Juuni Taisen (2017)

24mAction & Adventure, Animação

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12 membros do horóscopo chinês teriam de se enfrentarem em uma batalha mortal para realizar um desejo.


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1Even Boars May Become Pigs After Seven Generations

The Juni Taisen takes place every twelve years. The participating warriors must kill each other until only one remains. Inonoshishi, Warrior of the Boar and the daughter of the last Taisen's winner, ends up fighting her first enemy in an unexpected way.

2Tricks Both Mongrel and Fowl

Warrior of the Dog, Dotsuku, is known for his powerful bite, "Mad Dog's Vise." However, he has a secret skill: the ability to create and secrete a variety of poisons from his body. This gives him an advantage when all of the participants are poisoned!

3Cutting a Chicken with a Beef Cleaver

Warrior of the Chicken, Niwatori, isn't as powerful as the others, but her ability to see with a birds-eye-view has helped her survive many battles. She can also betray without feeling any remorse, until she first meets the Monkey Warrior, Sharyu.

4The Enemy, a Noble Primate

Warrior of the Monkey, Sharyu, is a powerful fighter able to manipulate the three states of matter, but uses her power to bring peace around the world. She seeks peace at the Juni Taisen as well, until her lone ally asks if people are really worth saving.

5A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Warrior of the Ram, Hitsujii, is a legendary warrior and winner of the 9th Juni Taisen. In this new Taisen, Hitsujii ranks the other warriors by their abilities and plots a scheme using the poison Juseki crystal.

6Even a Champion Racehorse May Stumble

Warrior of the Horse, Uuma, has trained his body to its limits to acquire the ultimate defensive technique, "Stirrup." But his confidence in that ability faltered during his meeting with the Warrior of the Ox.

7In Like a Dragon, Out Like a Snake Part 1

Warrior of the Snake, the younger Tatsumi Brother, is a dangerous individual who would have become a pyromaniac if he hadn't become a warrior. On their way to the Juni Taisen, he remembers the day his brother saved his life.

8In Like a Dragon, Out Like a Snake Part 2

Warrior of the Dragon, the elder Tatsumi Brother, is an arrogant but cool-headed warrior who acts as commander when working with his brother. Using his "Heaven's Holding" ability to fly, he watches over Snake and waits for his chance to join the battle.

9The Man Who Chases Two Rabbits Catches Neither

Warrior of the Rabbit, Usagi, is a Necromantist who makes other warriors into his "friends." Warrior of the Ox, Ushii, and Warrior of the Tiger, Tora, end up facing off against two of these "friends," the Tatsumi Brothers.

10A Tiger May Die, but it Leaves it's Skin

Warrior of the Tiger, Tora, once met a warrior who seemed to brim with righteousness. She joined the Juni Taisen in order to meet that warrior again, and now, it seems her dream of a duel with him may be granted...

11To Treat a Man to Beef from his own Cow

The Warrior of the Ox, Ushii, is seen by other fighters as extremely powerful. The genius combatant uses his systematic killing style to slaughter any enemy he comes across.

12The One Wish that must be Granted, and the Ninety-nine that can be done Without

Nezumi, Warrior of the Rat, is an ordinary high school student in his normal life. He used his ability, Hundred Paths of Nezumi-san, to become the Taisen's lone survivor, and in the process learned the wishes of the battle's other participants.