Kamisama Hajimemashita (2012)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



Após ver seu pai fugir de casa por causa de dividas de jogo e sendo expulsa do seu apartamento, Nanami conhece Mikage, um homem estranho que tem muito medo de cachorros. Nanami o salva de um cachorro e acaba contando sua história. Como agradecimento pelo salvamento ele oferece à garota uma estadia em sua casa, mas chegando lá ela acaba descobrindo que a casa na verdade é um templo! Agora ela acaba tendo que cuidar do templo, tendo um monte de responsabilidades que não entende, perigos que ela ainda não sabe e formando contrato que ela pode acabar se arrependendo – ou não – no futuro.


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1I've Started the "Being a God" Thing Again

As the land god of the Mikage Shrine, Nanami is invited to the annual gathering of the gods in Izumo, but on the one condition that she must pass a test administered by Otohiko.

1Nanami Becomes a God

Abandoned by her father, Nanami finds herself homeless when she meets a man who offers his own home to her. His home turns out to be a shrine where his supernatural household awaits the return of their lord and master after a 20-year absence.

2The God Goes to Izumo

Now that Nanami is set to go to Izumo to attend the Divine Assembly, she must decide who goes with her - Tomoe or Mizuki. And she must also face the consequences of attending a divine event as a mortal being.

2The God Becomes a Target

Nanami discovers that Kurama, a famous pop star, has transferred to her high school, which spurs her to return to school. However, as a weak land god, her life may be at risk if she wanders outside the shrine alone.

3The God Falls Into the Netherworld

Okuninushi, the god hosting the Divine Assembly, asks Nanami to go handle a situation happening on the border between the worlds of the living and the dead.

3The God Makes a Match

The land under Mikage Shrine's protection includes Isara Swamp and Himemiko, its guardian mistress, comes to pay her respects to the new land god. And Nanami's divine matchmaking powers are put to the test for the first time.

4The God Races Across the Netherworld

Izanami imprisons Kirihito and refuses to allow Nanami to return to the surface with him. Nanami must decide how much she believes in her own powers and what she is willing to risk to save him.

4The God Is Kidnapped

Nanami saves a pretty white snake at school and for her trouble, she becomes marked as the snake's intended. Tomoe transfers into Nanami's class to protect her, but the snake comes for her anyway.

5The God Makes Her Second Romantic Confession

When Tomoe reverted to being a wild fox to save Nanami, he undid his contract as her familiar. And now, he takes this opportunity to reconsider whether he wants to go back to Nanami or not.

5The God Loses Her Home

Narukami, god of thunder, has always wanted Tomoe as a familiar for herself. Now that the god he serves is Nanami, a human girl, Narukami sees her chance to take away Nanami's godhood and make Tomoe hers.

6The God Meets a Little Tengu

On her way home, Nanami runs into Himemiko and they spend some quality girl time together. Later, she meets a little tengu on a mission.

6The God Catches a Cold

Nanami stays home with a cold while Tomoe goes to school disguised as her in order to keep her attendance rate from slipping. Mizuki takes advantage of Tomoe's absence to pay Nanami a visit.

7The God Goes to Mount Kurama

Kurama returns to Mount Kurama with Nanami and Tomoe to take Botanmaru home and see if he can help his ailing father.

7The God Asks a Boy Out on a Date

Nanami experiments a little with her divine powers while she struggles to define exactly how she feels about Tomoe. And Kurama, being the yokai who has more experience with humans, offers some words of advice to Tomoe.

8The God Sneaks In

Kurama's father is sick, but there is no easy way to get in to see him, so the gang must devise a way to get past Jiro's defenses.

8The God Goes to the Beach

Summer break is here and Nanami goes to the beach with her friends to take her mind off her broken heart. Trouble ensues when Tomoe accompanies her and goes into the ocean against his better judgment.

9The God Is Blindsided

The ruse is simple. Nanami confers her godly powers to Kurama, so he can pretend to be a god, someone Jiro cannot turn away from the gates. While Kurama and Tomoe distract Jiro, Nanami sneaks in to deliver the cure.

9The God Goes to the Dragon King's Palace

In her quest to recover the stolen Dragon King's right eye and return it to him in exchange for Tomoe's freedom, Nanami travels back in time and gets a glimpse of Tomoe's past.

10The God Receives a Romantic Confession

The search for the Sojobo's soul leads to an unexpected place and an unexpected confession.

10Tomoe Becomes a Familiar / The God Goes to a Mixer

Flashing back to the past, some of what Tomoe went through with Mikage is revealed. And returning to the present for the second part, Nanami gets dragged off to a mixer with her friends.

11The God Goes Back to Being a Child

Kirihito, aka Akura-oh, has not given up on getting his body back from the Netherworld. But in the meantime, Nanami and her familiars go to see the Year God, to receive a talisman for the new year.

11The Familiar Goes Into Town

Mizuki ventures into the city alone to learn the secret to making it in human society like the super popular pop star Kurama. And Nanami drags Tomoe off on a date to the amusement park.

12The God Receives a Marriage Proposal

Tomoe gets some insight into Nanami's childhood. And they finally get through the torii gates to see the Year God.

12Nanami Quits Being a God

Nanami decides to hold an autumn festival at the shrine to let the locals know that it's not abandoned or haunted. But as she prepares for the festival, Otohiko comes along to throw a wrench into things.

13I've Started the "Being a God" Thing

Unable to exorcise the miasma encroaching on the shrine, Nanami believes she is useless and leaves. Finding her gone, Tomoe and Mizuki go searching for her, leaving the shrine and the miasma to Onikiri and Kotetsu.