Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun (2021)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Drama

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Tomozaki é um dos melhores jogadores do Japão e, em sua opinião, o jogo da vida real é um dos piores. Sem regras claras para o sucesso, terrivelmente desequilibrado e nada faz sentido. Mas então ele conhece uma jogadora que é tão boa quanto ele, e ela se oferece para ensiná-lo alguns truques...


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1Say what you want; famous games are usually fun

Ace gamer Fumiya Tomozaki has given up on the “garbage game” of life, until a classmate offers to teach him the rules of this ultimate god-tier game.

1Post-game equipment for girls is a little different than usual

After stopping for lunch at the café where Kikuchi works, the gang chats about love and dating while she tries to listen in--and stay out of sight.

2It feels awesome to gain a bunch of levels after a battle

Hinami tasks Tomozaki with starting and joining conversations; after his first few attempts fall flat, he comes away with some astute observations.

2Most strange spell names have unknown origins

Aoi, Mimimi, and Tama reminisce about the early days of their friendship and a fireworks show that provided the inspiration for Tama's nickname.

3When a girl’s your first friend, life feels like a date for a while

With Hinami’s help, Tomozaki gets a crash course in dressing well and talking to girls, getting unexpectedly close to one classmate in particular.

4Sometimes you conquer a dungeon only to find a strong boss back in your village

Tomozaki begins tutoring Izumi in his favorite game, comes clean to Kikuchi, and gets roped into playing against the vengeful Nakamura after school.

5The characters who become your friends after you clear a hard event usually have high stats

Tomozaki makes a new friend, then goes on a shopping trip for Nakamura’s birthday—of all things. Naturally, Hinami turns it into a teaching moment.

6Once you start speedrunning the minigames, you seriously can’t stop

The student council election is approaching, and Tomozaki joins Mimimi’s campaign. Turns out they both have their reasons for wanting to beat Hinami.

7When a mentor character becomes a boss, they’ll push you to the edge

Tomozaki brings his gamer’s cunning to Mimimi’s campaign speech—but Hinami’s a gamer, too. Tama tells Tomozaki how she and Mimimi became friends.

8There are some problems a bottom-tier character can’t fix alone

Mimimi’s at her breaking point. A deeper dive into her past reveals why she’s so driven to beat Hinami, while Hinami’s motivation remains a mystery.

9When you go back to the starter town with the full party, new stuff tends to happen

Tomozaki rehearses with Hinami to prepare for his movie date with Kikuchi and is invited to an overnight barbecue with his popular normie classmates.

10Multiplayer games have their own special appeal

Tomozaki gets a taste of the traditional overnight normie camp activities he’d always shunned as the group plots to get Izumi and Nakamura together.

11A single choice can change everything

An overheard conversation between Mizusawa and Hinami gives Tomozaki a different perspective on his private lessons in conquering the game of life.

12Equipment for girls has special effects

A talk with Kikuchi helps Tomozaki realize what he really wants, and a confrontation with Hinami sets the course for the future of their relationship.