute fights with each other over puzzles and pancakes. Later, the girls hand out flyers for their cafes.

8Bunnisode 8: Stamp, Sleep, Study, Smile

After a fight with her father, Rize runs away from home. Can she learn to be a fantastic teacher and finally earn his approval? Cocoa and Chino are here to help!

8Wet with Pool Water, Wet with Rain, Wet with Tears

Cocoa and the other girls take it upon themselves to teach Rize how to swim at the hot spring pool. Late, they watch a movie based on Aoyama's book together.

9Bunnisode 9: Chamomile With a Dash of Jealousy

When they were children, Syaro gave Chiya a precious gift that she treasures to this day… but wait. Where did it go!? Chiya can’t find her memento anywhere!

9Aoyama Slump Mountain

Chino learns from a stray paper airplane that Aoyama is quitting her job as a novelist and takes up a part-time job at the Rabbit House.

10Bunnisode 10: A Request for Backup From a Full Heart

Tis the season for a Secret Santa gift exchange! But the Christmas season is so busy, Chino will need all the help she can get to keep the Rabbit House afloat.

10The Anti-Sister Battle Corps, AKA The Chimame Corps

While Cocoa helps Chiya study for the upcoming exams, Megu and Maya help our at Rabbit House. Later, a trip to the pool is in order.

11Bunnisode 11: The Cafe of Smiles and the Rainbow Magician

Reinforcements arrive at the Rabbit House to help Chino during the holiday rush! With everyone gathered together, it’s sure to be a very Merry Christmas indeed.

11The Girl Dons a Red Coat and Drives a Team of Rabbits Across the Christmas Eve Night Sky

To celebrate the Christmas season, the girls decide to throw a Christmas party. Let the planning commence!

12Bunnisode 12: I Can Take That Step Forward Because You Are Watching

Even while apart, Mocha and Cocoa continue to inspire one another. Meanwhile, Chino finds inspiration through all of her friends — but especially through Cocoa.

12For You, I Can Sleep Late

Cocoa runs a fever, and the girls head out to get her some medicine. After she heals, Chino ends up with the mumps.