Kamisama ni Natta hi (2020)

24mAnimação, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comédia

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No final das últimas férias de verão do colégio, Youta Narukami passa seus dias se preparando para o vestibular, quando uma jovem chamada Hina aparece de repente, proclamando-se como o "deus da onisciência". Youta fica confuso e não acredita em Hina quando ela lhe diz "O mundo vai acabar em 30 dias." Depois de testemunhar a habilidade preditiva divina de Hina, Youta começa a acreditar que seus poderes são reais. Hina, que é inocente e infantil apesar de seus poderes sobrenaturais, decide por algum motivo ficar na casa de Youta. Assim começa o seu verão animado antes do fim do mundo.


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1The Day a God Descended

A strange girl dressed like a nun appears before Yota Narukami and declares she is an omniscient god. As he attempts to return her to her house, she endeavors to prove her power to him.

2The Day of the Melody

Yota brings Hina to his house. Hina hatches a variety of schemes to help Yota get closer to Izanami. Yota helps his sister with a summer assignment.

3The Day the Angel Falls

Sora wakes up and tells her family about her friend's failing ramen restaurant. Hina hatches a plan to save it. Meanwhile, a mysterious boy returns to Japan.

4The Day of Battling Tiles

Hina finds out about Yota's celebrity crush. If Yota can execute Hina's latest scheme, he may have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

5The Day of Grand Magic

While studying with Izanami at the library, Yota learns of trouble in the Izanami family. He and Hina want to help, but the issue is so great it looks like magic will be required to solve it.

6The Day of the Festival

Yota wants to study, but Hina is dying to go to the summer festival. Yota calls together the members of their motley crew to make summer memories.

7The Day of Filming

Sora needs Yota and Hina's help to shoot a movie. Hiroto's investigations of Dr. Korogi may finally bear fruit.

8The Day of the Trip to the Beach

Yota becomes motivated to learn more about where Hina came from. Finding out more entails traveling to a beach far from his home town. Since Hina has never seen the ocean, the two take the trip together.

9The Day of the Deicide

Hiroto's investigation finally leads him to uncover Dr. Korogi's secret. What will this mean for Hina and Yota?

10Days That Pass By

The end of the world has come and gone. Yota's efforts to find Hina turn up nothing. However, a lead is sitting under Yota's nose. Will he realize before it is too late?

11Days of Play

Yota has finally found Hina, but she recoils at his touch. Yota's false identity will only last 2 weeks. Can he turn the situation around before then?

12The Day You Choose

Yota's time at Yamada Sanatorium is coming to an end. Will he have to say goodbye to Hina forever?