Ichigo Mashimaro (2005)

24mAnimação, Comédia



Itou Chika, é uma típica e bem comportada aluna da 6ª serie, ela está sempre preocupada com duas coisas - sua irmã mais velha Nobue, que vem em seu quarto para “roubar” algum dinheiro para comprar mais cigarros, e, sua amiga e vizinha Miu, que pula para seu quarto através da janela. Alem disso, ela tem mais duas amigas - a tímida, mas adorável Matsuri e uma menina inglesa recém transferida, Ana.


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Chika, Miu and Matsuri notice that it's Nobue's birthday and plan to make her a gift by themselves.


After moving to Japan from England, Ana starts at the same class as Matsuri and pretends to know nothing about Japan or Japanese.

3House Call

Ana invites Matsuri at her place to help her study English. But much to her grief, the entire gang decides to tag along.

4Part-time Job

Nobue finds out she's ran out of money to buy cigarettes and tries to find a fitting part-time job. Ana, Matsuri, Chika and Miu do their best and worst to help her.


Miu becomes jealous over the attention Ana and Matsuri gain from Nobue.

6Hot Summer Day

Intense summer heat causes the girls' imagination to run wild again.

7Beach Trip

Miu is shooting a video documentary for school, and chooses the Itō household as her subject. In the end, Nobue takes the gang out for a beach trip.


A festival episode has the gang dress up in yukatas and head out to see fireworks.

9Growing Child

Chika discovers she's gained a bit of weight, and, provoked by Miu, starts her own diet. It's only after a pointful remark by Nobue, that Chika's self-confidence gets restored.


Many sidequests disturb the girls' trip to a distant restaurant to have cake with Nobue.

11First Snow

After a freezing cold autumn day, the gang pays a visit to hot baths and witnesses the first snow fall.


Matsuri's faith in Santa Claus makes the rest of the gang guarantee her a happy Christmas.