Isekai Quartet (2019)

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Um interruptor misterioso apareceu um dia. Ao pressioná-lo, eles foram enviados para um mundo alternativo diferente !! Há também personagens de outros mundos alternativos reunidos ...!?


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1Join the Fight! Transfer Student

The students have now finally settled into their new lives, but a new student has come to the school, and his name is… "Shield"?

1Come Together! Quartet

Mysterious buttons appear in the worlds of Tanya the Evil, KonoSuba, Overlord, and Re:Zero. When the characters push them, they're taken to a place they'd never imagined...

2Sneak In! The Principal's Office

Life's great in this world, except for one thing: there's no alcohol! When the students sneak into the principal's office to get their fix from his stash, they run into more than they bargained for.

2Tension! Introductions

Now that everybody's settled in, it's time for the first day of school, which means everybody has to introduce themselves.

3Uh-Oh! Detention!

This new world is a great place: no fighting, no danger, and the classes are easy. But you REALLY don't want to get detention!

3Deadlock! Classmates

The students begin to wonder about why they are here, and what this school really is. Tanya, in particular, has a theory about Ains...

4Pinch! Test of Learning

It's time for a test! Everybody expects Ains to score highly, but… he never even passed middle school!

4Encounter! Classmates

The students realize that they're all from other worlds, and begin to share their backgrounds. But some are luckier than others...

5Work Hard! Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, which means it's time to give chocolate to the boy you like! But an unexpected face makes an appearance…

5Explosion! Talent Show

It's time for the talent show, but none of the students are talented at all. The KonoSuba crowd in particular...

6Clash! Dodgeball

It's time for a battle to settle the most important question of all: what do you put on your chicken wings?

6Decision! Class Rep

It's time to pick the class rep! But Aqua doesn't want Ains to do it, and Albedo doesn't want Aqua anywhere near the job.

7Excitement! Physicals Day

It's time for physicals, and everybody's ready to get naked and get on the scale! Who will be brave enough to go peek at the opposite sex?

7Carry Out! Class Rep

Emilia's the class rep now, but it's really hard. But she wants to do her best!

8Challenge! Part-Time Job

Visha's been working overtime lately. But what does she need the money for?

8Prepare! Field Trip

It's time for a field trip to the beach, and the gang's getting ready. But who wants to see Kazuma in a swimsuit?

9Investigate! First Errand

It's time for a play! But what kind of play should they put on? Filo will find out!

9Enjoy! Field Trip

The field trip is here, and it's great! Everybody's at the beach and having a great time. But Tanya hears something that makes her upset...

10Rise Up! School Festival

It's time for a school festival! But something is lurking outside the school…

10Join In! Rivals

It's time for Field Day, and Roswaal hints that whoever wins will get to go home. But then they meet their opponents...

11It Begins! School Festival

The curtain rises on the school festival! There's a special guest, too…

11Work Together! Field Day

Field Day is here, and it's lots of fun for everyone. There's tug of war, scavenger hunts... and giant robots?!

12The Show Begins! Showtime

The mobile fortress "Destroyer" has joined the last game! It's up to the quartet to grab its headband and win the game.

12Band Together! Quartet

The mobile fortress "Destroyer" has joined the last game! It's up to the quartet to grab its headband and win the game.