Leila (2019)

45mWar & Politics, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama

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Em um futuro próximo, num mundo em que um regime opressor segrega a sociedade, uma mulher tenta burlar o sistema para procurar a filha tirada dela há muitos anos.


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Imprisoned in an Aryavarta purity camp after her family is attacked, Shalini plays by the rules, hoping to be released and reunited with her daughter.


While running from Bhanu and his men, Shalini meets an unlikely companion. As the two head to and reach Unnati, vivid memories replay in Shalini’s mind.


Hoping to track down a reporter who could help her search for Leila, Shalini makes a risky deal. Secrets emerge about the family she now works for.


Determined to follow a new lead on Leila’s whereabouts, Shalini negotiates with Bhanu, who hesitates to trust her but knows she has something he wants.


After learning of a painful betrayal, Shalini agrees to be a mole at an Aryavarta politician’s home in exchange for the rebels' help in locating Leila.


Shalini’s surreptitious activities at Rao’s house threaten to expose her. On the eve of the Skydome event, Bhanu comes up with an unexpected plan.