Hitsugi no Chaika (2014)

25mAction & Adventure, Animação, Comédia

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Toru Acura é um soldado veterano de vinte anos vagando pela vida agora que a guerra acabou. Ele encontra Chaika Trabant, uma maga de catorze anos que carrega um caixão e resolve a seguir esperando encontrar um novo sentido para sua vida. Os dois viajam junto da irmã adotiva de Toru, Akari, o membro empregado do grupo e a fonte de renda de Toru. Juntos vão enfrentar as mais bizarras aventuras...


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1The Princess Who Gathers the Remains

During the last days of the war, Emperor Arthur Gaz orders one of his official to be in charge of a secret project codenamed Chaika. A month after the events of the Soara, Toru, Akari, Chaika duels with Lady Claudia Dodge, another of the Eight Heroes and her men but Chaika loses to Claudia. Despite this, Claudia allows Chaika and her companions to stay at her estate.

1The Girl Who Bears the Coffin

The war of many long years has ended, and peace is gradually returning to the continent of Verbist. Toru, a former saboteur who has given up on his life goals and now leads a self-indulgent existence, lives an almost nomadic life with his younger sister.

2A Wizard's Pride

As Chaika, Toru and Akari try to find a way to beat Claudia, elsewhere, Red Chaika and her group defeats another Hero, Glen Donkervoort, acquiring Arthur's right arm and heading towards an island as suggested by their informant Guy. Eventually, Chaika manages to shorten her spell and defeat Claudia after the latter is distracted by Fredrika in her cat form. Claudia congratulates the group by hosting a tea party to celebrate. Meanwhile, Konrad's secretary Karen Bombardier gives Vivi Alberic's investigation notes on Emperor Arthur before rejoining the Corps with Alberic's sword in hand. Back at Claudia's estate, she reveals to Toru's group why she has no interest with Arthur's remains and gave hers to Chaika and tells her secret. During the end of the war, the Eight Heroes learn one of Arthur's officials escape with Arthur's hidden fortune and most of his magic research work to a secret island, and despite the Council attempts, they could not find the island or Arthur's magic research. After giving Toru group the location of the Heroes, Claudia bid them farewell. Soon Toru's group learns Red Chaika has already claim one of Arthur's remains from Glen while Chaika wants to find the secret island to learn about her origins.

2The Lazy Man's Choice

After escaping Count Abarth's attack and procuring the "important thing," the trio escapes into the night. On the outskirts of town, they encounter a force led by a cavalier from the kingdom of Wiemac, Alberic Gillette of the Kliemann Organization.

3The Harbor of Phantom Dreams Recollected

Arriving at a seaside town ruled by Clay Morgan of the Eight Heroes, Toru and group disguise themselves as a comedy troupe to enter Clay's mansion. When Clay learns the groups attentions and sees Chaika, he runs away screaming while Toru and Akari chases him. Chaika tries to find clues of where the secret island is which she finds a lead at the Evil Sea. Toru and Akari find and defeat Clay, learning he's been scared of Emperor Arthur after fighting him and Chaika since she was beheaded by the leader of the Eight Heroes, Stephan Hartgen, so he gives up Arthur's ears so he won't have to see Chaika or the remains again. After acquiring Arthur's ears, Guy appears and tells Toru and Akari to head to the secret island but both of them are now wary since Guy knew about the other Chaikas. Meanwhile, Shin informs his master Stephen that all of Arthur's remains will soon be arriving which Stephen promises his daughters Irina and Alina they will get to see it. Meanwhile, Toru and Chaika have an argument as the latter wants to find the secret island which the former refuses believing it's dangerous which leads her to firing Toru. After Akari convinces Toru to make amends with Chaika, they learn too late that Chaika has left to find the island with Fredrika. Both of them chases after her on Clay's ship where Red Chaika and her group have sneaked in but the ship is sunken by a Kraken. Chaika and Fredrika finally found the secret island but are attack by dragons.

3The Forest Where the Hero Dwells

Chaika and company ride in a horse-drawn cart to the city of Ipsom, where a mysterious boy calling himself Chaika's informant appears out of nowhere. Toru is suspicious of the boy's sudden appearance and strange smile, but he tells the party how they can acquire a vehicle and where they can find their next target, the hero Dominica Scoda, and then vanishes. Meanwhile, Gillette's team has arrived in the city in pursuit of Chaika...

4The Writhing Island

Chaika arrives on the island where the emperor's fortune is said to exist, but she's quickly attacked by a pack of Orthros, followed by a group of demihuman soldiers.

4The Dragoon's Wish

Tooru and party have pressed deep into the forest in search of Dominica Scoda, and end up under attack by Fayla. The one who comes to save them is Dominica Scoda herself, a dragoon cavalier who commands the most intelligent and powerful of the Fayla: a dragoon.

5The Emperor's Fortune

The two Chaikas are captured again. The red Chaika says they should work together just this once to escape, but as they search for an exit, they find a girl confined in a hidden office. She introduces herself as Niva Lada and says she's been waiting for Chaika.

5The Pursuer and the Pursued

Fredrica has joined Chaika and her friends, making them a party of four as they continue their journey in search of their next target. Suddenly they're attacked by three mysterious strangers. Among them is a girl wielding a snake blade who turns out to be... Chaika?!

6The Castle of Madness

As Toru and his companions head to the Principality of Hartgen to get the last of Arthur's remains, the Gillett Corps arrived at the Secret Island and learn from Kiril and Ursula what happened on the island before they arrive. At Hartgen, Red Chaika and her companions enter the tournament after defeating other contestants in the preliminary rounds. Toru and his companions also enter the tournament as well, in order to win Arthur's remains should they fail to steal it. Zita and Matthäus meet with King Stephan in order to convince him to cancel the tournament but to their shock, not only do they discover the King's daughters, Alina and Irina, are also Chaikas, but the King refuses to cancel the tournament. Meanwhile, Vivi and Nikolai enter the tournament as well where they are shock that the tournament allows the contestants to kill. Guy visits Alberic, whom latter is revealed to have lost his memories, that Guy rescued him because of the hatred in his heart. As most the contestants rest for the night, Toru and Akari attempts to sneak in the King's castle to steal the remains while Chaika sees Niva leaving with Guy voluntary.

6Red and White

Fredrica has joined Chaika and her friends, making them a party of four as they continue their journey in search of their next target. Suddenly they're attacked by three mysterious strangers. Among them is a girl wielding a snake blade who turns out to be...

7Black Agenda

Toru and Akari attempt to infiltrate the castle in order to steal the remains but their mentor Shin appears, forcing them to escape. Meanwhile, Guy brings Niva to Stephan Hartgen, who is eager to start a new war, as he believes that warriors like him can be only worthy in combat. In the next day, the tournament begins, and while facing other contestants, Toru and Chaika meet Vivi and Nikolai, but instead of fighting, they decide to share information instead, and learn about the two Chaikas that are always beside Hartgen. Little they know that the two Chaikas answer to a third one, who has her own agenda. As the Council of the Six Nations discuss if they should launch an attack on Hartgen, Konrad is informed about the situation there while the pairs composed of Chaika and Toru, Boghdan and David, Akari and Fredrika, and Vivi and Nikolai advance to the next stage of the tournament, oblivious to the fact that Stephan is aware of their presence and is making arrangements for them to fight each other.

7The Valley of No Return

Continuing their journey to gather the emperor's remains, Chaika and company search for the next of the eight heroes, the wizard Simon Scania. Their search brings them to the town of Rademio, where Simon was last seen four years ago. The people of the town tell them about a "Valley of No Return" filled with thick fog, from which no visitors ever return.

8The Bells of Contention

Toru and Chaika have advanced through the tournament and made it inside the third castle wall, but then they're captured and ordered to proceed to a different arena. Seated inside waiting for them is the black Chaika, who says this is where they will atone for their sins.

8Empire of Consolation

"This land belongs to the Neo Gaz Empire. You'll have to pay a toll." A mysterious bunch professing to work for the restoration of the Gaz Empire impedes Chaika and company's path. Among them is a girl in a yellow dress whom the others call "Princess Chaika." Akari's quick wit takes the party in under cover as a band of traveling performers, but Chaika takes a profound interest in these people from the Gaz Empire of days long past...

9The Throne That Invites War

As Toru, Akari and Fredrika are kicked out of the castle, Red Chaika decides to give her remains to Chaika's group only to learn from Selma that Hartgen's men attack and stole if from her. Zita and Leonardo reunite with Vivi and Nikolai and learns Alberic is alive. With Fredrika weaken by Shin's poison, Toru and Akari have no choice but to give the rest of the remains to save Chaika. After informing his superiors on what happened, The Gillette Squad are ordered to take down King Stephan before any of the Six Nations attack, which will reignite the war. Toru and Akari arrive in Stephan throne room where Stephan, Alina, Irina, Black Chaika, Niva, Guy, Shin and Chaika awaits them with Alberic sneaking in. With all of the remains gathered, Black Chaika "consumes" the remains and starts giving birth with Guy's help, who reveals he is a magic mechanism to ensure the remains would be gathered. Black Chaika gives birth to a boy resembling Guy but with Fayla body parts who reveals himself to be none other than Arthur Gaz himself. Arthur thanks Black Chaika for using Fayla parts in her to resurrect him and kills Stephan with a spell without an incantation much to everyone shock. As Arthur sits on the throne and grows older, he explains to Chaika the truth that she and her "sisters" were never really his real daughters as the Chaikas were based on his mistress who was killed by Stephan during the war which he uses as a basis for all of the Chaikas looks. Arthur reveals his goal was to gather large amounts of magic fuel using several flying fortresses hidden in space to collect from people's emotions with war bringing out the most of their emotions. So he allowed himself to be killed and his remains scattered while the Chaikas fought to get them so the dread and fear about him would spread throughout the continent. To demonstrate his power, Arthur and Niva easily destroys a flying fortress sent to attack Hartgen.

9The Value of Memories

The town is bustling as the end of war anniversary festival is in full swing. Vivi is thrilled to have a chance to shop alone with Gillette as their team passes through on their way to stop civil disputes to the north. Meanwhile, Chaika and company are shopping for magic fuel, but all the shops are low or sold out.

10The Girl Who Carries the Gundo

After destroying several of the Six Nations flying fortresses, Arthur heads to one of his space fortress along with Shin to begin his plans. Toru decides to make a pact with Fredrika by becoming a Dragoon Cavalier in order to fight Arthur while Akari, Vivi, Leonardo, Red Chaika and her companions face off against Black Chaika and her minions. Assisted by Chaika and her Gundo sniper rifle to enter the space fortress, Toru battles against Shin before finally defeating him. Red Chaika faces off against Black Chaika before giving her the finishing blow, ending the latter controls of Alina, Irina, and the Chaika warriors. Finally facing Arthur, the Emperor beckons Toru to join is side since he believes war is what all of humanity wants but Toru refuses and he and Fredrika are swiftly beaten. Before Arthur can kill them, Chaika casts a shield to protect Toru and Fredsrika. Arthur tries to kill Chaika using Niva but Niva refuses and joins Chaika's side. With no more magic bullets to use, Chaika uses her memories as magic fuel for Niva's Cannon Gundo form where they finally kill Arthur and stopping his plans before Chaika loses conscious. In the aftermath, Alberic, now the new chief of the Kleeman Agency, reports to the Council of Six Nations that Arthur's plans were thwarted, Niva is under their custody and claims all of the Chaikas died. Elsewhere, Toru, Akari, Chaika, Fredrika and Red Chaika now live together where Toru helps a recovering Chaika.

10Fortress in the Sky

Arriving at Iveco, Toru realizes that something is strange about town: there are no young girls. There is also a uprising lack of magic fuel given that this region is famous for its mines of magic fuel. They learn from a shopkeeper that Duke Gavarni has been using all of the town's magic fuel to power the floating fortress Soara and that his soldiers are kidnapping the town's girls and taking them to his fortress where they are never seen again.

11The False Princess

Vivi and Zuita rescue Toru and the three of them agree to work together to find the others and escape the Soara. Elsewhere, Layla leads Chaika to a room where she reveals that she knows who Chaika is. As they search the fortress, Toru, Vivi and Zuita learn the horrible truth of what happened to the girls captured by the Duke's men.

12Those Left Behind

The commander of the Stratus is unfazed by Alberic's pleas for time and orders the Stratus to fire on the Soara. As the Soara and Stratus fire at each other, Zuita is able to free Akari from Grad's mind control. The continued battle between the sky fortresses has severely damaged the Stratus and caused the Soara's cannon to misfire, with Alberic and the unfortunate ground forces of the Alliance caught in the misaimed blast.