Leadale no Daichi nite (2022)

24mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Comédia

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Após sofrer um grave acidente, que a deixou ligada a um suporte de vida, Keina Kagami via raros momentos de liberdade no mundo do VRMMORPG World of Leadale. Certo dia, ao despertar no corpo do seu avatar dentro do jogo, Keina percebe que as limitações de sua vida são coisa do passado, e que o lugar que tanto ama não parece mais o mesmo, já que se passaram mais de 200 anos dentro de World of Leadale.


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1An Inn, a Tower, a Bear, and a Banquet

Keina Kagami was injured in an accident so badly that she could not survive without being hooked up to life-support machines. One day, those life-support machines stop functioning and she loses her life. When she wakes up, she's in the world of the VRMMORPG "Leadale," and in the form of her avatar, Cayna. But something seemed a bit different than the game world she was used to...

2An Injured Person, the Royal Capital, My Sons, and a Game of Tag

Cayna discovers that the NPC characters she created in the game were actually considered her children in this world. In order to reunite with them, she heads to the royal capital of Felskeilo. However, she is unable to see Skargo, who is the High Priest. She is able to reunite with her youngest child, the dwarf Kartatz, and learns how the other two children are doing from him.

3A Daughter, a Colosseum, Losing Control, and an Uppercut

Cayna and Mai-Mai reunite for the first time after 200 years. Cayna was searching for the remaining Guardian Towers her gamer friends left behind but was not able to get any more information from Mai-Mai, who is the headmaster at the Royal Academy. Cayna continues her activities as an adventurer to try to gain more information and takes on a quest to take care of a supposed ghost that appears at the colosseum and...

4A Son, a Fight, a Journey, and Bandits

Cayna recovers very quickly from her depression, just as Kartatz seeks her out, and she gets properly introduced to Skargo. Later, Elineh hires her as a caravan guard while he travels to the neighboring kingdom of Helshper, since the usual route has been beset by bandits. Although they attempt to take an alternative route, they run into an ambush set by the bandits. However, thanks to Cayna's powerful magic and some summoned allies, the bandits are easily defeated, allowing the caravan to continue on its way.

5The Grandsons, the Granddaughters, the Great-grandchildren, and a Fort

Cayna visits Sakaiya with the help of Elineh to deliver the letter that Mai-Mai had asked her to deliver. Once she gets there, she finds out that the master of Sakaiya, Caerick, is actually Mai-Mai's son, which would make him Cayna's grandson! The surprise was a success! Or so Mai-Mai would've hoped, but Cayna ends up extremely angry at Mai-Mai. Not knowing how to process any of this, Cayna returns to the inn she's staying at and then encounters Caerick's twin sister Caerina and...

6The Rock Golem, the Chief, a Skeleton, and a Fairy

Caerina and the other knights struggle against a horde of rock golems who attacked them.Things start to look grim but then Cayna blasts the rock golems with lightning! Caerina thanks Cayna for saving them, but she can't help but feel a bit of fear and jealousy at just how powerful Cayna is. Meanwhile, Cayna realizes that there are other players left in the world of Leadale after the battle with the rock golems.

7Bear Hunting, a Queen, a Bath, and Monsters

After returning to Felskeilo, Cayna finds a lot of quests available and takes on a quest from the The White-Tailed Black Rabbit. When she leaves the guild, she runs into Lonti and her Academy friend Mye. Lonti was trying to find Cayna to ask if she could be Mye's bodyguard because she ran away from home. Cayna then escorts the girls into the lush forest right outside of the city.

8A Battle, a Victory, a Conversation, and News

Lopus had messed up an experiment which creates a monster penguin who starts destroying the city of Felskeilo. Cohral and Shining Saber arrive to fight with the monster but are no match for it. Cohral and Shining Saber risk their lives for one final attack against the monster when suddenly, a giant boulder passes by?!

9A Revisit, Mermaids, a Misunderstanding, and Zombies

Cayna awakens with a hangover in a village out in the middle of nowhere. While she's dealing with a headache, she hears people talking about hearing singing coming from a well. In order to find out what's causing it, Cayna summons a flying fish and dives into the well. When she gets down there, she discovers a massive underground cavern. And what she finds down there is...

10A Butler, a Ghost Ship, an Adopted Daughter, and the Palace of the Dragon King

While investigating the zombie village, Cayna encounters Quolkeh and Exis, who have come here on an assignment of their own, and a young girl named Luka, the only survivor of her community. After determining that the death fog must be a quest event from the game, Cayna summons a NPC butler named Roxilius to look after Luka before she, Exis and Quolkeh set out to defeat the boss monster responsible for this. With the threat eliminated, Cayna journeys to the Guardian Tower she was looking for, the Palace of the Dragon King, whose guardian accepts her as its new master. After adopting Luka as a new daughter, Cayna takes the girl and Roxilius with her.

11An Introduction, a Carriage, a Maid, and Moving

Cayna brings Luka to Felskeilo's capital to introduce her to her other children and friends. She also receives a wagon from Elineh as a gift for her past services, and summons Roxilius' counterpart (and rival), the werecat maid Roxine, to help in her new household. After converting the wagon into a self-propelled golem, Cayna and her entourage set out for the remote village, where she introduces Luka to the locals, who promptly prepare a welcome party for her.

12Relocating, Building, Flying, and the Earth

The day after the banquet, Cayna yet again awakens to a hangover. She ends up inheriting the land where the house of the pioneer of the village once stood. Cayna uses magic to start building her house and immediately, Cayna and Luca's new house is complete. Luca stares in utter shock and Cayna reaches out her hand. Their new life together is about to begin