Hackerville (2018)

55mDrama, Crime



Após um ataque cibernético a um banco alemão, um investigador se junta às autoridades locais e a um hacker de elite para rastrear os suspeitos.


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1Three Nines

An important German bank has been hacked, so as a result The Federal Criminal Police Office was able to track the source of the hacking back to Timisoara, Romania, the center of the Hackers in Europe.

2Red Wins

On her second day in Timisoara, Lisa starts looking into Dragos's kid brother Cipi, who she now thinks is responsible for the hacks on the German banks.

3The Talented Mr. Cipi

Lisa extends her stay in Timisoara, now determined to save Cipi from himself. Adam, chastised by his own boss, Vali, for enabling Lisa's shenanigans, wants her on the first flight back home. But Lisa gets Adam's colleague Nicoleta to disobey orders and help her seek out Cipi instead, only to discover that Cipi has disappeared, along with Dragos. Their side of the investigation soon intersects with Adam's and he and Lisa end up together again, looking for Cipi, with the help of Cornel. While at a party thrown by Dragos' would-be producer, Cipi gets a rude awakening.

4Divide et Impera

Lisa, Adam and Cipi, on the run from Borisov, get tracked down just as they're supposed to drop Cipi off at a safe house. Now running from the SAS special forces too, the unlikely trio spend the night in an abandoned hospital that brings back painful memories for the already distraught Cipi. Adam and Lisa realize that Cipi has stolen something from Borisov that puts them all in danger, but Cipi won't reveal what it is. Walter, Lisa's dad, comes to Timisoara to bring Lisa back home.


Lisa, Adam and Cipi manage to escape Borisov and escape in an abandoned village where Adam has also hidden Cornel. When Adam has given up, Lisa and Cornel take Cipi for a walk around the village.

6Do You Want To Play?

Cipi, who is shocked after his brother's death, is caught by SAS and put in prison. In the midst of the fuss, Vali demands her revenge. Borisov kidnapped Adam's daughter to exchange her for Cipi and the information he stole. Adam is now in an impossible dilemma.