Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e (2019)

24mAction & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animação

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Como a guerra civil entre o Norte e o Sul continuou por anos, os militares do Norte usaram magia negra para criar super-soldados monstruosos chamados Encarnados. Mas, apesar de suas terras terem sido salvas, alguns passaram a temer os Encarnados após a guerra, fazendo com que fossem evitados e alguns até mortos. A história segue Nancy Charlotte Bancroft, filha de um Encarnado, que inicialmente busca vingança sobre um Caçador de Bestas chamado Hawk, por ter matado seu pai, até que ela descobre a verdade sobre o que aconteceu e sobre todos os Encarnados.


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1To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts

The Northern Union of Patria and the Southern Confederation of Patria. They fought a long civil war, which finally came to an end when the North used a forbidden technology. They created Incarnates, beings with godlike powers, and this quickly turned the tables in the war. The Incarnates brought victory to the North and they were regarded as heroes, but their tremendous power became a double-edged sword, as it slowly made them lose their minds. Because of this, the Incarnate squad captain, Hank, swears an oath with his squad.

2The Dragon's Daughter

Schaal’s father, William, ran an orphanage on the outskirts of Livletwood Village, where Schaal lived a modest life with her father and the orphans. Because of the Civil War, prices on various goods increased, causing Schaal and her family to try to become more self-sufficient. Then one day, military intelligence visits William. William is told that has a unique skill. To make sure that Schaal and the other children have a secure future, William decides to go to war. After the Civil War ended, William returned to the village as the Incarnate, Nidhogg.

3The Minotaur's Fortress

Schaal decides to go on a journey with Hank, the man who killed her father. Their next destination was Roguehill, a town with a giant fortress. A monster lived in the fortress, which meant that the war still continued in this town. Hank was then greeted by Liza, a woman in charge of supporting Hank. According to Liza, the one who created the fortress was the Incarnate, Minotaur. Hank then heads to the fortress to fulfill his oath. On his way to the rather warped, overgrown, and “complete” fortress, Hank mutters, “I’m the one who turned him into a Beast.”

4March of the Behemoth

Hank and Schaal head to the border on a steam locomotive. The steel bridge that goes over the border's valley is the largest in the continent. It connects the North and the South and is called the bridge of peace that would support the generations to come. However, it seems that the Incarnate Behemoth, formerly Arthur Allston, is slowly marching towards that bridge. Hank was called to stop him. Will Hank be able to stop the Incarnate Behemoth, even though he seems invincible against a barrage of bullets?

5Gargoyle's Judgement

The City of Steam, Whitechurch. Hank and his party head there in order to find Cain Madhouse, the man who unleashed the Beasts into this world. According to Liza's intel, he appears to be killing random people in the slums there. Hank and Schaal go to investigate why these murders are happening, when another body shows up. After seeing the claw marks on the newest body, Hank determines that it wasn't the work of Cain. A witness appears before them and tells them that he saw a demon statue murder the victim, which confirms Hank's suspicions on who is behind the murders.

6The King of the Beasts

Hank's nemesis, Cain Madhouse, finally appears before them. The sudden appearance leaves Hank in shock and Schaal is taken. In order to get Schaal back, Hank accepts Cain's invitation to a party, even though he knows that it's a trap. There are many wealthy people among the crowd at the party. Eventually, Cain appears before them and the crowd applauds. Cain sees Hank in the crowd and begins to laugh ominously. What was the truth behind this?

7The Trigger of Memories

After the incident at Whitechurch that Cain Madhouse had instigated, Hank disappeared. The speech that Cain made at the banquet that evening would eventually rattle Patria to its core, causing a rebellion. The country seemed to be marching towards another war. One month later, Schaal appeared back at her hometown of Rivuletwood Village.

8Songstress of Sleep

The North Patria Union tries to quickly exterminate all of the Incarnates before the impending war. The captain of the Coup de Grace, Claude, had appeared in the port town of Port Gulf. Schaal is also there and happens to hear a beautiful singing voice. She heads toward the cave that the voice is coming from and encounters the Incarnate Siren, otherwise known as Beatrice, and her friend Charles.

9The Hound of Hell's Gate

After losing control at Whitechurch, Hank fears his powers as a Beast. The ghosts of all the comrades he had slain so far come back to haunt him. And then, his former subordinate, the Incarnate Garm, shows up before him. Garm and Hank battle it out in the snow when the Incarnate Extermination Squad, Coup de Grace, also shows up!

10Two Oaths

Despite having each other's backs during the civil war, now Hank and Roy face off with each other. The Incarnates Werewolf and Garm have an intense battle, but because the Coup de Grace interfered, Hank ended up going over a cliff. Hank continues to have hallucinations of all of his fallen comrades, when he's met with a familiar face...

11The Start of Troubles Ahead

New Patria built a huge fortress in Bold Creek. The northern army is sent in to take the fortress down. Claude and his Incarnate extermination squad, Coup de Grace join up with them to help. Hank goes with them, wearing a northern army uniform in order to blend in. After hearing what Colonel Martin Wall had to say about the current situation, Hank deduces that the enemy that they're facing is the Incarnate Centaurus, otherwise known as Miles Byron. Hank encounters Miles, who hadn't changed since the last he saw him, on the battlefield, and then...

12Those Who Seek

The Incarnates Hank and Miles face off with each other on the battlefield. They exchange words and blows, but their battle comes to a rather unexpected conclusion. Then, Cain appears in front of Hank. What is the ambition of the man who shot Elaine and unleashed the Incarnates upon the world?