Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san (2022)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



A história acompanha Kuroitsu, a assistente de um laboratório de vilões que faz pesquisas sobre super-humanos. Por mais que tente manter o ritmo, Kuroitsu está sempre ocupada com os pedidos absurdos de seus chefes, tendo que fazer apresentações, melhorias e teste nos mais diferentes tipos de experimentos científicos, quase nunca sobrando tempo para uma folga.


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1She Cried Inside When the Monster to Strike Fear into the Hearts of Men Was Born into the Evil Secret Society Plotting W

Touka Kuroitsu, an assistant in evil secret society Agastia's monster development department, must do whatever she can to push a project proposal through.

2The Legendary Emissary from Hell Who Constantly Hears the Screams of the Evil Souls Supping from the Kettle of Darkness

Kuroitsu accompanies Megistus on a business trip to Kyushu, where she realizes Megistus's dedication to his job.

3The Monster in a Perpetual Cycle of Death and Rebirth Struggles to Break Its Chains until Seduced by a Soul Entrapped by

Kuroitsu creates a new monster, Hydra, to take out Blader. Unfortunately, budgetary concerns have caused most of the new monster's functionality to be omitted... and Blader appears to be in a big hurry!

4The Soul of a Demon Drinking into a Stupor at a Banquet of Illusions While Burdened by Sins that Lead All Men Astray Sha

Kuroitsu hopes to acquire pluripotent cells from Camula, Agastia's strictest executive. But it isn't until she attends an idol concert on a related matter that she finds her chance!

5Saved by a Smile from the Deadly Price Typically Extracted through Deals with Monsters That Dwell in the Deep like a Tru

Kuroitsu's team needs a stamp of approval from each of Agastia's executives to get their latest request fulfilled. But terror (and frustration) awaits at each of their lairs!

6An Unsophisticated Soul Tormented by Powers Unseen Succumbs to Brimming Anger and Yearning to Manifest as a Malevolent B

Kuroitsu wants to create a special monster for Valentine's Day, but Akashic repudiates her lack of a proper feminine mindset. And so, the chocolate-making class begins!

7The Result of Passions Served up at a Monsters' Banquet Engulfed in a Sweet-Smelling Embrace of Honeyed Poison While

The development department holds a drinking party, and Camula shows up! The party's organizer, Kuroitsu, seeks a way to break free from the awkwardness, but...

8The Sheer Malevolence of the Denizens that Dwell in the Castle of the Dead Seeds Mutual Fear and Hostility Among Their W

Magical Girls Pilia Magia infiltrate Agastia and end up in a showdown against Megistus. Meanwhile, Kuroitsu seeks a breakthrough in her battles against Blader...

9The Rotting but Heroic Figures of Ancient Souls of the Dead that Congregate in the Abyss Find a Ray of Hope in the Darkn

Kuroitsu comes up with a new plan: to defeat Blader in underwater combat! Through various traditional beach games, Kuroitsu will test the aquatic potential of her monsters!

10The Very Concept of the Evil Being that Bewitches Souls Summons New Demons through the Chaos it Brings when it Drowns in

Agastia's latest monster, Mummy, has Blader on the ropes... until a particular sight takes away her will to fight. Mummy wants to reject the role she was designed for and create a new lifestyle. But can a monster without a voice make a life... as an idol?!

11The Sacrifice Willingly Attending the Banquet of Evil Gods Must Either Be Eaten and Accept Their Role as Sacrifice or De

Kuroitsu tags along on a retreat for Agastia executives in order to learn more about what makes them tick. But while the team enjoys their hot springs resort trip, an unexpected enemy seeks to take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere!

12Those Sacrifices Saved from Hell by Black-Winged Devil That Devourers Other Devils Will Revere It as God Regardless of W

Zet Arc is attempting to buy out Agastia! But when the takeover turns hostile, who will appear to join Miss Kuroitsu in the fight?!