Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai (2023)

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O estudante do ensino médio Junta Shiraishi tem um objetivo simples - viver uma juventude gratificante. No entanto, atingir esse objetivo parece ser mais difícil do que o esperado, pois todos ao seu redor muitas vezes não o notam devido à sua falta de presença. Na verdade, a falta de presença de Shiraishi é tão severa que as pessoas pensam que sua cadeira na sala de aula está sempre vazia e assumem erroneamente que ele frequentemente falta à escola. Existe até um boato estranho se espalhando na classe, alegando que aqueles que localizarem Shiraishi com sucesso serão abençoados com boa sorte para o dia.


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1Heroine and Background Character

Junta may be a living NPC, but Kubo’s dare just turned him into the momentary main character! But if he’s the hero, what does that make her?

2Bad Luck and Home Visit

Kubo wants to stop by Junta's house and borrow a manga volume. That's definitely the only reason she wants to know where he lives. No other reason at all...

3The Nobody’s Gift

Junta knows he’s invisible to others, so no one will notice if he peeks at a certain magazine, right? Unfortunately, the store clerk can see him just as easily as Kubo can.

4Red Heart and Secret Admirer

It’s Valentine’s Day for his classmates, but an ordinary Monday for Junta. Except someone left sweets at his desk. It must have been an accident; it’s the only explanation!

5White Day and a Destination for Feelings

A question from a friend causes Kubo to realize something: what does she know about Junta, anyway?

6Nurse's Office and Main Character

Another person notices Junta's presence, and Junta slowly feels like a main character.

7Sleepover and Next School Year

They all may be in separate classes next year, so it’s important to spend time with each other now while they still can. And that means umbrella experiments and sleepovers.

8Picnic and Miscommunication

As the cherry blossoms bloom, Kubo and her sisters plan a picnic. They invite Junta and his little brother, but there are a few hiccups along the way.