Kaibutsu Oujo (2007)

30mAnimação, Comédia



Desde Hiro Hiyorimi seus pais morreram, ele e sua irmã Sawawa viveram separados. Agora, Sawawa tenha obtido um novo emprego como o zelador de uma velha mansão arrepiante, Hiro e já enviou uma carta a pedir-lhe para vir e ficar lá com ela. Encontraram a mansão aparentemente vazia, Hiro vagueia pela cidade à procura de Sawawa. Em vez disso, ele corre para os novos residentes da mansão, e acaba salvando uma moça de um acidente. Infelizmente, ele perde a sua própria vida pela ação. Felizmente, ou talvez infelizmente, a pessoa que ele pensava que ele salvou-se de uma princesa do reino monstro, e ela concede-lhe uma segunda vida ... mas só durante o tempo que ele vai ser o seu servo.


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1Princess Resurrection

Hiro, a young, timid boy, dies while saving a girl on the street from falling construction beams. That girl turns out to be Hime, his sister's new employer, who by resurrecting Hiro makes him into her servant.

2Princess Destruction

With Hiro's life force fading and needing restoration, he slowly comes to realize that he has no choice but to be involved with Hime. As an invisible man enters the mansion to assassinate Hime, she goes wild with a chainsaw chasing him, and eventually even sets the mansion on fire.

3Princess Rampage

Riza, half-sister of the werewolf Lobo Wildman killed by Hime in the first episode, comes to claim her revenge. But she does not yet realize that she herself was used as a chess piece to make Lobo betray Hime.

4Princess Negotiation

Hime and company, with Riza in tow, travel to Hime's lake resort and end up being involved with a race of fish men after Hime's immortality powers. Riza declares her intention to stick close to Hime in order to find an opportunity to take her revenge on Hime's brothers.

5Princess Blood

Reiri, a beautiful vampire girl at Hiro's school, approaches and turns Hiro in order to gain access to Hime's house and obtain her powers by sucking her blood. However, Hime prepares a wide range of countermeasures.

6Princess Alliance

Hime's sister Sherwood shows up one day, proposing an alliance against their other siblings. Hime refuses, but Sherwood's goal from the start was to plant a dangerous man-eating plant near the mansion.

7Princess Lightning

Hiro loses consciousness while shopping and is taken to the hospital. He wakes up there only to be chased by a crazy doctor and his minions. Reiri tells Hime about Hiro's fate and Hime, together with Riza go to rescue him.

8Princess Secret Room

Rain, roads blocked by garbage. Hime, Riza and Hiro are forced to stay in the Sasanagi Motel until things are clear. Upon arrival, they find Reiri. But a monster sent by Zeppeli turns things creepier than it should be, except for Hime and Reiri who play chess.

9Princess Monochrome

Sherwood seems bored with her arrival at her new mansion since Francisca is missing. Hime tells Hiro to go there and as he reaches it, she meets Francisca carrying a panda. Later on, Sherwood is attacked by monster bats and Hime comes to help.

10Princess Recollections

Flandre meets an android, Ciel and brings him back to be repaired. In return he does odd jobs around the house. He failed to kidnap Hime and finds out that all his memories were fake and that he was programmed by Zeppeli. He returns to Zeppeli and self-destructs.

11Princess Cat-Tongue

Hiro finds Hiroko, a cat, by the road and takes her in. Hiroko, actually a cat-person, grows attached to Hiro. She turns out to be an unskilled assassin controlled by the bell on her collar. Shocked by her own behavior, she disappears.

12Princess Attrition

Pharaoh, given the promise of eternal life upon Hime's death, sends his army of mummies to attack Hime. Hime having taken drowsy cold medicine (before knowing about the pending attack) entrusts her life with Hiro.