Jormungand (2012)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Drama

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A história desenrola-se à volta de Koko Hekmatyar, uma jovem traficante de armas para a HCLI que vende armas ilegalmente por todo o mundo sempre acompanhada pelos seus guarda-costas. A sua última adição para a equipe é Jonah, um rapaz aparentemente sem emoções que é exímio em combate mas que detesta traficantes de armas. Jonah junta-se a Koko para descobrir o traficante de armas responsável pela morte dos seus pais.


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1The Snake that Admires the Heavens

Book Man hopes to use HCLI’s massive communications network by manipulating Koko in “Operation: Undershaft,” but not everyone in the CIA agrees with that plan. Hex is bent on killing Koko, but first she wants to make the woman suffer.

1Gunmetal Calico Road

Jonah has just started working for the weapons dealer, Koko. On his first job, they run into some big problems delivering their merchandise. Next they have to undermine a freelance weapons dealer who wants a piece of the action… and money.

2Dance with Undershaft (Phase 1)

Koko is growing suspicious of two members of the CIA: Book Man and Hex. R fears that Hex’s rash behavior is going to undo all of the hard work they have invested in Operation Undershaft. Can he keep everything he’s worked toward from falling apart?


Koko and her group go to the border of Russia to make an easy delivery, but end up marching right into a covert war for a pipeline. Koko is eager to leave, but her client is desperate for more weaponry and will do anything to get it…

3Dance with Undershaft (Phase 2)

R somehow convinces Book Man to abort Hex’s operation, but Hex isn’t one to turn away from a fight. Now R must sacrifice everything to save Jonah. Will his personal sacrifice be enough to protect the former boy soldier?

3Musica Ex Machina (Phase 1)

The assassin group Orchestra is out to earn a little cash and Koko just so happens to be visiting the same town as them. Now Koko must run for her life or die by the hands of a quirky team who claim their gunfights are musical.

4Kasper and Jonah

A company out of Japan is trying to kick Kasper out of the Southeast Asian playing field. Kasper decides to enlist the aid of Koko and her crew to get payback. On the flight over to Japan, Jonah reflects on how he came to meet Kasper.

4Musica Ex Machina (Phase 2)

The showdown between Koko’s men and Orchestra comes to a end that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of everyone involved. To make matters worse, the gunfight draws the attention of the US CIA agent, Scarecrow. So much for a nice day off.

5Castle of Lies (Phase 1)

Kasper suspects that Tojo’s old unit, the SR Unit, is trying to kick him out of Southeast Asia. Tojo gives his former boss a call to verify Kasper’s suspicions. Once both sides confirm who they are up against, each side begins to make their move!


Koko’s older brother, Kasper, pays her a visit aboard her ship. Jonah harbors ill feelings toward Kasper dating back to when they first met. Seeing the man revives some of Jonah’s darker memories that still seem to haunt the boy soldier.

6Castle of Lies (Phase 2)

After Hinoki makes it clear that negotiations aren’t an option, the battle between HCLI and the SR Unit begins in earnest. But why has the SR Unit jumped to the foreground when they used to pride themselves for being an invisible ghost?

6African Golden Butterflies (Phase 1)

Complications begin to arise as soon as Koko reaches Africa. Dr. Miami has prioritized butterfly hunting over her appointment with Koko. Now Koko’s men must hunt her down in a snowy mountain. Meanwhile, a dangerous arms dealer asks Koko out to dinner…


Koko and her unit are in Iraq, which is nostalgic territory for Wilee. After sharing stories about his handiwork with explosives, he gets to put on a demonstration of what he can do when the team confronts the group Excalibur.

7African Golden Butterflies (Phase 2)

Mr. Chen invites Koko out to eat while most of her unit is searching for Dr. Miami in the mountains. He has no intention of letting Koko leave that restaurant alive. Now she must escape without her highly skilled team there to help her.

8New World (Phase 1)

Soon Koko and Dr. Miami will achieve the goal they have spent years working toward. Some of the arms dealers are growing suspicious that something is afoot, but no one knows what exactly it is…

8Mondo Grosso

Koko must compete against the former actress and current arms dealer Amalia Torohovsky over who may sell some unmanned aerial vehicles to a country on the brink of war. It looks like Amalia’s years of experience may be a match for the clever young Koko!

9New World (Phase 2)

People are growing wary of Koko after a respected physicist is abducted by an unidentified organization. She is traveling around the world, gathering various supplies and quantum experts. What could she possibly be planning?

9Dragon Shooter (Phase 1)

After a fun trip to the beach, Koko and her unit get back to business. On top of her usual wares, Koko must also safely deliver a group of doctors to a country in civil unrest.

10New World (Phase 3)

Koko’s unit must face their toughest adversaries when they attempt to abduct “Chatty” Rabbit’s Foot. When Jonah and Lutz get separated from the rest of the unit, Koko decides it is time to show the world a glimpse of “Jormungand.”

10Dragon Shooter (Phase 2)

Baldrag has kidnapped the chief doctor of the group of physicians Koko was supposed to transport. Before she can flee to safety, Koko must first rescue the doctor and fulfill her contractual obligations.


Koko shares her plans for the world, confident that everyone in her unit will stick with her. It comes as a shock when Jonah voices his disapproval and leaves the group. Even with Jonah gone, Koko must carry out her plans, one step at a time.

11The Hill of Ruin (Phase 1)

Valmet has run off to Africa to seek vengeance upon the man who killed her squad back in her army days. Meanwhile, Koko is being targeted by another skilled group of assassins.

12Century of Shame

Two years have passed since Jonah left Koko and began working for Kasper. War is breaking out across the world, leading to World War III. Jonah must decide if he wants to stay with Kasper, rejoin Koko or follow a completely different path altogether.

12The Hill of Ruin (Phase 2)

Valmet fully intends to avenge her long deceased comrades on her own, but Jonah has other plans. Elsewhere, Koko learns a surprising secret from the group of assassins who were after her head.