Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko (2020)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Ryouma Takebayashi morre dormindo aos 39 anos, após levar uma vida de infortúnios. Com pena dele, três divindades lhe oferecem a chance de reencarnar em um mundo de magia onde ele tem apenas uma missão: ser ele mesmo e aproveitar a vida. Eles conferem a Ryouma poderosas habilidades físicas, bem como a afinidade para dominar todos os elementos, e prometem cuidar dele. Sua nova vida de criança começa oficialmente quando ele é teletransportado para uma floresta.


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1Os slimes e Ryoma

Ryoma Takebayashi is a young boy living by himself in a forest, who, in a previous lifetime, used to be a tortured middle-aged Japanese office worker. He meets a group of distressed travelers in the forest, and decides to save them.

1Ryoma e o Novo Projeto

Enquanto Ryoma começa a se acostumar com a nova rotina com a lavanderia, seus funcionários começam a exigir que ele se dedique um pouco menos ao trabalho, para que sobre tarefas para eles fazerem. Assim, ele aproveita para tentar coisas novas.

2A viagem com os slimes

It turns out that the travelers Ryoma saved were the local duke and his family. Impressed by Ryoma's various skills and enamored by his personality, they offer to take Ryoma along on their journey.

3Primeira vez na cidade com os slimes

Ryoma and the Jamil family travel to Gimul, a mining town. There, Ryoma and Eliaria take the first steps in becoming professionals in their crafts. Ryoma is given another opportunity to flex his new powers.

4Limpeza com os slimes

Ryoma arrives at Miya's house, overflowing with trash from a nearby dump. Ryoma and his slimes show a remarkable ability to clean, a skill that, as it turns out, the town of Gimul desperately needs.

5O Treino da dama com os slimes

Eliaria and Ryoma practice magic and combat in Gimul. They practice fighting against the weak but numerous monsters now infesting the abandoned mine shafts.

6Caçada aos monstros com os slimes

The Adventurer's Guild sets up a large-scale group of adventurers to deal with the massive monster infestation discovered in the abandoned mines. Ryoma joins them.

7Abrindo um negócio com os slimes

Ryoma decides to strike out on his own as an adventurer and business owner. He discusses his plans with the ducal family, and works with Serge the merchant to put his business plans in motion.

8A Lavanderia com os slimes

The laundry business is ready to open. Ryoma hires new employees to help get his business started, and throws a party to express his thanks to the friends who have supported him thus far.

9Novos funcionários com os slimes

The laundry business explodes in popularity, so Ryoma rushes out on day two to hire more help. He meets Fei and Li Ling, foreigners with a hidden past.

10Novo slime com os slimes

With the business going more smoothly than Ryoma ever imagined, Ryoma is able to go back to studying his slimes and adventuring. He discovers several new types of slimes.

11Treino de Magia de Adestramento com os slimes

The Jamil ducal family are all experts in the art of monster taming magic. Ryoma and Eliaria receive the Jamil elders' tutelage to further hone their taming magic.

12O início de uma nova era com os slimes

Ryoma and Eliaria make another attempt to tame the limour birds. If they succeed, it would be a great milestone in their careers as monster tamers. However, whatever the outcome, their separation is inevitable as Eliaria leaves for school.