Grimms Notes The Animation (2019)


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O jogo acontece em um mundo criado por seres conhecidos como "contadores de histórias". Ao nascer, todos os habitantes desse mundo são agraciados com um "livro do destino" onde todas as suas vidas são escritas com antecedência. No entanto, os caçadores de histórias conhecidos como "Contadores do Caos" estão escrevendo eventos ruins nos livros das pessoas sem que elas saibam. Cabe aos detentores dos livros em branco do destino, procurar os Contadores do Caos e restaurar o mundo.


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1Red Riding Hood's Forest

Ex, Reina, Tao, and Shane are travelers who journey between Story Zones, places where a single story is repeated over and over again. In the newest zone they've arrived at, they save a girl being attacked by a monster. The villagers tell her the girl's name is "Little Red Riding Hood", but she disappears into the forest...

2Don Quixote's Faith

The heroes find themselves in Don Quixote's story zone. But instead of the story proceeding like it should, the people are being attacked by hordes of devils. The sky has turned an eerie red, and the whole zone is about to collapse. The heroes act to try and stop it, but they meet a surprising person...

3Cinderella of Recollection

The story moves to the past. Ex is still living in the town where he was born, spending his days with a girl named Cinderella. Ex lost both his parents when he was little, and Cinderella has lost her mother. The two of them grow up supporting each other. Finally, the day comes when Cinderella's fate will change forever. That's when Ex meets a girl named Reina in the forest.

4Ex's Journey Begins

Ex now knows that he's been given a special destiny: a Blank Book. But before he can leave on his fantastic journey, he must first defeat the enemies that threaten his childhood friend Cinderella.

5Treasure Island, a Place of Dreams and Adventure

The crew travels to the world of Treasure Island, and fantastic booty awaits! They test out their new swimsuits while searching for buried treasure and making their way past deadly traps.

6Ex and Snow White

Ex and his friends find themselves in Snow White's Story Zone. But thanks to a zany misunderstanding, Snow White mistakes Ex for her prince!

7Gerda and the Snow Queen

In a snowy story zone, Ex saves a girl who's collapsed. Her name is Gelda and she's trying to rescue her brother. But something seems off about her...

8The Brother and Sister of Onigashima

Ex goes to the story zone of Momotaro. There he learns of the past of Tao and Shayne, and the sad events that brought them together.

9Aladdin of the Burning Sand

In the sunny desert, the gang encounters Aladdin. He first introduces himself by hitting on Reina, and then making off with her book of fate!

10The Maid of Orléans

In medieval France, the gang encounters Joan of Arc. She's the saint of Orleans, and fighting a battle that the enemy doesn't want her to win. But if she wins, she'll face a terrible fate...

11Reina in Wonderland

In Wonderland, the Tao Family encounters Loki and the force behind the Chaostellers.

12A Fairy Tale Nobody Knows

The enemy summons a terrible Jabberwock to defeat the Tao Family. Can they overpower this awesome enemy?