Himouto! Umaru-chan (2015)

24mAnimação, Comédia



Uma comédia de irmãos sobre Umaru, irmãzinha de Taihei que é linda e também excepcional nos estudos e esportes. No entanto, em casa ela se torna a "himouto", uma garota preguiçosa que só quer saber de jogar e comer.


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1O Retorno de Himouto

Umaru Doma's life continues with an evening filled with video games... and no big brother in sight! Later, Umaru and her friends end up playing an intense game of soccer.

1Umaru E Onii-chan

Responsible Taihei has to deal with his lazy little sister, Umaru, who trashes his apartment and throws tantrums to get manga and junk food.

2Umaru and Alex

Taihei invites his coworkers over for dinner after work, and one of them, Alex, catches Umaru's attention. Why does this guy seem so familiar, and what's his deal with anime?

2Umaru E Ebina-chan

Taihei comes home to a complete stranger: Umaru’s public face. She’s cleaned the apartment and hidden her games to be able to invite her classmate and neighbor, Ebina, over.

3Umaru and Friends

Alex interrupts Kirie and Umaru's afternoon to play a dating sim game. Kirie finds herself identifying with the main character. Later, Umaru discovers an addictive new game.

3Umaru-chan E Sua Aprendiz

Umaru’s sulky, glaring classmate, Motoba, has unexpectedly shown up at her door… while she’s wearing her hood! Is her secret out?

4A Party with the Whole Gang

Umaru spends Christmas evening with her friends, and Sylphyn remembers a childhood Christmas wish. On New Year's morning, Umaru receives a suspicious gift from Taihei.

4Umaru-chan E Sua Rival

Umaru, aka UMR, is a force to be reckoned with in the arcade. She’s invited to participate in a fighting game championship only to bump into her school rival, Tachibana.

5Big Brother Departs

Taihei leaves for a business trip with his co-workers. While his boss Kanau thinks of a way to spend time with him, Taihei has his hands full with a vacation-happy stowaway.

5Umaru-chan E As Férias De Verão

Summer vacation means hours at the arcade! Umaru instructs in the fine art of enjoying summer like a (lazy) pro. Later, Taihei endures another typical day at work.

6Umaru and Dreams

While visiting Umaru, Kirie’s secret aspiration is found out! Will Umaru’s encouragement be enough to help Kirie overcome her self-doubt?

6Aniversário Da Umaru-chan

Taihei and Umaru experiment with free time and personal space in their little apartment, and playing “The Game of Life” hits too close to home for them all.

7Umaru and Amusement Parks

Umaru and the girls head out to spend a fun day at the amusement park, but Kirie is having a few struggles. Will the day end up a total disaster?

7O Onii-chan Da Umaru

People in his office have seen Taihei walking home and going shopping with a hot girl! His coworker comes over for a visit to see this so-called “sister” for himself.

8Umaru and Hikari

Umaru and the gang have a spontaneous get-together, but when things don't go as expected, hilarity ensues.

8Umaru E O Natal E O Ano Novo

In the Doma household, winter means lazy days beneath the kotatsu! Umaru reflects on her interesting year while Taihei tries to collect on a promise she made to him.

9Umaru and Memories

After Bomba gives Taihei one of his old cameras, Taihei spends sometime reconnecting with Umaru. Later, the tension between Hikari and Umaru increases.

9Umaru E O Dia Dos Namorados

It’s Valentine’s Day! Kirie burns cookies, Ebina attempts to make chocolate, and Umaru continues to offload food prep to Taihei.

10First Time for Everyone

Sylphin invites UMR over to her house, where a slight misunderstanding leads to some awkwardness. Later on, Umaru seems to have found a weakness in Hikari’s armor.

10Umaru E Agora E Num Tempo Muito Distante

Umaru gets sick, but it’s a good thing her germs are as lazy as she is! Sadly, her germs show her brother no mercy. Later, Taihei remembers a day at the arcade, 10 years ago.

11Umaru and the Starry Sky

Kirie devises a new plan to bring Ebina and Taihei closer. However, Taihei might have a couple to many little sisters fighting for his attention already.

11Dia Da Umaru

Umaru and Ebina discover that their appetites match, the council in Umaru’s head furiously debates about the perfect snack, and Taihei tries to get Kirie excited for summer.

12Everyone and Umaru

It's the end of the year, and everyone is figuring out what Christmas gifts to get their loved ones. Can Umaru and the others find the perfect presents?

12Umaru E O Pessoal

In this last episode of the season, Umaru might have to reveal her secret when her separate circles of friends come together during a much anticipated trip to the beach!