Kuutei Dragons (2020)

20mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história acompanha a vida cotidiana da tripulação do navio voador Quin Zaza, que ganha a vida caçando dragões. Para viver, eles não têm direito ao fracasso, porque é a única maneira de ganhar dinheiro e se alimentar.


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1Quin Zaza

New to the airship, Takita struggles to find her place alongside eccentric draker Mika. The crew deals with stubborn locals and other scaly problems.

2Bounty & Dragonet alla Diavola

Takita learns more about the business of draking. But when a strange dragon boards the ship, she takes matters into her own hands. Sort of.

3Glittering Dragon

Everyday life on the Quin Zaza is hectic but fun. As a violent storm sets in, Giraud tells Takita about the mythical glittering dragon.

4Reasons for Flying & Dragon Terinne

Hijinks ensue when an intimate drawing of Vannie appears. Takita spends some time with her before Mika and a strange dragon cause an uproar.

5Sky Pirates & Pastrami

The Quin Zaza prepares to make a long-awaited landfall in the city of Quon. But another ship's distress signal puts them in the path of air pirates.

6Festival & Dragon Laghman

The crew lands in Quon. Takita gets new responsibilities, and Mika takes her to visit an old tribesman. Giraud takes a chance while out with the boys.

7Disaster & Edible Dragons

Disaster strikes the city as a rival ship fails to subdue a dragon. The Quin Zaza crew comes to the rescue despite Mika's ulterior motives.

8Operation:Take Down the Rampaging Dragon

The crew continue their efforts to put down the rampaging dragon. Giraud takes matters into his own hands in order to protect the city.

9Soup Kitchen Goulash & Dragon Cutlet

The Malotao assist with butchering and rendering the dragon's corpse. The smallest crew members get stuck with an icky job; Katja helps with cooking.

10Migrating Dragons & the Chasm Depths

Everyday life on the ship resumes, until the crew take on an arduous task and Takita goes overboard. Injured, she receives some unexpected help.

11Dragonet & Dragon Brain Hunter Stew

Takita struggles to eat her next meal. After Aschera brings her and their little companion to her people, she makes a serious decision.

12Dragon Corridor

The crew's desperate search comes to a satisfying end, but when an unbelievable opportunity arrives, Takita takes care of some final business.