Heya Camp? (2020)

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No interior de Yamanashi, tem um colégio chamado Colégio Motosu. Entre no prédio e você encontrará um clube de atividades ao ar livre bastante despreocupado, que usa um canto de uma das salas de aula para reunião de clube.


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1The Mystery of Canned Tuna

The Outdoor Activities Club sets out to complete the Yamanashi Stamp Rally.

2So Many Mt. Fujis

The trio visits the Mount Fuji Center.

3Mad Dash! Kawaguchi Lake Rally

On their way through the stamp rally, the Outdoor Activities Club meets a biker couple.

4A Day in Shimarin's Life

Shimarin's fortune telling warns her to beware of surprise attacks.

5True Facts: Kachikachi Mountain

Time to visit the mountain that inspired the fable of the race between the turtle, the tanuki and the hare.

6Both of Us, Back in the Day

Aoi and Chiaki reminisce about the time they became friends.

7Operation Houtou

Chiaki, Aoi and Nadeshiko treat themselves to houtou.

8Lies Spread 'Round the World

Aoi gives a master lesson on telling weird lies.

9Shizunashi War II

The three dive into the truth behind Mt. Fuji cartoons.

10Scary Ice Caves

Nadeshiko, Aoi and Aki encounter unspeakable horrors on their trip to Narusawa Ice Cave.

11End of the Journey

Nadeshiko completes the stamp rally and is greeted by a surprise.

12Room Camp

The OutClub goes camping in the school yard.